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Author Topic: Sang Donations Using Needles  (Read 2907 times)
« on: April 01, 2009, 09:11:36 PM »

Information On Sang Donations Using Needles

(If you and your vamp choose to use this method, you do so at your own risk. This author and this site, is not responsible for your safety. This is for education only).

Needles,cutting and lances are methods used in sang donations. As for myself, I prefer the butterfly needle and syringe. This method has this greatest risk of taking too much blood. A person, who uses this method, is usually someone who is in the medical field or very experience in giving injections. Giving this way is less personal than the other methods. The good thing about this method is keeping the jealous factor down (a faster and less personal way to donate). I have listed a few tips which should help keep veins healthy and help keep you safe.

The number 1 thing is LET THE VEIN HEAL! Below are listed some things that can happen if you keep poking the same place without letting it heal completely.

Not Letting The Vein Heal Causes:


Scars, (a built up of tissue) which will slow the circulation or block the vein completely. Block veins collapse, making the site unless for blood draws in the future.

Abscesses, (sores) caused by leaks or missed shots
Pushing a blood clot into the blood stream. The clot can travel until it lodges in your brain, lungs or heart. Causing death or injury,

If you just HAVE to use the same vein, go down away from the site (farther away from your heart). This help to stop from clots from the old site getting in your blood stream.

Another Danger Compartment Syndrome:

Check for superficial bleeding and/or a bruise (hematoma), a sign of Compartment Syndrome. Compartment Syndrome is when blood bleeds into the free space under the skin and presses in on the vein. Without getting blood, tissue dies. Put firm pressure on the site for 5 minutes to help prevent this.

Other Things To Help Keep Veins In Good Shape

Exercise, working out helps keep veins smooth. It works like this: the stronger the heart is, the less force is needed to get the blood to circulate. Less force, causes the vein walls to stay smoother.

Stop smoking: Yes I know it is a bitch. I have stopped and started myself 3 times in my life. I hope this time it is for good. The poisons in cigarettes, make the vein lose their ability to stay smooth and stretchy.

I hope the information above helps to keep the donor and vamp exchange safe. As stated above this for educational purpose only. If faced with an medical emergency seek help immediately.
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