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Author Topic: Global Vampire Community Discussion Transcript - VVC Hosted - 09.20.09  (Read 10374 times)
House AVA Founder
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« on: September 30, 2009, 04:56:58 PM »

Voices of the Vampire Community
Global Vampire Community Discussion - September 20, 2009
108 Attendees - 97 Page Transcript

The transcript is available from the following links:


It is also posted in full below (see thread).  Please help circulate throughout the vampire community.

House AVA Founder
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Gender: Male
Posts: 1651

« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2009, 05:27:45 PM »

Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)
Global Vampire Community Discussion (Public) Ė September 20, 2009

Attendees (108):

Acrophobic Pixie*
Amber Psionic
Ancient Arcane
Asif (VampyreLounge)
CC Care
Corvis Nocturnum*
Dancing Wolf
Deacon Gray*
Dischordian Joy
Dokter Traemorluna
Draconic Ninja
Heather Purri
Hemophobic Dicksie
Indigeo Aliquis
John Reason (Nny)
jyu Dragon
Lady Evangeline
LadyV (Victoria)
Lord Taka
Midnight Wing
Mike Future*
Sabastian De Cavlier
Sylvere ap Leanan*
The Otherside
The Pink Lady*
Tobias Apollyn
Vampyre Onyxdragon
X Galadrial Kaine

* = VVC Member

Discussion Agenda:

I.  Discussion Information

Welcome to the third Global Vampire Community Discussion hosted by Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC).  The transcript from tonightís meeting is being logged and will be made publicly available.  Unlike the transcripts of our Public Agenda VVC Meetings, these Global Vampire Community Discussions are generally not edited for grammatical errors or the discussion restructured to align in sequence for question and answer responses.

Topics will be presented in the order they appear on the agenda.  Please do not skip ahead and please do not suggest discussion of items not on the agenda until at the end of each major discussion topic.

Feel free to speak your mind on any and all topics in a civil manner and offer any supporting information, links, or material as needed.

II.  Background & Introduction

VVC was founded January 2006.

The purpose of the Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) is to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community; to encourage cooperation in solving community related problems and in promoting respect for the views, ideas, and opinions of others without seeking to establish a unifying or governing body; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of groups in attaining these ends. Ė August 8, 2006

Voices Of The Vampire Community (VVC) does not assert itself as the exclusive organization of leaders or notable persons in the vampi(y)re community nor do we view ourselves or our actions as legislative or authoritarian.
The members of the VVC are representative of multiple groups, Houses, Orders, paths, beliefs, and segments of the vampi(y)re community who meet and are able to put aside personal differences to work together to discuss, suggest, implement, and support projects, ideas, and other intellectual works that help to improve the overall community.

For more information please visit our web site at:  http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/vvc.html

We are available to answer questions through the community feedback form available at the site above.

III.  Discussion
a. Your Personal Health: What is your opinion on the correlation of various medical maladies common to some sanguinarian and/or psychic vampires?  What steps do you take to ensure optimum physical and mental health?

b. Variety Of Feeding Methods: Are some of your specific feeding methods (sanguinarian and/or psychic) more effective than others?  If so, which are more effective and which are less or ineffective?

c. Open Vampire Community Discussion: Any topic youíd like to bring up for discussion is welcome.

