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Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA]  |  Vampires & Vampirism  |  Vampire Community & Subcultural Discussion (Moderators: Merticus, SoulSplat, Eclecta, Maloryn, Zero)  |  01.03.11 - Vampire From 'Underground NY Vampire Club' On The Bachelor - ABC 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. « previous next »
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Author Topic: 01.03.11 - Vampire From 'Underground NY Vampire Club' On The Bachelor - ABC  (Read 13292 times)
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« on: January 03, 2011, 09:20:37 pm »


The Bachelor Vampire Madison Garton Is Acress Madison McKinley
January 3, 2011 | AUTHOR: Asa Hawks


Season 15 of The Bachelor features dapper Texan Brad Womack, 29 sexy woman from around the continent and one vampire. That’s right, one of The Bachelor harem may be thirsty for more than just love and fame!

25-year-old model Madison Garton will bare her fangs in tonight’s premiere and reveal that she is a member of the New York Underground Vampire Club! Here’s Count Bachula showing off her canines from the episode:

PHOTOS VIDEO The Bachelor vampire Madison Garton is actress Madison McKinley

Madison Garton from The Bachelor Season 15 with Brad Womack

Season 15 of The Bachelor features dapper Texan Brad Womack, 29 sexy woman from around the continent and one vampire. That’s right, one of The Bachelor harem may be thirsty for more than just love and fame!

25-year-old model Madison Garton will bare her fangs in tonight’s premiere and reveal that she is a member of the New York Underground Vampire Club! Here’s Count Bachula showing off her canines from the episode:

Madison Garton shocked The Bachelor Brad Womack when she revealed she wears fangs

I did a little research on “The Underground Vampire Club” and found out that writer Katherine Ramsland (most famous for penning The Vampire Companion: The Official Guide To Anne Rice’s ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ and the Anne Rice biography Prism of the Night) wrote a book about her experiences with the underground vampire club in New York titled Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today! Here’s a Q&A about that experience from an interview with Women On Writing:

WOW: For your book Piercing the Darkness, you went undercover with members of a real-life underground vampire club. How did you find these folks, and what did you do to prepare?

Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today by Ramsland

Katherine: I jumped in. Seriously. I’d read plenty of vampire novels, but it was the incident of a missing reporter in New York who was investigating the vampire subculture that inspired the idea, and it was my literary agent who gently pushed me toward it. To that point, I had never written immersion journalism. In fact, I’d never even had a journalism course. However, because of my work on Anne Rice’s books, it wasn’t hard to get invited to a vampire club, and that’s how it started. The person who invited me also fitted me with custom-made fangs and showed me where I could buy the right clothes for going to the club. I describe all of this in Piercing the Darkness, because my MO as a writer in those three books (Ghost and Cemetery Stories) was to take readers with me on my journey of discovery. Once I was inside, it wasn’t hard to get connected to vampire groups in other cities and other countries. It was just a matter of how much courage I could generate and how far I was willing to travel. Of course, Paris was on my list! There was no shortage of people willing to talk with me and invite me places. However, I do attribute this to my association with Rice’s vampire novels and the book I wrote, The Vampire Companion. Only afterward did I write my own vampire novels, in which I wrote a fictional account of what happened to the missing reporter.

The Bachelor's Madison Garton is actually actress Madison McKinley

But being a vampire isn’t the only skeleton in Madison’s closet! In addition to being undead and a model, Madison is also a professional actress! Her stage name is Megan McKinley and her credits include minor roles in films such as The Smurfs and Sex In The City as wells as appearances on television shows like 30 Rock, Rescue Me and Lipstick Jungle.

