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Author Topic: 12.15.10 - Eye On Vampires: Interview With A Hybrid Vampire - Zerochan  (Read 1456 times)
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« on: December 16, 2010, 12:44:13 pm »


Eye on Vampires: Interview with a Hybrid Vampire
Jorel Gilbert
December 15, 2010

This is the first Eye on Vampires interview. This interview took place on December 9th 2010 via instant messenger with a hybrid vampire known by the alias of Zerochan. Zerochan was selected for this interview because she has shown herself to be a reasonable and logical person throughout her interactions with the vampire community and she was willing to participate. The responses in this interview are the responses of a single hybrid vampire, and may not be in agreement with the entire vampire community.

Me: In your experience, what is a hybrid vampire?

Zerochan: A hybrid vampire is someone who requires both blood and energy in order to maintain their health. They may go towards one or the other more, but they still NEED both. For example, I need blood more, but I still need energy. Other vamps might need more energy, some might need them equally. All depends on the person really.

Me: How often do you require blood, and how often do you require energy?

Zerochan: I require blood about once every one and a half weeks, and energy every two if I push it. But I feed on blood every two weeks, and energy once a week.

Me: What are the repercussions to your health when you don't feed enough?

Zerochan: For blood, energy, or both?

Me: For both.

Zerochan: When I go without blood, I get an extreme, burning thirst that I absolutely cannot quench, my senses dull slightly, my sensitivity to light increases, I can't sleep at night, and what sleep I do get does nothing for me, I get sick easier, and I feel a pain in my solar plexus area, though it may spread to my shoulders and back. When I go without energy, I feel very weak, apathetic, sleep will not refresh me, I'm tired all the time, I feel a constant coldness, and I just can't be motivated to do anything. For both, I can get emotionally unstable. More so with blood, but it can happen with energy if I've starved off it long enough.

Me: How did you first come to realize that you are a hybrid vampire?

Zerochan: I awakened as a psi when I was ten years old, when I became sensitive to light, weak, and caught myself feeding. I developed conscious ways to feed, but never really connected things to the vampire archetype.  But when I was twelve, I found that energy didn't quite cut it anymore. I began to experience the symptoms I now get with blood withdrawal, and my light sensitivity got worse. At that point, I began to look for answers. I searched on the internet tirelessly until I found sites like sanguinarius.org, and then, well, things kind of fell into place for me.

Me: Are there any benefits to vampirism?

Zerochan: Now that's an excellent question. I'm going to speak from personal experience only though. I've experienced improved nightvision and hearing, increase in psionic ability, and heightened reflexes. Many of the benefits I've experienced have been psionic in nature though. But only when I'm well fed.

Me: Where do you get the blood and energy that you need?

Zerochan: I get blood from my boyfriend, who is also, obviously my donor. For energy, since he does not take well to energy drain, I feed from individuals at school. I guage their energy level, and never take beyond a certain point. If I need more, I will take from another individual, unless my donor is in better shape to donate energy. However, I will admit that this practice is falling out of fashion with the community at large.

Me: Why is it that that practice is falling out of fashion?

Zerochan: There are many groups now that consider it unethical to take energy from anyone but a donor. However, the one's who still do partake in this are not without ethics themselves. For example, I personally will not take from any low energy individuals, the sick, the elderly, or children.

Me: For what reasons did you agree to do this interview?

Zerochan:The reason I decided to do this interview was because there are very few hybrids being given their voice in the media, which I felt was unfair. I also wanted to get the right information out there, after a string of bad interviews.

Me : Thank you for your time and input.

Zerochan: Thanks for taking the time to interview me.

This is an Eye on Vampires interview, designed to provide an inside view of various facets of the vampire community.

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