What Makes People Psychic?

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I've been thinking about this for a while. What makes people psychic? I guess what I really mean is what causes it? From what I know being psychic just means that you use a part or parts of your brain that most people don't use. But what causes that? I know that people can develop it, but is it just a random accurance that people are born being psychic?

I can see auras, do some energy work as well as some other things. From what I've researched that makes me fall into the psychic category, but I don't like using that word because when I hear psychic I think of Madame Cleo on late night television taking calls and prodicting the future or reading peoples' minds.

But anyways, what causes it? I've heard that children are born with the ability to be psychic and as they grow older it isn't nurtured and it just simply goes away. So why is it that sometimes it doesn't go away? Or it goes away but then comes back? Is it genetic? Is it just something random?

Any thoguhts?

The Sentinel:
I don't think anyone knows it. It might just be something innate to our species.

jayant ratna:

Quote from: jayant ratna on October 28, 2010, 04:13:13 am

Being psychic, has to do with chromosomes, it has to do with how we are numbered on the inside. The way we are numbered, is understood, when faced with inherent danger, often immediate and precise. Leave the enemy to cut through, and we would find many psychic's around. Being psychic has to do with pain and its management.

As to the link with a certain species,

geographical terrain doesn't effect much, derived impulse to be psychic. Hence, being psychic has to do with issues that relate to hunger and thirst, or issues that relate to starvation. Keep a person alive sans vitamins, and create a psychic in 25 hours.

Are you sure you're not replacing psychic with like, instincts and natural impulses?

Well I think that there are two ways that part of 90% of a person's brain that they don't use can become active. Some research that I found shows that one of the main ways is extreme head trama. I for one have had head trama and fell into and had to stay at a hospital for a while and later found out that my brain activity was around 36%, but as far as I know I didn't gain any powers, unless you count the fact that I heal three times faster than before it. (I don't understand it but the doctors said I shouldn't have been able to walk for another two weeks) . But the only other way I can think that that 90% of your brain would wake up would be if your born with it.


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