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Author Topic: Overthinking Of The Outsiders - Place Of The Dragons  (Read 3445 times)
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« on: October 21, 2013, 08:25:40 AM »

In clouds of dreams reality seems not present yet these clouds to me are where reality comes from. Dreaming, Sleeping, Deep reality can be cold and hard but the clouds speak many names. There is insight for those who see beyond the darkest gate. For those who dare to enter the fields where few enter. And those born there...

In my view dragons are outsiders yet part of it all. As if long ago we all we're outsiders and there was no inside. Dancing and dartling in clouds of becoming. Chaotic forms leading to nothing. We we're nothing yet existed in nothingness. Then from Chaos came order, yes some say from order begets chaos but I disagree, from the chaotic plane formed order. The three of life, the different levels of existance, the different realms. Yet deep in such I remember and feel what is behind such all, much older. Ancient even to the Ancients. Before Gods we're Gods, the chaotic forces still pours through the veins of those born in those first clouds of becoming.  And inherently they are both outsiders and insiders, part of the ordered and the unordered. Able to transcend beyond the layers that bind.

Like a dance in ever stranger spirals things are not what it seem. Breaking and shifting, old pieces of order, defunct and discarded are rapidly broken apart by forces beyond insight. Back to the basic building blocks, the cloud of becoming. How many ordered structures have gone in the past and have fallen apart. How many towers have been taken apart their stones used to build other houses maybe even other towers.

How many times does a religion breaks down, dies as its worshippers convert to other religions. Maybe in the pressure of the sword of maybe in the insight that the old has grown solid.  Order clumps together, crystalizes, kills in the end. For a crystal is stuck it can't change it can't become.. the lifeforce needs to flow. Flow into other things, into new events and happenings. So as in big storms the ancient towers are pulled in deep waters and broken apart. The Crystal can't fight.. it is dead already.

The Outsiders who are they? What are they around for? What makes them tick.. and what is their place within the realm of order. If not to keep it running as oil between gears. The Crystal will kill all.. for it can't change. The outsiders bring chaos and life.  Are the dragons connected to the outsiders? To the wild forces of chaos, able to sweep away and destroy equal to able to heal and make the changes required for the process of chrystalisation to be countered.

How many towers will mortals build? How many ways will the outsiders aid. What is the place of the dragons?

Fear nothing but Fear itself
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