   <Merticus>   <<<<<< BEGIN DISCUSSION LOG - SESSION 1 >>>>>>
   <Merticus>   Voices of the Vampire Community
   <Merticus>   Global Vampire Community Discussion - September 20, 2009
   <Merticus>   I.  Discussion Information
   <Merticus>   Welcome to the third Global Vampire Community Discussion hosted by Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC).  The transcript from tonightís meeting is being logged and will be made publicly available.  Unlike the transcripts of our Public Agenda VVC Meetings, these Global Vampire Community Discussions are generally not edited for grammatical errors or the discussion restructured to align in sequence for question and answer responses.
   <Merticus>   Topics will be presented in the order they appear on the agenda.  Please do not skip ahead and please do not suggest discussion of items not on the agenda until at the end of each major discussion topic.
   <Merticus>   Feel free to speak your mind on any and all topics in a civil manner and offer any supporting information, links, or material as needed.
   <Merticus>   II.  Background & Introduction
   <Merticus>   VVC was founded January 2006.
   <Merticus>   The purpose of the Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) is to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community; to encourage cooperation in solving community related problems and in promoting respect for the views, ideas, and opinions of others without seeking to establish a unifying or governing body; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of groups in attaining these ends. Ė August 8, 2006
   <Merticus>   Voices Of The Vampire Community (VVC) does not assert itself as the exclusive organization of leaders or notable persons in the vampi(y)re community nor do we view ourselves or our actions as legislative or authoritarian.
   <Merticus>   The members of the VVC are representative of multiple groups, Houses, Orders, paths, beliefs, and segments of the vampi(y)re community who meet and are able to put aside personal differences to work together to discuss, suggest, implement, and support projects, ideas, and other intellectual works that help to improve the overall community.
   <Merticus>   For more information please visit our web site at:  http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/vvc.html
   <Merticus>   We are available to answer questions through the community feedback form available at the site above.
   <Merticus>   III.  Discussion - Session 1
   <Merticus>   a. Your Personal Health: What is your opinion on the correlation of various medical maladies common to some sanguinarian and/or psychic vampires?  What steps do you take to ensure optimum physical and mental health?
   <ShadowMind>   I will answer this from the perspective of personal experience and from the vampires which I know personally.  I do not know that there has been enough consistency in what has been claimed as medical issues related directly to a given type of vampire.
   <ShadowMind>   For instance, I would classify myself as a psychic vampire, but I do not necessarily feel lethargic if I do not take in energy on a consistent basis. 
   <ShadowMind>   I do get migraines from time to time, but my family has a history of that.  A few other vampires that I know also get migraines which they relate to being a vampire, but most (not all) have a history of that.
   <ShadowMind>   My eyes have sensitivity to sunlight, but I had that checked and it was due to my pupils dilating slower than they should.  Could that be because I am a vampire?  I doubt that.
   <ShadowMind>   I wonder how frequently medical conditions claimed are a result of being a vampire are actually medically checked, thus eliminating a common reason (or even one not necessarily common) and also compare that result with how many people who are NOT a vampire have that.  Further, is it possible that said symptoms could be psychosomatic?
   <ShadowMind>   For me, it is more a case of inconsistency in the conditions of those vampires I do know, but also a case where I have a rather small statistical pool to pull from.  Thus, I acknowledge that the answer I am giving is far more opinion than I would prefer.
   <Marissa>   Meditation is great for psi vampires.
   <Corvis>   Effective feeding method for myself is through sleeping next to wife in cuddling postion. Deeper feeding via sex.
   <Myrbree>   Exercise and proper diet helps.
   <Corvis>   Very true Myrbree.
   <Isealdor>   I would say that there are a number of people who have a lot of the physical symptoms of vampirism, and so then find the community and read the sites, and automatically assume they are vampires... when in fact they may simply have some medical condition.
   <Psinodont>   I'm diagnosed with IBS, acid reflux, and have chronic diarrhea because of all this. Sang feeding seems to help.
   <Alira>   Yes, I agree with the meditation working well for Psi vampires but also Sanguine vampires it helps calm the chaos inside.
   <captiain>   Concentrating on my own energy levels.
   <BoxDweller>   I exercise two to three hours a day and eat properly, without feeding, that means nothing.
   <cynsanity>   There is a considerable overlap of symptoms of vampirism and symptoms of diseases some of us have.
   <Ankhhape>   Wouldnít the care and protection of the subtle body be of highest importance?
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape I would say both subtle and physical body health are equally important...and connected.
   <Marissa>   Mediation two times a week.
   <LadyV>   Well I am a sang and finding donors is almost a nill so I feed from beef blood I get from a butcher other then that I do whatever I need to make things better.
   <Merticus>   What medical conditions have you noticed that seem to be common throughout the vampire community ie: migraines, chronic fatigue, photosensitivity, asthma, fibromyalgia, etc.?
