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Author Topic: How One can Catch A Blood Disease  (Read 3172 times)
« on: February 19, 2009, 12:18:07 PM »

*In no shape or form is the following a substitute for medical help*

I want to help the community by educating on a health risk. I am amazed at how little some of us know. The following is some facts on how AIDS, HIV, STD's ect are transferred.

Ways It CAN Be Caught:

1. Getting stuck by a "sharp" that has blood or body fluid on it.

Sharps are: needles, razor blades, scaples, nails. ect. In other words, any sharp object that breaks the skin and has blood or body fluid on it. Cleaning an object with a paper towel or cloth, DOES NOT get rid of the germs on it. It is a complicated process to sterilize objects.
Body fluid is: saliva (spit), semen or vaginal fluid (cum) and mucous (snot). Tears are not unless blood is seen.

2. Open cuts, sores, skin abrasions coming into contact with blood or body fluids. For An example: a sang drinking blood with sores or abrasions in the mouth, gums or throat.

3. Sexual contact. This means oral also.

4. Indirect Transmission: someone who has blood on their hands, fingers or what ever you are using (yes this means toys too). Then touches their own (or someone's elses) eyes, nose, mouth, open cut or vaginal passage (anal passage too). You can STILL catch a disease if the blood is dried. Hep is more potent than AIDS (believe it or not) Hep can live up to a week on a surface, HIV 24 hours.

Ways It CAN NOT Be Caught:

Touching ,coughing, sneezing, by using the same equipment, materials, toilets, water fountains or showers.

Things To Limit Risk Of Catching A Disease:

*Use good personal hygiene*
This means washing your hands, (wearing plastic gloves), taking care of teeth and gums, showering or taking a bath.

*Cover open sores or cuts*

*Using Condoms*

If You Think You Have Been Exposed

*Immediately flood the exposed area with water and clean any wound with soap and water or a skin disinfectant if available such as alcohol or perioxide.*

*Seek immediate medical attention.*

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