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Author Topic: Blood Drinkers - Are They Vampires? Or Not?  (Read 13004 times)
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« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2013, 07:46:39 PM »

yes sadly being a sang is like being born with an addiction there is no AA for, i am not sated at all by animal blood and i so so wish medicine would darn well hurry up and realize we exist! where do they think the idea came from? there is even a course at bath university in the uk and its a degree on vampirism as represented in the media and REAL CASES! THE  professor there fully recognises and has done case studies on genuine vampires, i mean our understanding of the different is so behind it was illegal to be gay a couple generations ago how long till vampires are known and loved as just 'different'

 there are so few of us it would HELP the economy to get those without donors fresh phlebotomised blood, rush it to me on ice once a month and i could work and i am highly intelligent with many skills  they would get 10 times that back in tax but as is i have not had a donation in a very long time so they have me on the highest level of incapacity benefit vs maybe even making me a hospital appointment using sterile phlebotomy equipment to take someones blood and then give it to me, just once a month is all i's need i think and the odd ones ive had have just made me worse, like giving an addict one huge hit then nothing for a year...so unless its permanent im going to try not to take one off offers (yeah and im gonna levitate too) i'll probably never be able to refuse blood but im only human....er sort of Cheesy
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