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Author Topic: Elementals & Modern Effects  (Read 2717 times)
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« on: July 27, 2010, 11:46:27 am »

No real point to this thread, strictly philosophical musings and commentary from my own journey:

I have always been intimately tied to the four cardinal elements as long as I can remember.  As such, the practice plays an important part to my daily physical and spiritual practice.

Once, while roaming my own astral temple, I discovered a upside down version of it.  This was an inverse version, or anti-realm.  It was fascinating, especially to view the elements in this.

Fire became Entropy: a blue/black flame sucking the heat and slowing everything around it
Water became poison and sludge:  Thick, viscous yellow green slime.
Earth became decay:  An eternally crumbling pillar of stone
Air became stagnation:  A brown, fog, clinging to the ground, slowly moving

While these negative elements were fascinating in their own right, I found no maliciousness in them.  Rather, I saw them as embodiments in our modern world in greater and greater presence.   Certainly, there is an interesting study to be had in their uses and properties by themselves, but it also got me to consider their presence in the uban world.

Cities, seem to carry new energies, clearly not the energies of the old living world, but still energies non the less.  The pulse of energy of a city at night, the ebb and flow of traffic, the exhalation of factories and cars...  its changed, but still present, just as much as the vibe you get at the feet of big bear lodge or entering the California redwood forest.

So, could these elemental be at play, could they be harnessed as well?  Where could this lead?  City-Shamen?  Fun things to consider.

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« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2010, 06:54:51 pm »

You know, I've not considered the idea that 'sludge' and 'anti-elements' could perhaps become elements themselves.  If you want to consider them spiritual connections that are given power by that which effects them, produces them and continues their cycles.  I suppose it's possible...

What this makes me think of...is how people from cities react to natural more open places and vice versa.  I am from a very open area, and live with corn fields all around me.  While I enjoy energies of a city and like to visit...I simply CANNOT stay in such an area for too long.  The very air makes me sick, physically.  Now take someone who has breathed in pollution all their lives and thrives on the hustle and bustle.  They come to a place of open spaces and fresh air...and start sneezing!  'Fresh air' is not always fresh to those who do not readily breath it.

And it's not just air!  People who are used to cold waters, do not bode well with hot bodies of water against their skin.  People from seas do not like the smell of fresh water.  Fresh water people get rashes from salt water...

Heat is even different.  Dry heat versus muggy places anyone?

So then back to the original thought.  I believe that all energy flows, evolves, not unlike anything else in the world.  So it's entirely possible that elemental figures are growing, changing, and forming new ones.  And there's probably dozens we've not discovered yet.  I mean where you lump atomic energy in with that of our known elements?  Some people claim metal IS an element, where others consider it part of Earth.  Some believe there is a physical, darkness and light that are elements.

In the end, who knows for sure?  Certainly not I...but I think it's probably possible.

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