Madison had so much success in fact that Star magazine featured her in a “Rising Star” piece in their November 29, 2010 issue. (That seems a little suspicious to me because by that time the names of the contestants had already been leaked by Reality Steve, although the connection had not yet been made to Madison’s stage name of McKinley yet) Here’s the Star feature (click to enlarge):

Star Magazine rising star feature on Madison McKinley from The Bachelor 15

Although most of her speaking roles seem to feature Madison talking in a foreign language, this promo reel from her website ought to give you a good glimpse at her acting chops:

And here she is in the short film “Wonder of See Saws”, which is part of the Wonder Project. (Madison is the blond woman seated on the right)

The fact that Madison has a professional acting career may not seem so surprising, but the casting folks on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette tend to avoid actors like the plague so as to not hurt the “integrity” of the show. They seem OK with previous reality show experience (Justin “Rated R” Rego) and even very limited acting experience (Jake Pavelka made a brief appearance as a young Walker, Texas Ranger on the television series) but Madison’s resume seems like a lot more than they would usually allow. My guess is that they really wanted to play up the vampire angle and have bloggers like me making posts about “the girl with fangs” to help promote the show. Well played, ABC. Well played indeed!

Vampire or not, Madison Garton or Madison McKinley – either way Madison is one mighty fine eligible bachelorette! Here are a few more photos of her sans fangage:

The Bachelor's Madison Garton in a bikini as Madison McKinley


The Bachelor 2011's Madison Garton modeling photo as Madison McKinley

For detailed background info on other contestants from The Bachelor 2011 with photos, videos and whatever else the internet had to offer, be sure to check out our Bachelor File posts on Chantal O’Brien, Ashley Hebert, Emily Maynard and Shawntel Newton! For photos as well as very brief bios and Q&As with all the other contestants take a gander at our “Brad Bunch” post.

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« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2011, 11:41:55 am »

The Video Clip:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/o3aNfqlzam0" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/o3aNfqlzam0</a>


From CNN: "The woman's name is Madison, and she has fangs. She also said that she confirmed her vampire tendencies after meeting with the "leader of the underground vampire world," presumably at a pancake house at two in the morning. Sadly, we did not learn her opinions on sunlight, wooden stakes and sleeping in coffins... Brad also chatted with Madison the vampire, who informed him that he’s “delicious.” At first, Brad thought her fangs were odd, but then he did a 180 and referred to them as "hot." Alas, we didn't get to hear her stance on cooking with garlic... In the end, Brad gave roses to 20 of the 30 women.  Madison the vampire is staying..."

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Rwar I am a tiger

« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2011, 11:59:14 am »

My feelings, I have to wait and see!

To say that she is an "imposter" no.. I won't go there! There definitely are things I would say that make me think she might indeed be a vampire. Also flaunting it it isn't what most of us do but lets be fair some of us do.

I question how she will handle it now I life in holland, and here we don't have a big underground scene. After seeing a few of these scenes in america through the media, yes I know through the media always seeking out a good juicy story. I hope she knows how to handle herself but so far it sounds I think she will. If the bachelor will see her as a good potential though well lets say that vampirism either can be a huge turn off or a huge turn on. Not sure how he likes a natural born predator as his girl Wink

But hey maybe that is right what he needs someone that can lead him. Oh well since I am European :! I probably won't see anything of it. We have our own crappy shows!

I just hope she plays the game right!

Fear nothing but Fear itself
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« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2011, 05:35:07 pm »


Madison McKinley: The Bachelor's vampire girl becomes a blood donation dominatrix
By Michael Roberts, Tue., Jan. 11 2011 @ 7:02AM

​Last week, we introduced you to Vail's Madison McKinley, aka The Bachelor's vampire girl -- so dubbed because of the fangs she had implanted after joining an NYC vamp club. Part of last night's episode involved a public service announcement for the American Red Cross encouraging blood donation, which should have been a natural for her. So why the hell didn't we see more Madison?

In his blog for Entertainment Weekly, host Chris Harrison reveals that the producers had plenty o' Madison material. He writes: "By the way, Madison and her fangs didn't get a lot of airtime this week but the girls did not forget about her. While she was out on the group date, Sarah P., Lindsay and Ashley S. devised a plan to see if Madison was really a vampire. They made crosses out of branches in the backyard and stuffed cloves of garlic under all the mattresses (just in case)."

