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Author Topic: How To Control Energy Consumption For An Awakening Psi  (Read 4216 times)
Angela V.
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« on: August 20, 2013, 01:25:20 pm »

It would greatly appreciated if someone could give me insight on how to control who or what one is taking energy from. Thank you in advance for all your help. This is all fairly new.
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Rwar I am a tiger

« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2013, 08:28:43 am »

Mmm well shielding helps
And making sure one doesn't runs empty. It is smart to have a feeding ground, a place you know to be active, busy, full of life. I use mass transit for that. I use a mass feeding method in what I take the energy cast off and process and filter it. Took me a few years to learn such though. And that really is the situation whatever ya gonna do it will take time.

One thing you have to learn is shielding as psi you will be sensitive to energies and emotions. Someone with a bad day can piss off your day to. Someone who is partying well..lets just say going out to party is awesome as psi. Who needs drugs if they got the best thing out there.

Anyhow shielding helps to shield you from the energy around you and hence all the negatives and positives. It will make you mentally and emotionally more stable.
A second thing is regular feeding as you just awaken its bad but probably not as bad as you are aging. Just as your body changes as your age your needs change. Lets just say some ones around here will have quite some stories about how it was for them when menopauze hit. But if one has a decent feeding ground or hell even better a Donor. Then one can really balance themself.

Grounding also helps to remove some of the sludge [trash you take in as you feed, you are what you eat].

Right a method I use is to go to a busy area, like a shopping hall. I know not the best energy. And just sit there with a coffee, I extend my energy sliding out those lovely tendrills, parts of your energy they are and get them out far enough to take up some space. I use them to open up letting the energy pour into my energy being. Now feed slow! Self I learned how to add filtering and processing to it, instead of directly feeding it into my core I first send it through an energy thingy.. it burns away the sludge, filters out emotions and processes it to give me high grade life energy. You need enough energy around you to make this process worth it.

First though a basic shield to keep the emotions out and just sucking in the energy will do. Ground to send out the sludge back out and even though it isn't the cleanest energy it will help you out.

Sorry about the late anwser was kinda not putting attention on this forum. You'll do fine once you learn to shield and feed regular, also keep an eye out on things like emotions. being a psi might lead to emotional swings.

As you learn to handle your energy and feed regular the need to feed lowers. Oh and a tip, overfeeding might give a buzz.. but like getting really drunk keep that for parties. For normal feedings feed enough and stay in control.

Fear nothing but Fear itself
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Feel free to contact me for discussions.

« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2013, 09:41:11 pm »

I feed primarily pranic/psi/energy whatever you want to call it.

I find that shielding on a constant basis is unnecessary. I normally keep myself un-shielded and let myself naturally take in energy from around me. In the city this was harder and at times took more energy than it should have and left less afterward to reap as a reward so to say.

Personally, I used the trains in the city, the buses, the clubs or anywhere where there were a lot of people. And I fed until i was sated. That or I went somewhere natural. Natural energy works, in my opinion, just as good if not better than a donor. Its pure, clean, natural, and there is little to no difficulty processing it as we naturally take it in on a day to day basis.

The grounding is definitely a great thing to do, it will help you clean your energy and to get rid of the excess sludge as masticina has mentioned.

As for the emotions and the sensations. It doesnt affect me in that way. I dont know if it is from years of filtering my energy almost as second nature? Or simply my personal experience.

As for feeding from others. I focus on taking the negative energy. Its easier for us to process it ive noticed than for those who dont have the condition to. Most conditions requiring one to take from another are normally symbiotic, not parasitic, and just because people relate vamps to leeches or mosquitoes (not trying to be mean or rude just making a funny/statement) doesnt necessarily mean we only take.

When we take the negative energy its like helping them to ground themselves. It gives them the ability to renew their energy provided too much isnt taken it isnt harmful unless you are taking the healthy energies.  I mean you could even replace small amounts of positive for the excess of negative. (Semi rambling starting to feel tired)

But yeah if you want to control it better.

Keep well fed.

Learn how to filter (If you dont want to hurt it helps to take the negative away and help while not hurting yourself in the process) My filtering isnt filtering the negative out but processing the negative id guess into something positive. In all negative there is a bit of positive as with all positive there is always a bit of the negative.

Shielding IMO is for protecting yourself. It limits your ability to take in the natural energies around you and depending on you may leave you hungrier.

Find out how much you need. Everyone is different. Some people are good with a good healthy feeding every once in a while.  Or you may need to keep a constant feed just to give you that constant bit of energy that you lose.

Feel free to contact me if you wanna chat more.

Going back into the shadows again. Hope those within the community can solve what needs to be solved and those new to it can handle it or run while ya can lol.

Back somewhat but still determining if things are fixed >.> XD Can contact me via PM for discussion or hit me up on facebook.
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« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2013, 10:12:56 am »

I find, as others have said, shielding and meditation help greatly, but I don't shield constantly either. I keep a kind of low level shield that I don't have to think about around, and more or less raise it when I feel a need to do so. I also like movie theaters for psi feeding when they are really crowded for big premieres and the excited energy can be great. And all the usual things like concerts, and other big gathering places.  Also as Taris said, natural places like parks or just my back yard can be great for natural energy and of course grounding.
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