   <Merticus>   Does anyone notice any of these conditions to be different between sanguinarian vampires versus psychic vampires.  Intensity or otherwise?
   <BoxDweller>   Migraines and allergies are usually very common.
   <Aiffe>   Yes, allergies.
   <Kyuubi>   Isea: The hard part is differentiating between symptoms of illness and symptoms of vampirism. Symptom A + Symptom B may equal Illness A, but by the same formula symptoms may lean towards vampirism. Or both.
   <Corvis>   Suffer from both myself.
   <mib_48dm7m>   Migraines and allergies are some of the most common complaints for non-vamps too.
   <Aiffe>   And juvenile arthritis. Auto-immune cocktail!
   <cynsanity>   I've been diagnosed with polyneuropathy, autoimmune gastritis and a bunch of other things, and sang feeding helps, if I get enough.
   <captiain>   Oh yeah, allergies abound when out of wack.
   <LadyV>   I have a real bad case of fibromalygia itís enough that I am slowly becoming disabled and sinus hell.
   <BoxDweller>   Yes, but not to the degree I have seen within the community.
   <Psinodont>   I've actually just learned to meditate, and ground myself. Had depression that seems to have been more energy related than anything. As it turns out, I'm not just sang.
   <Corvis>   Seems similar from the people I've spoken to.
   <Psinodont>   Yes
   <Psinodont>   All are connected.
   <Psinodont>   All influence each other.
   <Myrbree>   I have depression, ADHD that go away when I psi feed and heart palpitations and physical back pain, all seem go go away when I sang feed.
   <DischordianJoy>   I don't really know that I have any of the same symptoms that other people do, other than maybe fatigue. I actually find that I feed only a very small amount unless I am actively spending my energy, so I tend to not associate any physical ailments or annoyances with the lack of feeding.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I'm in the group that Cynsanity and LadyV seem to be in. autoimmune/fibromaylgia, severe Level 10 pain, sanguinarian feeding is all that helps.
   <Alira>   Well I feel that sanguine vampires have a harder time coping with not feeding on a regular basisÖ
   <Isealdor>   @Kyuubi Agreed, that's why I think getting all "symptoms" checked out medically is so important.
   <Corvis>   Depression - is that feeding related, lack there of? It is in my case.
   <Marissa>   Being out in nature to help balance y mind body and energy. Also hanging with those closest to my type of energy, or a lot of extra energy.
   <Psinodont>   Yes
   <Psinodont>   Depressions is very related for me.
   <LadyV>   I lately have become somewhat hostile at times if I do not feed and weaker.
   <LadyV>   And real manic depressed.
   <Marissa>   I agree with LadyV.
   <Kyuubi>   It can be, but I think SOP would be to assume it's medically related rather then vampirically related.
   <Psinodont>   I get a lack of confidence, and fatigued, and depressed when I don't have enough "energy".
   <Alira>   Oh yes, I agree with the depressionÖ I have a personality disorder.
   <xeurika>   I have definitely seen a tie between feeding and allergies, when I start getting low the allergies are the first to flair up.
   <Corvis>   NOT being with my partner for several nights in a row, I am sluggish and depressed.
   <BoxDweller>   Surrealism is related with not feeding for me.
   <BoxDweller>   Distance from reality.
   <DischordianJoy>   The only thing I've been diagnosed with is anemia and anxiety, and I'm a psi vamp, so I personally don't see how those things could be related with my feeding or lack thereof.
   <Isealdor>   @DischordianJoy do you find your anxiety gets worse when you dont feed properly?
   <DischordianJoy>   @Isealdor sometimes yes, sometimes no. I find that my anxiety gets worse if I don't keep a clear head, and that can happen when I'm physically unhealthy, or when I'm lonely, or when I'm overwhelmed, or when I haven't slept, or when I haven't fed enough.
   <Isealdor>   @DischordianJoy if you're otherwise well balanced mentally/emotionally, just havent fed enough, do you then have higher anxiety?
   <DischordianJoy>   Being pregnant makes everything complicated, too, because I have trouble knowing if what I am feeling is normal stuff that any pregnant woman goes through, or if it's because of my psi vamp, or if it's because of my anemia mixed with my anxiety (which is so much fun, lemme tell ya).
   <Merticus>   Some of you may be interested in the following chart (question 37 from the VEWRS):  http://www.suscitatio.com/images/VEWRS-037-08.29.09-Chart.jpg
   <Adevarat>   As far as a correlation between sang and psi, I cannot say why we have the same maladys. Being a hybrid I do not know as one or another which is worse. I suffer many symptoms and feeding through both methods help. That being said, scientifically, I have no clue what causes the symptoms, whether it be a "hole" in my energy field or something that is indeed blood related.
   <Ankhhape>   Does anybody use Qi Gong / Reiki techniques to keep things unblocked and running smoothly?
   <Corvis>   Yes
   <Corvis>   Anxiety is part of depression for some.
   <Myrbree>   With me the depression seems to kick in when I need to psi feed but doesnt seem to be related to the sang side of me. No idea why.
   <LordTaka>   Kyuubi:  I would argue that verifying that there are no medical explanations is the correct procedure for anyone who thinks they may be a vampire.
   <Adevarat>   I use Reiki.
   <LadyV>   I have a human pet here she pissed me off so easy i could have taken her head off but I held back but I noticed that was from not feeding and her annoying me.
   <cynsanity>   @Ankhhape: Went to Reiki once, was terrible and painful for me.
   <captiain>   Yes, reiki helps to restore and balance.
   <Psinodont>   Yep, same with the depression being more with psi than sang, Myrbree.