Harrison adds that in one unaired sequence, Madison jumped into a pool with her clothes on, following the lead of Sarah P., the other Colorado contestant -- she's from Denver.

Nonetheless, Madison hardly spoke in the ep and wasn't the focus of the Red Cross PSA sequence, although she capped the spot itself with a performance as a lusty dominatrix who orders Bachelor Brad Womack to "Lick it!" -- meaning her boot, ostensibly:

[PHOTO] madison mckinley makes the bachelor lick her boot

​Later, however, it was Brad who bared his (fake) fangs during one goofy scene.

Otherwise, the episode was dominated by Michelle, whining about not getting more attention on her thirtieth birthday, as well as a teary Melissa and a desperate Raichel, whose boobs were squeezed so tightly together that they seemed like their own produce section. In the end, Michelle stayed, while Melissa, Raichel and Keltie got the heave-ho.

Yes, Madison received her rose, which she accepted with a knowing leer.

Earlier, Bachelorette vets Ali and Roberto turned up to make sure this season's contestants were on the show for the right reasons -- ostensibly to find love. That doesn't appear to be Madison's goal, but if her real rationale entails getting lots of screen time on a major network rather than being tethered to the vile Womack for the long term, she's handling her quest with humor and panache. Here's hoping she sticks around for a long, long time.

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« Reply #4 on: January 18, 2011, 12:00:32 pm »


The vampire departs on 'The Bachelor'
January 18, 2011

Last night's episode of "The Bachelor" began with Chris Harrison warning the 17 remaining women that the drama would only continue as the days go by, as if they don't already understand how the show works.

We have one group and two individual dates this week, and the first solo date goes to Ashley S., the nanny who we really haven't heard from since winning the First Impression rose two weeks back. Brad promises Ashley S. the time of her life, and that involves going to the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles to record a song.

That song is Seal's "Kiss From a Rose," and Brad promises the viewers that the cover version will be bad. He wasn't fibbing. After torturing the audience and the guy producing the track, Brad apologizes to "Mr. Seal." He then promises to make it up to Ashley S., doing so by introducing her to - you guessed it - Seal, who sings "Kiss From a Rose" the proper way.

After the concert, Brad and Ashley S. have a dinner on the rooftop of the Capitol Records building, where Ashley talks about her father's passing. Brad appreciates her honesty, and gives her a rose.

It's group date time, and 12 women will be going out based on the clue "love hurts." Meanwhile, Michelle, the Utah hairstylist who raised a fit last week about being on a group date, noted she was peeved about being on a group date this week. Perhaps she should wear a T-shirt to the soiree that says "I HATE GROUP DATES."

The women engage in a movie shoot with Brad, putting together poorly-choreographed fight scenes that reminded me of most college freshmen film school projects. Michelle is again peeved about all this, praying that ninjas kidnap the other women.

The wrap party takes place at a rooftop pool (do all high-rises in Los Angeles have rooftop pools?), where Michelle decides to do something about the other women hanging out with Brad. It's the old sneak around the back and shock Brad while he's talking to Alli trick. Hey, it worked on 700 other TV shows. Michelle is proud of her accomplishment, proudly stating that she'll "practice making babies" with Brad on the finale.

However, Michelle didn't get the rose at the wrap party. Instead, it was Shawntel the funeral director, who must have offered Brad a great deal on a headstone.

Emily is the recipient of the second individual date, which appears to take place inside of a barn. Emily opens up to Brad about the 2004 death of her fiance, stock car driver Ricky Hendrick, and learning that she was pregnant with Hendrick's child shortly after his passing. Brad appreciated Emily opening up to him, and she gets a rose.

