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Author Topic: A Few Questions  (Read 13561 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2010, 04:10:20 PM »


Im going to ruffle a lot of feathers and fangs here...

Otherkin describe themselves all sorts of ways.  They get very caught up with a specific type and identity.  Ultimately however it comes down to a single unifying trait:  A human being who correctly feels the soul housed in that physical body is not human.

Thats going to piss off a lot of people to hear that, but when you get down to the foundation of what everyone is saying, and get past the 'breed' fighting thats what it is, and in many cases that includes vampires, as vampiric tendencies tend to be a common side effect of many otherkin.  (makes sense when you are running around in a body you are not designed for).

And yes, I am on a vampire board, stating that many vampires are just otherkin.  They simply haven't gotten past the energy issues.

I would have to agree with this in a way. I claim Other-kin so I would have to say the identity of it isnt most important but alot of people do relate to what they know and relate their spiritual body to just that. I claim Daimon. I find my energy of a darker nature but unlike some who have posted here who do not recall alot of their "past lives" I put this in quotes because I do not believe that bodies of energy would have lives but simply a continuance of existence. The end of a life is the end of the energy body which would symbolize complete death and passing from all the realms there may be. I have memory of the place in which I "lived" though I do not know if this "realm" or plane of existence was simply seen this way due to the processing of the energy within the realm or simply because I can relate what there was to what I know and have seen upon this realm.

 I also agree with your statement of those who could not cope with the extra data and thus the caged existence of those who would not be able to cope or accept their duality of spirit. I say duality because I believe the vessel, the body, is shared by two. The spirit of the human and the spirit of the "other". Be the spirit attached at birth or during the awakening of the persons spirit to what else lies beyond this plane. I awoke early and always had the dreams and the feelings of being different. At one time they were naught but repetitive "nightmares" to which eventually I had blocked out sadly enough in my attempts to keep "sane".

 The personal mythology I would have to say may naught be but memories in some cases of their existence on the astral. The memories of their ethereal existence coming to understanding. I personally as otherkin strive not to seperate the two but make the two one. A sort of weaving of the two parts of my being of my spirit together in hopes of finding completeness. My astral travels having led me to places not sought or found by many I have been put down, I have been told I dream or I am insane.

 I have sought those who know of these places and found few. Though those who have knowledge of these places, one being someone I have come to love and hold dear, have detailed rememberance. There are those I have spoken to who could speak of the very details of the "trees" from where I have come and it has also helped me keep my sanity for as this "personal mythology" helps you hold your sanity it does not keep the mind from pondering upon the validity of this sanity and mythology.

 I ramble now I am sure as I explain this because my thoughts surge forward leaving me little time to explain it all(a chaotic thought process I have).

As for the original question, I see myself as Daimon residing within a human body sharing vessel with the original. I am my human self but also there is a self, a second self, in which I am and relate to that is not a part or of origin of this realm this plane.

Well if any more questions arise about my thoughts, "beliefs", personal mythology as one has stated please feel free to ask. I dont know if I have helped to clarify things or confuse them more but I am simply adding my "thoughts" to this as an "Other-Kin".


Going back into the shadows again. Hope those within the community can solve what needs to be solved and those new to it can handle it or run while ya can lol.

Back somewhat but still determining if things are fixed >.> XD Can contact me via PM for discussion or hit me up on facebook.
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