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Author Topic: Problems Within The Community - Part 2  (Read 2602 times)
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« on: January 27, 2008, 04:51:18 PM »

This is a transferred post from AVA forum 1.0.
Originally posted by:  Merticus

The pervading apathy and pursuit of individual power throughout the Community indeed chips away at the support institutions that instruct, counsel, and care for the awakening and also existing members who have lost touch or began to question their nature. Additionally the resolve of those who do genuinely care is eroded every time we see elders and respected vampires hiding behind club kids and the pervasive drama, albeit personal or Community related in origin; or to have given up on the Community altogether and abstained from any direct contact. In effect such persons are finding solace in the current public perception of our Community, articles written that blur the lines between fantasy and reality, poorly researched psycho analyses of clinical, psychopathic, and moreover sycophantic individuals who form the basis for written guidelines for use in law enforcement (Dawn Perlmutter, et. al.), and television specials that leave the public even more confused as they are expected to sort the sprinkling of truth from the illusion. It is no wonder the public and even those among us hold a skewed and myopic view of real or modern vampirism.

If as a Community we decide there is a sound basis for obscuring the "truth" of vampirism from the mundane world and keeping to ourselves in a highly secretive society then we abandon any rights to complain when the deviant or misguided among us make our lives difficult through their actions. No where is it written that we are prohibited from contacting television programs in advance and presenting them coherent and organized information regarding the vampire community, no where is it written that we can't establish offline yearly and bi-coastal / international meetings to discuss matters of importance to the Community, no where is it written that we can't maintain local contacts with law enforcement or media who if aren't sympathetic, are at very least willing and available associates in times where negative attention regarding an event in our Community can be quelled or subjection to harassment, et. al. of our fellow vampires can be swiftly addressed. The status quo of accepting the broken elements, bad apples, and at times deliberate misinformation needs to be abated for any real changes to take root.

One of the core reasons others and myself have invested extensive resources in the VEWRS & AVEWRS is to critically evaluate the state and diversity of the Community absent of the lens of overt bias so that logical suggestions for repair, modification, and investigation can properly be established. Instead of holding fast to an isolationist stance within groups, forums, Houses, Courts, et. al., those in leadership positions, as have been proposed, must look beyond themselves and decide which areas their talents and efforts should be invested to improve upon the Community. Expanding this, what should have always been a natural role, could be a proposal for all established groups, forums, Houses, Courts, et. al. to take up a singular cause germane to their local Community and either work in concert with other entities on existing global projects or establish an individual campaign that favorably highlights the good nature of our Community. There is a high cyclic rate of turnover within the OVC due in large part to new and old members alike losing interest from a lack of challenge to grow personally, support one another, or be actively involved in something of intrinsic value or direct impact to our Community.

While the figure below would be most effectively expressed in spherical form, the outer and inner cores as well as the influences from other established groups display a vivid example of why dealing with the Community as a whole is often difficult and at times inane. However, we must concede a right of legitimacy, if even in small measure, to each of these groups as they shape the backdrop of the vampire community. The ultimate challenge of our Community will be if we can directly focus and wind tight the core to hold together this ever-evolving sphere before the centrifugal motion tears us apart. Unlike some other subcultures, in terms of maturity and clear organization, we are but at an infantile stage and we need not delude ourselves to the contrary. Make no mistake, it would not take but a couple of well orchestrated acts of defiance and violence both within and outside of our Community to have us examined through and through, others to throw up their hands and walk away, and the remainder to go so far underground as to stagnate any hopes for those who are left lost on the outside.

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