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Author Topic: Vampires In Their Own Words: Volume II - Call For Submissions (Canceled)  (Read 2505 times)
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« on: February 13, 2008, 01:20:59 PM »


Vampires in Their Own Words: Volume II

The first edition of Vampires: In Their Own Words had a much better reception than I anticipated. 25,000 copies were pressed and almost as soon as it was released, it went into a second printing. For a work that largely relied on reprinting articles that were previously published to the Internet (due to a lack of original submissions) it has done quite well for itself. It has especially gained the attention of sociologists and serious scholars – a fact that I think bodes well for our community. Given the schedules kept by the publishing industry, I think it is now time to begin work on the second volume of the anthology.

For this collection, I would like to focus on three main topics: family, religion, and career. Given how many sociologists and similar researchers became interested in volume one, I think it’s important to compile a book that represents the diversity within the community on these three basic aspects of peoples’ lives. I also think that these topics demonstrate the human aspect of all of us. A reader coming from any background will be able to relate to these topics, and will likely be interested in learning how these things are similar or different for those who identify as vampires. I also think these three topics are places where members of the vampire community can diverge wildly – and thus a variety of perspectives need to be collected so readers can gain a broader picture of who we really are.

Essays should tell about your life experiences. You do not have to use your real name. You should not use the real names of other people in your life, especially your children. But you should honestly and sincerely tell your story. How has your vampirism affected your family? Or has it had no affect on how you raise your children at all? Perhaps, as a vampire, you chose not to have children – the reasons behind this will be of interest to readers. Religion is a hot topic in our community – mainly because vampirism is a religion for some, while for others, it has little or nothing to do with their spirituality. Tell the readers about your convictions and beliefs, and explain the role vampirism plays in these. If you are Christian, how do you reconcile your beliefs with your nature? Or do you feel that there is no need to do so? Finally, our careers do not define us, but they can be significantly impacted by any discovery of our nature. Some of us choose our careers so that being outed will not destroy us. Others tread a delicate line. Tell your story. If you have a specific incident where your vampirism became an issue at your job, or somehow influenced choices you made in pursuing your education and career, tell this story to the best of your ability.

Submissions should be between 2500 and 5000 words in length. I will accept shorter submissions, as low as 1500 words, on a case-by-case basis. Multiple submissions are accepted, although they need to be on different topics. Submissions should be accompanied by a biography. The biography should be between 500 and 1000 words in length and will be published in the book should your article or articles be accepted. Individuals whose articles are accepted may be asked to write an additional piece describing their particular experience of vampirism to help give readers context for the main articles in the book.

I am looking for strong, well-written personal tales that are relevant to your experience as a vampire. You do not have to be the world’s greatest story-teller if you are sincere and real in your presentation. Check your grammar and spelling before submitting, but also keep in mind that part of my job is to polish your work for the final manuscript. Should your work be accepted, there will also be a second round of revisions with an editor at the publishing house, and he will likely work directly with you through email, obtaining permission and approval for any changes.

I will be selecting articles based on several things. First of all, how well they represent a specific perspective from the vampire community. For example, in the religion section, I want a Christian vampire to tell his or her tale, but I will only select the best article on this topic, because I also have to retain space for a sampling of other religious (or non-religious) perspectives. Secondly, I am looking for how well the work is written, both technically and stylistically. Ordinarily, this would be the primary concern, but in this collection, I believe the content is primary and over-rides the need for style. Thirdly, I want to see diversity in origin. I would like to avoid five articles from members of the same House, if at all possible. Due to lack of submissions, I had this problem with the last collection, and I hope to have a greater representation of diversity this time around. I will not judge a submission based on my own opinions of its author or the group that author is associated with. My goal with this book is to represent the community as widely and as equally as possible. So if you feel that your group or point of view got left out in the last book, then submit something so that your voice is heard this time around. Just be aware that you will have to sign a release form if your piece is accepted for publication. It will have to be filled out legally and submitted within a specific timeframe, otherwise your work, no matter how amazing, cannot be used in the book.

DEADLINE: I would like to aim for a Fall 2009 release for this collection. That means that I will need your submissions NO LATER than SEPTEMBER 1, 2008. I will need a stable, physical mailing address as well as an email to reach you along with your submissions. These are for editing purposes and for compensation, and will be held in strictest confidence.

COMPENSATION: Authors whose work is published in the final edition of this book will receive one contributor’s copy of the book itself, provided they have submitted an accurate and up-to-date mailing address.

MEDIA: Authors whose work is published in the final edition of this book can opt to be included in the media promotions, and have their contact information circulated to publishers, radio and television media, as well as internet sites and podcasts. Authors’ information will only be distributed if they specifically request it.

FORMAT: Submissions should be typed, double-spaced, and saved in either a Word .doc or .rtf format. Submissions should be mailed to:

Michelle Belanger at glenarvon @ gmail -dot- com

Put “Vampire Voices II” in the subject header.

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