   <CC_Care>   I suffer from anxiety attacks but they lessen as i feed more effectively.
   <Psinodont>   Yeah, same.
   <Adevarat>   I try to keep my chakras cleared. However, reiki is not a method of feeding, which some misunderstand.
   <Myrbree>   I listen to Steven Halprin's Chakra Suite, it seems to help re-align me when I need it.
   <BoxDweller>   The illness can be considered many things, but as a vampire that has turned away from vampirism many times within his own life, it still gets me too sick to disagree with the fact that it brings illness when not feeding.
   <Kyuubi>   As I've said before, I'm diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. My Doctors are interesting as in they tell me to avoid researching my symptoms as it can turn me paranoid. But I feel knowing my symptoms in and out allows me to track my disorder more efficiently. Overall I don't think I'll ever know whether I'm REALLY what I think I am for sure. I just now that Coincidence A + B = Possibility.
   <Psinodont>   Oh, by the way, CatsPaw is my donor.
   <Psinodont>   He should be here now.
   <CatsPaw>   Yep, I'm here.
   <LadyV>   One of my roommates is a newly awakened vamp - she has slowly turned away from her self I notice she has gotten very lack of sense to say from not feeding.
   <Alira>   So many things you all have said about Depression and Anxiety is so acurrate because I experience all of them.
   <captiain>   Earth energy helps if you can take between blood feedings.
   <zevil>   If you can control it that is captiain.
   <Adevarat>   Yes, and it causes issues with relationships.
   <Corvis>   Lack of proper care of the body in any form will have a negative effect.
   <Kani>   When I was little I used to get chronic migranes.
   <Kani>   To where my nose would bleed constantly.
   <Kani>   The docters took multiple cat scanes.
   <Kani>   But never could figure out wat the problem was.
   <Merticus>   Out of curiosity who here has been diagnosed with the following.  Type the number that corresponds with the condition.  1 = Anemia, 2 = Asthma, 3 = Chronic Fatigue, 4 = Migraines, 5 = Fibromyalgia, 6 = Photosensitivity, 7 = Major/Clinical Depression, 8 = Bipolar Disorder, 9 = Panic Attacks
   *   Sanguinarius suffers from depression and migraines; 4 & 7
   *   Kyuubi indicates 8
   <BoxDweller>   4 & 6
   <BoxDweller>   6 causes 4.
   <Corvis>   Panic Attacks (9)
   <Corvis>   Mild depression and photosensitive (6) - extreme.
   <Ciunas>   1, 3, 6, 7, & 8
   <Psinodont>   1, 2, 7, 8, & 9
   <Marissa>   I feel shaky out of it and depressed if i don't feed
   <LadyV>   I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (5), degenerative muscle, nerve, and disk disease.
   <LadyV>   Major depression (7), photosensitive (6) and sunlight if to long weakens me.
   *   Alira suffers from depression (7), anxiety, and panic attacks (9).
   <Kyuubi>   8 & 9
   <Adevarat>   Migraines (4), panic (9) and anxiety and severe depression (7).
   <cynsanity>   Photosensitivity (6), Depression (7), Panic Attacks (9) and Other
   <Myrbree>   Iíve noticed depression is something A LOT of vamps suffer from.
   <zevil>   I used to suffer from depression also.
   <zevil>   But after moving towns and staying alone Iím fine.
   <Adevarat>   Depression as well but for not as long.
   <Marissa>   3, 7, 8, & 9
   <Merticus>   2
   <CC_Care>   3, 4, 7, & 9
   <Myrbree>   Me too Ė photosensitive.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 due to environmental issues only, not really a long-lasting thing.
   <Ankhhape>   Is there anyone here NOT sick?
   <seinick>   I'm not sick, but I'm not a psi vampire.
   <CatsPaw>   I'm not sick, but I'm a donor.
   <Psinodont>   I'm not diagnosed with photosensitivity, but my eyes get blinky in the sun.
   <Myrbree>   My doctor told me I have a minor case of being allergic to sunlight, so Iím not sure if itís linked with my vampirism or not. Probably not.
   <Alira>   Oh, I have been legally diagnosed from a doctor that I am allergic to the sun.
   <Isealdor>   @Everyone with various conditions: Did they present before or after your awakening?
   <Ciunas>   Before
   <Kani>   I had to be around the age of 6 or 7.
   <Adevarat>   The sun does make me physically ill but I will honestly say I have not been diagnosed photosensitive.
   <DischordianJoy>   @Isealdor I don't know... I think I would need to journal it out to figure it out. I'd say probably yes, but that's just a guess, not a fact based in conscious observation.
   *   Sanguinarius doesn't remember.
   <Sanguinarius>   I don't think they did.
   <CC_Care>   After
   <Kyuubi>   @Isealdor: Long before.
   <cynsanity>   @Isealdor: Before, way before.
   <BoxDweller>   If I control the lighting of my life, I am not sick, as long as I feed within reason.
   <captiain>   I get extremely anxious going out in the day the sun bites me.
   <LadyV>   I have been a vampire from birth but as I slowly age I notice things worsen.  I am a seven generation vampire.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @LadyV: Seventh generation vampire?  What?
   <LadyV>   Yes, it runs in my family.
   <Merticus>   Do any of those diagnosed conditions improve upon feeding (sang or psi)?
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; Yes
   <LadyV>   Merticus; Yes at times.
   <cynsanity>   Yes. Definitely, Merticus.
   <Corvis>   Depression and anxiety is helped.
   <Ciunas>   @Merticus; Yes
   <Adevarat>   Migraines, panic, and anxiety eases with feeding.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I have to say @Merticus; Yes, all of them, with a great degree of improvement.
   <Isealdor>   Sometimes, anyway. Not always...and a few seem to get worse, interestingly.
   <captiain>   Sometimes a hinderence.
   <LordTaka>   As a counter point, I suffer from depression and it was helped when I do energy work.  I am not a vampire.
