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Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA]  |  Vampires & Vampirism  |  Vampire Community & Subcultural Discussion (Moderators: Merticus, SoulSplat, Eclecta, Maloryn, Zero)  |  04.27.11 - The OVC & Online Social Networking Sites - By Lady Moonchild 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. « previous next »
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Author Topic: 04.27.11 - The OVC & Online Social Networking Sites - By Lady Moonchild  (Read 3029 times)
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« on: April 27, 2011, 09:21:18 PM »


The OVC and Online Social Networking Sites
April 27, 2011 - By Lady Moonchild

For the past few weeks, there has been some unrest within certain forums within the OVC.  As a result of this unrest, there has been fast and furious debates and mudslinging on some Facebook sites.  I cannot attest personally to this as I do not subscribe to Facebook, nor do I ever intend to do so.  It is only through online communication with some of our colleagues that we, my husband and myself, have been alerted to this.

There has been much talk about entropy within the OVC for the past few years, and many have thrown their hats into the ring with their perspective about whether a downturn actually exists.

I believe, for the OVC as it exists today, there has been a downward turn on participation in many of the forums which we are members of.  Even our own “Darke Garde” has been seemingly quiet with participation levels dropping.

Are we, and when I speak of we I mean the whole of the OVC collectively, beginning to gravitate towards the social networking sites rather than remaining a constant presence within established houses?

It would seem that in order to find out what the current status is of news that concerns the OVC in general, if you don’t subscribe to Facebook, you are pretty much out of the loop.  If Facebook is sucking in a large portion of members who once frequented the OVC sites, than the answer to the downward turn on participation levels within the OVC would be resoundingly affirmative.

Are there members of the OVC who resist this new trend of social networking?  I can only speak for myself and my husband by saying that with everything that has been published about the “dangers” and “pitfalls” of Facebook, we would rather continue to participate through the existing houses and forums.  We fear that we will become the last bastion in the OVC as we continue to keep our home open and free from the drama that is beginning to have a negative impact on the community.

I should like for you to consider a way that we feel will help keep the existing houses within the OVC informed of pertinent information that only may be attained if you are part of the Facebook/social networking crowd.

There needs to be a centralized location that has ties to both the existing OVC and the Facebook/social networking community that would act as a relay for those houses who chose to remain away from this type of online participation.

One suggestion might be a public portal on an existing site, where a membership need not be necessary, to view any pertinent discussions that have appeared on a social networking site. This portal would afford community members or individuals that are not connected to a particular house the ability to view and comment on current discussions.  We indeed may have, within the OVC, a multitude of people who have some outstanding ideas and suggestions but without somewhere for them to appear, we may be missing a great source of information for furthering the community.  The portal would need to be updated by a member of the community who has both ties to the OVC and to the VC on social networking sites.  This individual would need to in essence, be a reporter of sorts, making sure that the information presented is unbiased and free of political and personal agenda.

I respectfully request your thoughts and comments.

Lady Moonchild

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« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2011, 07:57:16 AM »

Unless u registar at fb u can not see what is posted.  I agree the dangers of social media is growing.  Now even our cell phones r tracking and recording our movements.  An independent site is the only route available.  And I dont know for how long they will be safe or even if they r safe now.
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Love is Always Fate's decision.

« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2011, 09:09:39 PM »

I am happy to hear there is someone aside from myself that does not enjoy facebook.  I have been boycotting facebook since I looked into the site for my own reasons, which include drama, stalking-tenancies, drama, and drama.  I don't care for any of it.  What that means, however, is that I do end up missing any activity from the OVC on facebook.  Having some sort of bridging site that would provide a way to be included for those that would otherwise not like to have a facebook would be extremely wonderful, although I understand if it cannot be done.  I accept it, because subscribing to facebook is far more detrimental to me personally than missing pieces of the OVC, imo. 

I know that might come off as narrow-minded or harsh to some, but that's just how I feel.  I will never make a facebook. 

As far as being able to comment on whether or not the activity of the OVC is "migrating" to facebook in relation to lessening on house or other forums of the OVC, I can't really comment, as I haven't been an active participant of facebook.  However, in the past, I have felt like anything that is "serious" enough to know about would be copypasted by Merticus, as he has done so in the past.  (Unfortunately I missed the Global Chat regarding this topic, and have not been able to skim through the transcript for being absorbed with school.)

I stated my own thoughts on the decline of participation of the OVC regarding generalized feelings on the decline thread elsewhere on the forums.

Thanks to Lady Moonchild for the great post, and to DarkeGarde.  I have high respect for you both. 
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