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Author Topic: 11.13.11 - Vampire Reality Bites For Channel 4 - Teenage Vampires Documentary  (Read 23805 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2011, 05:20:25 pm »

Thank you for your reply Merticus. The way you explain your aproach now is much more clear than the text in your initial post for me. Goodluck with the emails. And yes comic relief enough on Yahoo I just wish there was a filter that toke only the funny once on screen. Lets hope CBWP is not gonna show up again with something new any time soon.
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« Reply #16 on: November 20, 2011, 12:41:51 am »

Just keep in mind legardored (or anyone else) that in general people freak out about freaks. On first glance we are pretty freaky. It seems to be human nature to hastily shun and discredit anything that doesn't fit into their restrictive worldview. Such comments are merely defense mechanisms on their part against the horrible scrouge of cognitive dissonance.
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« Reply #17 on: April 16, 2012, 05:53:07 am »


Been a while since I last posted.

Firstly, I did not see the documentary in question, so what I write is based upon the clip shown in the post.
The media is always drawn to sensationalise everything.

In the west, we live in a world where everything is instant. From instant cups of tea or coffee, to sudden fame and fortune. Since cable TV has arrived, media has become more prone to things which are instant and easy, and do not take the required length of time. And I feel we have lost something that was once very special.

The benefits of staying at something are easy to see for those of us who have experience of such a thing. We learn the folly of rash decisions, and the benefits of the deeper level of thought it requires to really get good at something. Those of us who are elders in the community (of which I am not one) are those recognised for having taken the hard route: one of inner searching and a dedication to helping the community and really standing out for what we believe. It does not come easy and much reading and association is required.

Western teens are those fighting to be recognised through a system which is unfair. People are more likely to be picked for jobs on appearance than what has been worked. Celebraties, along with everyting else are sensationalised and they take on this sensationalism to make it something true to themselves. The thought: "I am amazing" can be true for an act of stupidity overnight. But as the report says, this group acts as a cohesive unit, giving a new identity a new sense of magic to a group of teens desperate to find an identity. In many ways I feel for them.

Of course the reality of wolf-kin or vampire-kin (or vampyres / vampires etc) is probably a lot more boring. It is not about the hunting although for many of us that forms a part of our existance. Rather our full selves, how we got here, how we realised who we are. Our inner spirit, who we were before, why we are here. Yet this rather more laboured approach with little obvious signs of apparent superhero, together with our emotions and flares is all the more boring to the media and our instant lifestyle to which the Western world craves. The need not to be afraid of differences, but to embrace them, to challenge, to philosophise. To grow.

There was something even in that short clip that made me notice, that gave me something upon which to hope: that was the need for difference to be recognised. To be accepted. And to be loved. I do not agree with the harming of other's pets for fun, and such acts only make me think of initiation ceremonies which I am sure can be reworked to test skill and apitutde in other ways. What I feel these teens need, or maybe have needed is a leader to teach them how to be different, how to work things differently. So they may find a harder way to achieve that inner sense of worth away from mainstream "normality". Right now, I sit with the image of a native American, showing them how to live off the land, to catch animals humanely for food, worship lives, and to use the bones for better tools. All of which I believe points to a need to retrieve something lost within the material obsession of what we own, hold, and given staus.

My thoughts, and blessings
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