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Author Topic: May 2011 - The Truth About Us (Vampires) - Urban Magazine (Bosnia) + Translation  (Read 48587 times)
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« on: May 09, 2011, 06:06:34 PM »

Urban Magazine (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
May 2011 Issue

Prava istina o nama (The Truth About Us)
"Dracula Is Only A Fiction, It Is Time To Meet Us" [Cover]
[Interview with] Merticus & Maloryn from [the] Atlanta Vampire Alliance
By Aleksandra Vizin

Refer To Translation Below Images.  See also:  http://mylanguages.org/bosnian_translation.php

A Note About Translation & Word Usage:

Not everything is translated literally from English to Bosnian so some word substitutions were used which differ from those given in the actual interview.  I have pointed some of these out with brackets [ ] and others I haven’t.  For example:

Actual Interview:  “The beauty of our society is that anyone may identify as anything they choose, albeit a vampire or a dragon-tailed timber wolf with fairy wings.”

Printed Interview:  “The beauty of our society is that everyone can be whatever he/she wants, so you can be a vampire and the dragon that eats lumberjacks and the wolf with fairy wings.”

Urban Magazine - May 2011 Issue
The Truth About Us - Merticus & Maloryn from Atlanta Vampire Alliance
By Aleksandra Vizin


Dracula Is Only A Fiction, It Is Time To Meet Us

Page 108:

Merticus & Maloryn from Atlanta Vampire Alliance 

The real truth about us

They are not impressed with Dracula, they do not sleep in coffins, Sunlight will not burn them, but if you offer them your hand wrist they will be happy to bite you. You will find them all over the world gathered in communities and lead by mutual respect, understanding and honor.

Mr. Merticus, like the most of modern vampires, lives a double life. He is married, engaged in research work and antiques trade. His best alibi is a friendly mask of “ordinary” man who after his daily routine hurries home to dinner. So, for almost three decades no one ever discovered what is on his dinner menu.

Page 109:

"There are two categories of vampires," says Merticus, "the first so-called Sanguinarian who, like me, can not adequately maintain their physical, mental or spiritual state without taking blood, either human or animal. The second group consists of psychic vampires who feed from the vital life energy called qi or chi [or pranic].” If his thirst for blood take too long, Merticus will come in to a state of physical restlessness, lethargy, and eventually disease [sickness]. The amount of blood that is necessary to take, differs from vampire to vampire, but a constant craving for a drop of blood is common to them all.

What is real and what is not?

Merticus' childhood is filled with pictures of disturbing dreams and a variety of mental [psychic/incorporeal] experiences that have followed him all the way to teenagers. Today he considers that these were the ways in which the "invisible" entered into his life, but at that time he was suggesting only an energy manipulation problem.

"The concept of vampirism came later, after several years of researching, all in my effort to find out what actually is happening to me. I did not rush in identifying myself as a vampire nor would I recommend to anyone something like that. On the contrary, any individual suspected of being vampire nature needs to pass thought series of introspection, also have to cultivate a healthy skepticism and dismiss the possibility of mental or physical illness as well as to consider if it might be all about imaginary fascination by vampires.” Merticus makes this warning to all who would eagerly accept the membership to any vampire organization.
"The beauty of our society is that everyone can be whatever he/she wants, so you can be a vampire and the dragon that eats lumberjacks and the wolf with fairy wings. This freedom in decision-making, which often is not reality based, contributed to the fact that the identity of the real vampire community is viewed through the prism of suspicion or sometimes completely discarded. Unfortunately, many of those who identified themselves as real vampires often fall into the framework of Gothic culture; some of them have evolved into the blood-fetishists groups and some have completely lost touch with common sense. " says Merticus.
A pact between a man and a vampire

A person whose blood a vampire is consuming is called the donor. Especially is wanted donors who live a healthy life, do not smoke, engage in sports [engage in risky behaviors], etc. because the blood of these people are seen as a high quality wine. If the vampire is not able to find an adequate donor, which is not an easy task, it can be fed the blood of other vampires. Established cooperation with the donor is on voluntary basis and often both parties sign mutual contract.

"In all matters relating to feeding we try to clearly define the relationship between vampire and donor. No vampire is allowed to harm the donor in any way or acting contrary to his wishes. Such individuals will be criticized, excluded from the vampire community and in severe cases against them will be implemented the official actions provided by law. Safety of both parties must be guaranteed. Thus, of great importance is continuous education about the proper way of feeding that includes a knowledge of anatomy and physiology, first aid, use of sterile instruments,

Page 110:

information on methods of disease prevention as well as practicing safe sex. Everyone who participates in the process of feeding must be tested for blood and other diseases and demonstrate negative medical findings. This is equally important in cases where it is consumed animal blood. In all this, anonymity is a key factor necessary for personal protection and safety of our families. Practically, we are still hiding our true nature what is often necessary because of the fear of losing our jobs, social discrimination and all it is because people puts us in the cult and declare as a threat to themselves and society. Nothing could be further from the truth such as this statement. " says Merticus.  Because of the misconceptions that are still present, along with his colleagues Merticus  wants to provide the media with verified information.

"There has been a significant increase in media interest, which is also accompanied by the inevitable commercialization. From our perspective it seems like a great opportunity for the public to know the real truth about us. But, under our conditions.”