   <Isealdor>   @LordTaka that brings up an interesting distinction point... you're saying not a vampire then because you donít feel it's a need, just helps with it?
   <Corvis>   Sensitivity is an outside condition I think.
   <Marissa>   I've noticed psi vamps experience more emotional and mental issues and sang more physical and mental.
   <DischordianJoy>   I have noticed that after feeding I do feel quite nice, for the most part. Even sang feeding can be a rush, but it's not really my preference.
   <cynsanity>   I feel more or less "normal" after a decent feed.
   *   Sanguinarius agrees with cynsanity
   <Kyuubi>   I have a question: How many people here would be open to discussing vampirism with their medical professional?  Unless of course you are a licensed medical practitioner.
   <Aiffe>   I would not tell a doctor.
   <BoxDweller>   The more I feed, the more sensitive I am to light, thus my migraines when induced by light bring upon a Ragnarok of sorts upon my very existence.
   <zevil>   No
   <Alira>   I couldnít talk about my vampirism to a doctor.
   <Psinodont>   I've always wanted to discuss it with my doctor, but he wouldn't think it was anything real, I don't think.
   <Myrbree>   Kyuubi: My acupunctureist knows.
   <Aiffe>   If it was medically relevant to mention sang feeding, I'd lie and say it was a sexual kink. They'd understand that more easily.
   <CatsPaw>   I think a lot of sangs would be more open to discussing this with a physician who's already said they're willing to investigate, and understand.
   <cynsanity>   And I'm trying to tell my doctors.
   <Psinodont>   Yes
   <DischordianJoy>   The weird thing for me is that my anemia was diagnosed right around the same time I realized I was a psi vamp, while my anxiety has been happening my whole life.
   <Psinodont>   I feel balanced after I feed.
   <Corvis>   Anemia? Low Iron?
   <Corvis>   I have low levels and have to take Spirellina.
   <DischordianJoy>   @Corvis Yep. I have chronically low iron, my body has trouble w/metabolizing iron efficiently. I'm currently taking slow-release FE pills in order to protect my baby.
   <Corvis>   Yes, my sympathies.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   Ferrum pills, good.
   <Alira>   I also did that with the Iron thing DischordianJoy.
   <BoxDweller>   But is that balanced health?
   <Psinodont>   *nod*
   <Zero>   @Kyuubi - Not a chance. Symptoms, yes, but the cause, no.  I don't want "weirdo" in my medical record, thanks.
   <Kyuubi>   @Zero What if "Crazy" already is in your file? aka The reason your there? Wouldn't harm anything.
   <Zero>   @Kyuubi - Depends on the type of "crazy" - depression, anxiety, panic, etc are really common diagnoses because of the drug companies' pressure to hand out pills. I have a feeling that using the v-word would get into much less common territory, like delusions and breaks with reality.
   <Marissa>   After feeding I'm more alert and balanced.
   <Alira>   I feel balanced after I feed also.
   <LadyV>   I have also noticed that if I feed during a wild sexual event I get like majorly wild its like all the endorphines and hormones and all going thru the blood makes me stoned.
   <captiain>   Cause you canít deal with outside except at night when all little ones go to bed.
   <seinick>   It seems to me that feeding replenishes and harmonizes energy leading to a more stable mind, much like meditation.  Right?
   <Psinodont>   I have had anxiety my whole life as well. I think I need to feed now, I'm kinda bleh and anxious.
   <Adevarat>   Feeding through sex is probably my best psi feed.
   <Corvis>   Adevarat - Agreed.
   <Myrbree>   Then again, most Chinese doctors understand psychic vampirism.  Or seem too.
   <Psinodont>   Anyone know ways of getting energy when it gets hard to?
   <zevil>   Psinodont; only crowd feeding I know of.
   <Isealdor>   @Kyuubi could harm... depends on one's situation.
   <BoxDweller>   I know that we are all vampires, but health and balance are different.  Balance is what a junkie gets from the fix.  Health is not something that they get as they hit that fix, it gets worse.
   <Merticus>   How many have sought medical assistance for any of those prior listed conditions and received medications that have helped?  Especially with major depressive disorder, bipolar I or II, panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, etc.?
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: Searched out professional help, but none of the pills I ever got or get helped. I have paradox reactions to all of them.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus; My physical issues are only helped a little by consuming massive amounts of medication, but feeding properly makes the symptoms pretty much disappear.
   <CC_Care>   @Merticus, Yes, I have been on antidepressants and anxiety medicine for years. Since I have been feeding properly, my symptoms have improved and my doctor has been reducing my dosages.
   <zevil>   I have Merticus but it didnít work, it was because my life was shit at the time, it changed after I moved.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; medications have only mildly helped my physical conditions, and tend to cause more issues.
   <cynsanity>   Question to everyone: Who here feels significantly "better" than normal after feeding, whether sang or psi?
   <Psinodont>   Yeah, I have slight anemia from time to time. Whether it's related, I don't know. I border low.
   <Psinodont>   I do.
   <Marissa>   By feeding on different types I've noticed that my attitude changes.
   <Corvis>   Marissa - types of people?
   <Marissa>   Energy wise.
   <Marissa>   If a person is hyper or more depressed I act like them.
   <LadyV>   I love to bite my sexual partners on the thighs itís a wicked experience and Iím like great for days.
   <DeaconGray>   Sounds like sexual feeding to me.
   <LadyV>   But Deacon Gray, I drink the blood.