Following a session with his therapist (why is this on camera?), Brad hosts a cocktail party with the ladies. Michelle is again upset that Brad is hanging out with the other women, and tells him that. Brad doesn't seem to care, noting that he likes the fact that Michelle tells it like it is.

Brad moves on to Madison the vampire, who literally sheds her fangs by telling Brad that she's not sure whether she's on the show for the right reasons. Brad tells Madison and the other women that if they want to leave, they can do so.

Madison does just that at the rose ceremony, walking away after two roses were handed out. She told Brad that things could have worked out differently if she was just herself from the beginning.

Joining Madison out the door were Sarah the real estate agent, who demonstrated the art of proposing to Brad two weeks ago, and Kimberly, who responded to her elimination by saying a word I can't use on a family-friendly blog.

Next week, there will be scuba diving, Dr. Drew and a black eye.

What did you think of this week's edition of "The Bachelor"?

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« Reply #5 on: January 21, 2011, 01:08:53 pm »


Interview with the Vampire: Madison Garton Talks 'Bachelor,' Brad and Bloodsucking
Thursday, January 20, 2011
Meghan Carlson - Senior Writer, BuddyTV

I ought to be honest now, since I was so blatantly honest then: I was probably Madison's biggest critic when she rolled onto the Bachelor lot with a carefully constructed air of mystery and a pair of vampire fangs. It just seemed too intentionally dishonest and bizarre--even for this show.

But in the three weeks she appeared on The Bachelor, Madison transformed--and no, I don't mean into a bat. Her facade came down, and--perhaps proving that this show can still surprise us in its 20th season, if you want to think of it that way--Madison became one of the most sincere and likable bachelorettes in the batch. And then, just as quickly, she left, saying the whole thing wasn't for her. It goes to show an old adage: First impressions aren't always accurate. And it tacks on a new caveat: Even less so when those impressions are cut up and edited for TV.

But what about Madison's impressions of the other women, and of Brad? Why did she decide to walk out, and who does she hope takes home the final rose? She spoke candidly with the press this morning in a conference call. Here's what she had to say:

On how Emily's story affected her decision to leave the show:

By the nature of the show, I did get a little bit closer to Emily, and her story just sort of bowled me over a little bit. And then I felt like, all of a sudden, I was competing for something that I wasn't necessarily sure that I needed.

What she makes of the girls who think Brad is going to be their husband:

It blows my mind. It seems like some girls are really in it to win it, and it should be The Bachelor, you should be falling in love. There should be no "winning" The Bachelor. It's jaw-dropping for me, actually. I don't understand it at all. I think the nature of the show, it's competitive, because you're taken away from everything else and that is the main focus, so yeah. Girls start strategizing, but then when you pull yourself back you think, "What am I doing? I don't even know this guy!"

On whether she regrets going on or leaving the show:

Not at all. The only thing I wish is that it had been a little bit longer that I was there. That's probably what I regret the most, is that I didn't get to experience it as fully as I had wanted. But other than that I wouldn't change a thing about it. It was such an amazing experience, and I left when I felt I needed to.

About Brad's positive reaction to her fangs:

I get mixed reviews, and some people don't even notice they're there. Some people do and are afraid to ask, and some people run for the hills. So yeah it was definitely a vote of confidence that he was able to handle that, for sure.

On how her "whole vampire thing" started:

Very off the cuff. I'd always had a little vampire thing, been into the darker side of thing. Loved the mystery and the sexiness of the whole idea, and lo and behold I happened to run into the leader of the underground vampire world. Actually, a lot of people are mistaken in thinking that I am a member. I am not a member, I just happen to know the leader. If there is such a thing. We became friends, and he had the fangs. And I had a pair made, and I wore them for Halloween once, and had such a blast that I brought them out on numerous occassions afterward.