Side Column: 

Questionable statistics

Practically is impossible to estimate the total number of true sanguinarian and psychic vampires. The vampire community is divided into on-line and off-line population. If you for an example web site with, between 3000 and 8000 members, we believe that only 25% of them [may be] real vampires. Number of individuals off line even is more difficult to predict because there are no accurate data about isolated practitioners. One could speculate about the numbers from 500, 5000, 500,000, or five million, but these are just guesses. So far the only confirmed data is that the highest concentration of self-identified vampires in the United States, than Canada, Britain, Australia and countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Age guideline ranges between 20 and 35 years with no significant differences in gender and a very diverse range of different professions, religions and nationalities.

We are no ones creation

Modern vampires are not “creatures” that you can become if following certain steps, or incline to some spiritual training and decide to deal with the magic, it is not enough if you show designed sharpened fangs. (True, many vampire do have such teeth, but the Merticus says, that he is satisfied with his natural ones.) Vampirism is not a cult, religion, dangerous practice or community made up of disappointed teenagers and has nothing to do with the fictional movie characters. Real vampires are born as such or have a latent predisposition for awaking what we metaphorically called vampirism, in them.

Dracula is just a fabulous entertainer

Unlike the mythological tradition, today's vampires are not immortal, they do not sleep in the coffin, and if you pierced them by wooden pole they surely die. Dracula, True Blood, Twilight Saga, are all forms of entertainment and they do not represent real vampires in any way, and if anyone tried to get more into the film sense of "vampire" he will quickly came in state to have negative physical, psychological and other barriers to keeping a healthy and balanced life.

Meet Merticus (Page 109):

In the past 15 years Merticus studied mythological and real vampirism, in detail. By this pseudonym, which is, like he said unique and not taken from any vampire “fairytale” is active since 1997. His persistence and long-term researching resulted in opening of Suscitatio Enterprises (www.suscitatio.com) company, which conducts detailed sociological and phenomenological study of vampire community. By this company two important studies were conducted, both in 2006. The first "Vampire & Energy Work Research Survey" which was attended [answered] by 950 people from the vampire community and replied to 379 questions and the other called "Advanced Vampirism & Energy Work Research Survey with 688 questions. Since 2006 until 2009 a number of questionnaires from both studies reached in 1,450 with 670,000 individual responses becoming the largest study ever in the vampire subculture. Along with four colleagues, Merticus founded Atlanta Vampire Alliance (www.atlantavampirealliance.com), an organization whose primary focus is community education and more intensive work on research about real vampires in the area of energy, psychic, sociological, phenomenological, and subcultural. He is responsible for launching Vampire Community News, and also he is the administrator for the Voices of the Vampire Community. (www.veritasvosliberabit.com/vvc.html). Above all, Merticus is one very serious vampire, unquestionably.

Page 111:

Merticus’ home is like an antique store.

Page 112:

An interview with a vampire
We are no threat to mundanes

[Replies Left In Original English Language - Use Translator To See What Changed]

Some people say that medicine can cure vampirism, what is your opinion about that statement?

Maloryn: Your question is a bit unclear, so I will answer both ways I can read it: If you are asking if I believe there are current medications which can “cure” the energy imbalance, I would have to disagree with you.  While there are certainly psychotropic drugs which can make you feel differently for extended periods of time, they don’t “cure” vampirism.  If you are asking if I believe that Western medicine will ever catch up to be able to treat, much less “cure” vampirism, I would have to be even more skeptical.  Vampirism is not a recognized phenomenon by doctors as it is an energy imbalance and Western medicine does not conceptualize energy well.

Drinking human blood, how does it work, I know that you have donors, but who can be donor?

Maloryn: Pretty much anyone can be a donor. Smart vampires screen their donors at least as wisely as they screen sexual partners as many risks are the same, if not greater.  Most vampires feed from their significant others or established donors rather than strangers.

How does the "procedure" go? Is it painful for donor?

Maloryn: It would depend on the method used to draw blood. Some are more painful than others. Many sanguinarian vampires combine the drawing of blood with other acts such as with sexual partners.  Generally small incisions are made or needles are used in the sanguine feeding process.

Can you describe us what taste does blood have? Is it any difference in “aroma” between different donors?

Maloryn: Metallic and coppery. The closest approximation I can think of is to taste a (hopefully clean) U.S. penny. I have never noticed any appreciable difference in sweetness, but it is my understanding that diabetic donors do have quite the variety of tastes.

For how long can you stay in abstinence?

Maloryn: Every vampire’s needs are different, much like dietary requirements.  A great deal depends on the energy needs of the vampire and if they are capable of supplementing their pranic energy through psi or other non-sanguine feeding. I tend to need less blood than most sanguinarians, in part because I do feed in other manners and I have learned how to control my energy output as I have gotten older quite a bit better than when I was younger.  When my lifestyle is more active I tend to require blood more often.  Blood is a far more “efficient” method of feeding.

Can vampires, because of it feeding habits, become in any way threat to humanity? 

Maloryn: No.  We are few, very independent and resist organization and would have no real desire to be a risk to the mundanes (non-vampiric persons) of the world.  I tend worry more about the media.

Still there are some rumors about vampire hunters, do they really exist?

Maloryn: None that I’m aware of. Most of the idiots claiming to be vampire hunters are looking for unarmed undead.  There have always been rumors, but they are generally people who are bit too focused on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  They would effectively be serial killers.

A word or two about Maloryn

Maloryn is a member of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance since early 2006. He actively participates in the vampire community more than a decade. He was born 35 years ago and during that time he built high aesthetic criteria when women are concerned, so he has a very beautiful girlfriend. He likes to have a “bite” of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey and also he is a fan of Beretta firearms. The vampire with taste, if we may say.

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