   <LadyV>   But I do desire and have to feed from blood.
   <Psinodont>   I feed better psi wise, after feeding sang.
   <Adevarat>   Psinodont - you can feed through anything that gives off energy if you are good at directing it. Try plants if no human is around.
   <BoxDweller>   Health is supported by feeding, but where is the line?
   <Sanguinarius>   Me, at first, then it subsides back to normal feeling.
   <Psinodont>   I know, but I think a shield of sorts gets in the way.
   <Isealdor>   @Cynsanity; better, yes... significantly or not depends.
   <Kyuubi>   I'm actually diagnosed with several disorders. People laugh and think I'm some sort of hyperchondriac, but it's all there in my file. Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
   <Kyuubi>   Joy for me.
   <Adevarat>   I dont take any pills for my depression or anxiety.
   <Adevarat>   I prefer feeding and holistic methods.
   <DischordianJoy>   I definitely feel much better after I feed psychically, but it generally fades away after a while into just a pleasant (not extra pleasant) feeling.
   <DischordianJoy>   Though that does depend on who I feed on... I don't feed on people who are on drugs or alcohol.
   <Corvis>   Try Kava Kava.
   <Corvis>   I take 4 per day for stress.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   Kava makes my stomach hurt, only Kratom helps.
   <Zero>   @Corvis - I have had (muggle) friends have very good results with Kava Kava as a mood balancer. It tastes horrible, though.
   <Corvis>   Use gel caps, make them yourself don't use pressed ones. That way itís better tasting.
   <captiain>   I hated the pill my doctor gave me so I stopped taking them and went for the mind over matter route.  Never felt better.
   <captiain>   Now I try to stay active and balanced no drugs of the precription kind.
   <captiain>   If I went by what the doctor said Iíd be locked up... non-believers.
   <Corvis>   Proper diet and exercise with feeding is best balance.
   <Amikeco>   Cynsanity, better, of course; if it was worse, why should anyone do it?
   <Psinodont>   Yeah, antidepressants don't work for me when it's just energy.
   <Adevarat>   Perscriptions make me sick and feel crazy.
   <Kyuubi>   Given that, after I feed I feel like some of the symptoms of my ADHD symptoms are mitigated for some time.
   <Ankhhape>   Absorbing energy that is low quality, overtime can create blockageages and stagnation which will eventually turn into physical ailments hard to diagnose, I believe health begins with the subtle system.
   <Alira>   I had PTSD when I was little and it turned into a personality disorder.
   <Kyuubi>   @Alira: My PTSD stems from several beatings I recieved in middle/high school, two of which left me in the hospital with broken bones.
   <Kyuubi>   Among other things.
   <cynsanity>   I mean, "better than normal" or just "better than before feeding".
   <Amikeco>   Cynsanity, since feeling bad is "normal" for me, it makes me feel better than normal, if that makes sense.
   <cynsanity>   Yes Ami, makes sense.
   <Myrbree>   I was given drugs but when I started my Awakening for some reason the drugs did something tome where I could not Psi feed somehow (this was before I realized I was also Sang) I don't know how, unless itís the chemicals but that still doesnt make sense?
   <Myrbree>   Correction: I was given drugs* for my medical issues* but when...
   <DischordianJoy>   If I'm even around people who are drinking or on drugs then I start to absorb their... hmmm... altered states of consciousness, for lack of better wording.
   <Amikeco>   DischordianJoy: Heh, I know this, I never drink alcohol but being around people who have drank a bit, I start behaving as if I were slightly drunk myself :D
   <DischordianJoy>   @Amikeco Me too, heh. I can't help it, it just happens for some reason.
   <Merticus>   Has anyone here been diagnosed with a disassociative disorder by chance?
   <Adevarat>   Not I.
   <DischordianJoy>   @Merticus; No, but when I first went to a psychologist, I thought I was going to be diagnosed with it.
   <BoxDweller>   I haven't.
   <Alira>   I wasnít diagnosed with dissasociative dissorder, but was diagnosed with dissasocative amnesia.
   <Marissa>   Does anyone have difficulty telling the difference in temperature if they don't feed or after they feed?
   <Marissa>   I can't tell when the temperature changes but I still shiver.
   <Kyuubi>   Marissa: Actually it's funny you ask. I'm always hot when I don't feed for a while.
   <Adevarat>   I had a good feed a couple weeks ago and actually went a week and a half without migraines :)
   <diss>   To the point that vampires get depression more often than the general population, I'd add that other groups who are not socially accepted (e.g. LGBT people, migrants, etc.) also suffer higher rates of depression. Therefore, I'd attribute the depression to being a fringe-group rather than to vampirism.
   <LadyV>   I also noticed that when I feed that I sleep better.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I get sleepy after sang feeding as well! Like a big giant meal of food.
   <Psinodont>   Yeah, when I feed I sleep better too... I get sleepy after any kind of feeding.
   <CatsPaw>   There's a marked change for Psinodont when she feeds from me, I'm pretty psi-oblivious so I never notice her feeding that way other than I get bouncy.  Blood feeding, is more neutral for me, but works VERY well for her and will balance a lot of that out.
   <Corvis>   Feeding + sex = goodnight rest.
   <Psinodont>   Yep, it is like food, a contented sleepy.
   <BoxDweller>   I can't sleep without feeding.
   <Sanguinarius>   Yeah, you just wanna curl up and take a nap.
   <LadyV>   How much do most of you feed at a time that makes you full?
   <Psinodont>   A lot.  I need to feed a lot.
   <Psinodont>   Actually, now that I've started psi feeding, I can sense energy easily.