On whether it's difficult to watch the competition on TV:

It's difficult to make judgments because there's editing and all those things, so you don't really know. But it's definitely hard. And you see girls coming home from dates and they have stars in their eyes, and all of a sudden you're like, "OK! It's my turn!" It's difficult. It's difficult to see someone who's there for the competition. You just have to hope that it's editing and that they're not there for the wrong reasons.

On who, besides Emily, she could see ending up with Brad:

I think everybody has noticed the pure chemistry with him and Chantal. I'm not sure she's cut out for that [Texas housewife] role either, but the fireworks Michelle talks about, you see that with Chantal. I definitely think that she's a frontrunner. And I think Ashley H., they had a cute connection. She's pretty spunky. They don't show that much, but she's a crazy, spunky girl, so I don't know that they'd be a great match, so I'm still going to have to go with Emily and Chantal.

On why she showed so many different personalities during her time on the show:

I went in it wanting to fall in love and wanting to have fun, and a lightness. I think a lot of girls go in with such a serious tone to it, and to me it should be falling in love. You should be able to have fun and joke around, and do all of those things. That's definitely how I went in, and that is absolutely a side of me, you know, and certainly there's a dark, sexy side too, if you will. And the fun, joking side. Underneath all of that, I certainly am a lot more softhearted. When I found out that it probably was not going to be my fairy tale love story, yeah, the other side of me came out.

On how her relationship with Emily grew throughout the show:

At first I had no idea who she was. Of course she comes off very sweet, like the little Barbie, and she's easy to fall in love with, and she looks like tough competition so everybody judges her that way. And I think that on the show there were a lot of judgments made before because Michelle had told Brad about her baby, and she [Emily] hadn't. Her story hadn't come out in the beginning, so none of the girls knew, and there was questioning about why a girl so young would have a baby, and what's her story. I think a lot of it was just such a shock to hear the truth behind it when everyone had made such false, assuming judgments beforehand about maybe her past and all of that. Probably everyone had assumed the wrong thing. When she came clean to us, it really hit home.

On why she walked out before finding out if she'd get a rose:

I didn't want there to be any question of another girl getting a rose that was supposed to be mine. I would feel terrible if he goes to give me the rose, I say no, and so he gives it to someone else. That would have taken away from their experience getting the rose, and I didn't want that to be the situation, so I thought I'd nip that in the bud by leaving.

On if she's a Twilight fan, Team Edward vs. Team Jacob:

I'm Team Louis from Interview with the Vampire! Or Team Armand. That's quintessential vampirism, if you will. Definitely still a Twilight fan. Though I like the books better than the movies. [...] Of course I have to be a Team Edward fan. I'm a vampire.

On whether she thinks Brad is genuine:

People don't give him nearly enough credit. All of a sudden you have 30 women vying for your attention and you're trying to give each of them attention and all of yourself. We all were questioning the fact that it came off a little redundant, like the same conversations, but how do you not when you're trying to get to know somebody? I think he has good intentions. He seems like he has prepared answers on some of the stuff, and some of the stuff it seems like he's so down on himself on being a changed man. [...] The whole "being a changed man, and he was broken before" and blah blah blah ... but I do think he's here to find love, and it seems like he's taking it very seriously. Sometimes too seriously. He was very nervous and felt like everyone was judging him. It took him a while to loosen up.

On what she thinks of Michelle:

On the show we all called her Mama Michelle. Watching the way she's portrayed on the show probably shocks everyone who was there. It certainly shocks me. There were certain sides of that that we all knew were going on, but no, she was very sweet with the girls sometimes. But she made it clear from the very beginning. We had a friendly conversation and she ended it with, "I don't know what these girls are doing here. They're all acting so friendly toward each other. I don't want to be friends with you. I don't want to be friends with anyone here. I want Brad, I want to win." I commend the girl for being honest about her intentions. She was very cut and dry about what she wanted, and very competitive.

On whether she'd ever do Bachelor Pad:

I'm not sure I'm cut out for Bachelor Pad. I may scare the crap out of those people.

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