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Author Topic: Official Notice From The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] Concerning Shelby Ellis  (Read 2413 times)
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« on: November 02, 2010, 06:14:47 PM »


Notice To The Vampire Community:
November 2, 2010

The disappearance of Shelby Ellis has come to our attention via the national
news media. While we do not believe that Shelby Ellis has ever been in contact
with the vampire community either online or offline, we encourage vampire
community members to keep a lookout for any missing persons who may come into
contact with us for any reason.

From what we can gather from media reports, the only link between Shelby Ellis
and anything concerning "vampires" is the fact that she has a profile on the
unaffiliated "vampirefreaks.com" social networking site, and her parents'
statement that she sometimes dressed in Goth fashion. We know of no one who has
ever met or spoken online with her, and don't think she's ever had any contact
with the vampire community. It's unlikely that anyone in the actual vampire
community will be contacted by Shelby, but sometimes news reports like the ones
we're seeing may prompt a runaway to contact community members even if they had
no previous knowledge of the vampire community.

Shelby Ellis is sixteen years old, and may be traveling to New York or Missouri.
The news reports haven't said whether they think anyone is traveling with her.
Please pass this on, and spread the word with both the Goth and vampire
communities in those states, as well. If Shelby contacts you, please encourage
her to call the Cobb County Sheriff's Office at
770.499.4600/4635 and/or her family. 

Notice To National & Local News Media:

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] would like to express its disappointment
with the news media, both national and local, in their decision to run
sensationalized headlines about the very sober and serious situation of a teenaged
runaway. We urge the news media to resist the temptation of sensationalism,
and employ maturity and sensitivity rather than hysteria. There is categorically
no such thing as "underground vampire cults," and employing the flawed language
of hysteria at best shows a lack of respect for the facts, and at worst succumbs
to flights of fancy which could serve to distract an ongoing search for a missing person.

We would also like to take this opportunity to point this coverage out as
"teachable moment" in media hysteria. The insistence on using the term "vampire
cult" is at once prejudiced, irresponsible, and poorly-informed; it relies on a
series of common folk beliefs about "cults" which have been thoroughly and
repeatedly debunked by experts. They have no place in serious social dialogue of
any kind, much less in a discussion about a teenager who has run away from home.

The suggestion that such "cults" exist, and are indicated by their choices of
music, clothing, or non-Christian symbols, is directly related to a cultural
prejudice commonly known as "Satanic Panic." Satanic Panic is an urban legend
which plays on religiously-generated fears of other peoples' religions and
cultures to create an imaginary narrative of "cults" which practice criminal
behavior in a pseudo-religious context. No such "cults" have ever existed, and
the myth of the "cults" has been repeatedly debunked; but the prejudice created
by the myth still harms innocent people today.

The discredited "satanic panic" narrative stereotypes a wide range of normal
behavior as potentially dangerous. These normal behaviors include choices of
clothing and music, the ordinary symbols of valid non-Christian religions, and
even what novels one might read. Fear of these ordinary activities has led
historically to censorship and the abuse of individuals wrongly accused of being
"in cults," and feeds a vicious prejudice based solely on fear.

We would also like to note that the vampirefreaks.com social networking site is
not a vampire-oriented website, and is not considered a participating entity in
the online vampire community. Confusing the vampirefreaks.com social networking
site with vampire folklore, fiction, or the vampire community is a mistake based
apparently on the site's URL. The vampirefreaks.com site, apparently in an attempt
at stylishness, calls their interest-based user communities "cults." This should
not be confused with any "cults," real or actual, of course. Perhaps this is where
the "cult" terminology started getting tossed about the press, but if that's the
case, the usage appears to be entirely facetious.
AVA Staff
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Posts: 53

« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2010, 09:00:31 AM »

Shelby Ellis Has Been Found Safe In Washington State


Missing Cobb County Girl Found Safe
POSTED: 10:44 am EDT November 3, 2010
UPDATED: 12:52 pm EDT November 3, 2010

ATLANTA -- A 16-year-old girl who has been missing for over three weeks has been found.

Shelby Ellis, a sophomore at McEachern High School, was found safely in Lakewood, Wash.

According to Ellis' grandmother, she took a bus there and was in a person's home by choice. Her grandmother did not know whose home she was in or how she was found.

She is now in a juvenile detention center awaiting extradition to Atlanta.

Ellis' parents had feared she was involved in some sort of dark cult.

"A lot of them are in this dark, 'Let's be Gothic. Let's be different. Let's suck blood.' All kinds of dark stuff," the girl's mother, Wendy Ellis, said.

Ellis' grandmother thanked CBS Atlanta for getting her story out there so she could be found.

CBS Atlanta News will have more information on this story as it becomes available.
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