   <Damarus>   I don't get depressed at the fact that im part of a fringe group, rather that the fact I donít have a donor, and as such, life's a bitch.
   <Kyuubi>   @Damarus: I don't find myself of a fringe anything. We are ahead of the understanding of modern society.
   <Kyuubi>   This does not mean we are part of a fringe group.
   <Damarus>   @kyuubi - What I meant was, that I donít link my own depression to it being fringe.
   <BoxDweller>   How often does everyone here need to feed to be perfectly healthy and in their own right mind?
   <Isealdor>   @BoxDweller depends on the source I'm feeding from and how much.
   <LadyV>   @BoxDweller; I could feed everynight for a two week period and be happy for a month.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @LadyV/BoxDweller on feeding: One session, one donor, I consume 11 or so ounces (325ml, .68 US pint).
   <LadyV>   I feed at a 12oz chalice I have maybe like 4 to 5 times a week.
   <Psinodont>   And I've gotten better at feeling where energy is located.
   <Psinodont>   Everyday psi wise, at least a little.
   <xeurika>   True, ideally you take care of all systems, I believe they are all tied together.
   <Isealdor>   Do other people have insomnia that worsens when they havent fed properly?
   <Corvis>   Isealdor - Yes, for sure.
   <Corvis>   Don't sleep at all without feeding properly.
   <xeurika>   Oh yes Isealdor.
   <Adevarat>   Sometimes every couple weeks, sometimes every month or two.
   <captiain>   I feed everyday in different ways.
   <DischordianJoy>   @diss; As someone who is bisexual and a witch, then I should be triply depressed, but I actually feel pretty good, lol.
   <Psinodont>   Sang.... can go up to a month before I "freak out".
   <Myrbree>   @Psinodont; Thatís because since youíre psi feeding now your system will be able to detect energy it needs.
   <Sanguinarius>   I don't know, but I could happily feed a couple or 3 times a week and be happy.
   <Sanguinarius>   But I seldom ever got to feed that frequently.
   <BoxDweller>   Everyday here, but that depends on how I am feeding.
   <Adevarat>   I can go longer in the winter than in the summer.
   <Alira>   Well I havenít actually fed in 2 years and I have not been able to sleep easily, unless I am taking my meds.
   <xeurika>   This week in fact, I'll get some bad insomnia if I don't feed enough.
   <Marissa>   I feed at least once every two weeks.
   <cynsanity>   Isealdor - not insomnia, inverted circadian rhythm, but without feeding, I need to sleep longer and longer, up to 18 hours a day.
   <Isealdor>   @Cynsanity; Interesting... does the rhythm revert back to normal when you do feed properly?
   <cynsanity>   @Isealdor, Yes, it does.
   <DischordianJoy>   Oh man, I have to feed absolutely more often in the winter than in the summer, though that might be because I feed mostly from my husband and he's got seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
   <Kyuubi>   Psindont: No, I just have trouble concentrating.
   <Psinodont>   Does anyone here have trouble feeding when they really need it?
   <Psinodont>   Like get really low?
   <Adevarat>   Depends on where my brain is at.  Sometimes it gets hard to concentrate.
   <Psinodont>   I have SAD, which is odd for most vampires, I hear.
   <Psinodont>   Yeah.
   <Kyuubi>   @Psinodont: Social Anxiety Disorder?
   <DischordianJoy>   @Kyuubi; Seasonal Affective Disorder
   <Marissa>   Psinodont; I sometimes do if I don't meditate.
   <BoxDweller>   Have we looked at the health differences between each ype of primary feeding, be it psi, sang or tantric?
   <Psinodont>   That's what I experience, hard to concentrate, so harder to focus on feeding.
   <DischordianJoy>   @Psindont; Yeah, I think I do. It's so much harder for me to feed when I'm absolutely whiped.
   <LadyV>   I do know that I get very depressed and very weak if I dont feed.
   <LadyV>   And that also my body wounds like cuts etc. bruises donít heal as fast.
   <Alira>   Oh no, when I really need to feed itís actually easier for me.
   <captiain>   Always depends on which type of energy is always there for the taking if know how to feed from.
   <captiain>   I learned a long time ago to utilize the different energies around me.
   <Sanguinarius>   Tantric feeding IS psi feeding.
   <CatsPaw>   I seem to have a shield of sorts that keeps Psinodont from getting through to the energy sometimes, any tricks to lower that kind of thing?  It's not consiously there, it just seems to have been there most if not all of my life.
   <Merticus>   Anyone formally diagnosed with any condition that hasn't been mentioned here prior?  Or care to share a specific story of an interaction you've had with a doctor?
   <BoxDweller>   That depends on your method.
   <xeurika>   I would say so Psinodont, I think part of the problem is the associated stress from not feeding but it usually is more difficult to overcome the blockages from not feeding.
   <Damarus>   @BoxDweller - Sang feeding is the best, then tantric, then psi. but not having a donor is a major problem, and right now I canít psi feed.
   <Kyuubi>   Merticus: Furthest I've gone with my psychiatrist is telling him I seem to be empathic.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; Thyroid condition, which I've run into quite a few others with...particularly with extremely difficult to manage thyroid levels.
   <Merticus>   Interesting Isealdor.
   <LadyV>   Yes Merticus.  I have natural fangs (seriously) I hate going to the dentist they always want to file them down.
   <LadyV>   I wonít let them put me to sleep.
   <Corvis>   I was deep feeding the first time with the other person mildly sick - and they ended up in hospital.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus - BPD, massive sociophobia, polyneuropathy with right-bound tetraspasms, free-floating panic disorder.
   <Kyuubi>   Cynsanity: What do you mean by free floating?
   <cynsanity>   It's what stands on my disability card, Kyuubi. It means that I randomly am afraid of random stuff.
   <BoxDweller>   @Damarus - I agree.  I think we have each our own taste and approach, but it seems that like a diet, different meals are more preferred and do more for each of us.
   <Myrbree>   LadyV: I have that problem too (fangs).
   <Damarus>   Iíve had in total, 9 blood tests, an MRI, CRT, barium xray, endoscopy, ultrasound, hormone tests, and 19 combinations of tablets, all to try and find out why im ill all the time, all have turned up with no results whatsoever.
   <Zero>   @Merticus - Well, you know my opinion of doctors, probably. I got tired of hearing that generalized pain was all in my head, and by the way, would I like some sleeping pills to make me more normal. I try not to "share" with the medical profession.
   <diss>   @Corvis, as a donor i've got to say, letting myself be fed from when i was sick was a really bad move.
   <DischordianJoy>   @Merticus; I told my psychologist everything. I told him so much about how I worry over everything, how I feel like I'm not the same kind of person without feeding, how I feel like I'm not completely human (Nephilim Otherkin), how I feel like I can sense the emotions of others, I went on and on. The only thing that he said to me was that I was entitled
   <DischordianJoy>   to all of those feelings and that he would only help me get rid of what was really causing me disruptions in my life.
   <LadyV>   How many here donít eat pork and find it makes them ill?
   <Sanguinarius>   I eat pork.
   <Amikeco>   LadyV: you mean not eating it makes you ill or eating it?
   <Adevarat>   I donít eat pork often unless it is BBQ.
   <cynsanity>   I don't eat pork at all, LadyV.
   <Ankhhape>   What is wrong with pork?
   <Marissa>   I don't eat meet at all, it can have some bad effects on my psi vamp condition but meditation helps.
   <Amikeco>   I prefer poultry but I rarely eat meat.
   <Zero>   @LadyV and Sangi - I love ALL of our tasty animal brothers.
   <BoxDweller>   I'm on a diet, so I only eat lean meats.
   <Merticus>   I'm not a lover of pork.
   <LadyV>   Something about pork has always made me ill.
   <captiain>   I donít like pork my body rejects it.
   <Kyuubi>   People Eating Tasty Animals
   <Merticus>   Who here has been diagnosed with a condition linked to the function of their endocrine system or production of the thyroid gland?
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; Yes.
   <Myrbree>   I have a slow thyroid.
   <CC_Care>   I have thyroid problems, but it could stem from the diabetes or vice versa.
   <Merticus>   @Cynsanity - Can you explain for the others what polyneuropathy and free-floating panic disorder are?
   <cynsanity>   Polyneuropathy is a neurological disease that in my case started out with an untreated inflammation of the right arm, spread into the spine and now affects the nerves. Symptoms are paralysis, burning pain, spasms, tremor, and a host of other funny things.
   <DeaconGray>   Wow polyneuropathy, painful.
   <Merticus>   Anyone else with under-active/low producting thyroid issues?
   <Adevarat>   Not to my knowledge.
   <Corvis>   Yes Merticus, Graves Disease.
   <Isealdor>   @Corvis; Ditto, Graves Disease also.
   <DeaconGray>   Slow degradation of the nerves?
   <Corvis>   Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder that leads to overactivity.
   <Corvis>   Of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism). Symptoms: Anxiety
   <LadyV>   Oh, I do not feed from any females when they are doing their monthly cycle (I donít drink that if you think) but they have some major things going on and me also it makes me ill.
   <Myrbree>   I also have mild sythaesthesia (where your brain mixes senses) but thatís neurological.
   <Damarus>   Psychologists donít class anything as a problem unless it directly effects day to day life, you could say that you believe that, and unless it was causing you to go out and attack people or harm yourself, they wouldnt care.
   <Marissa>   Anyone else a vegetarian psi vamp?
   <Psinodont>   I actually didn't used to like meat, when I need blood though, I crave it.
   <BoxDweller>   I know one.
   <BoxDweller>   She is a vegetarian, but a psi vamp.
   <Aiffe>   I've definitely always liked meat. Beef and pork the best, then poultry. I don't like fish.
   <DischordianJoy>   @Marissa I used to be, but that is what caused my anemia to come to light, so I had to stop.
   <Sanguinarius>   ďMeatitationĒ
   <Sanguinarius>   If I couldn't eat bacon, I'd just shrivel up and die or something.
   <Sanguinarius>   Bacon and steak.
   <Zero>   @Sangi - I'm gonna steal "meatitation," and say it in conversations. Just FYI :)
   <Aiffe>   It seems even as a kid I knew I didn't want anything cold-blooded.
   <Psinodont>   Not as much as the metallic blood taste, though. That's more intense, usually than the meat cravings.
   <Shondra>   Does any one else take vitamins to help with health?
   <Adevarat>   I take alot of vitamins.
   <Kyuubi>   I eat as much meat as possible. Meat = Protein which mitigates ADD concentration issues.
   <captiain>   I only eat rare steak when really it otherwise I canít digest cooked meat.
   <Alira>   Oh yeah, I crave bloody meat all the timeÖ and if I donít have it on a regular basis to keep me calm, since I donít feedÖ I get really bitchy.
   <xeurika>   Has anyone tried more Eastern medical approaches (beyond reiki)?  I am curious how a medical doctor from an Asian country that seem to at least acknowledge the mind/energy part of the equation would approach a problem.
   <BoxDweller>   I concur, xeurika.
   <Sanguinarius>   Is there any correlation between psi vamps being vegetarians and sang vamps being carnivorous?
   <DischordianJoy>   @Sangi; I would guess probably not really. Well, maybe more sangs are carnivorous, but probably not the other way around. Though I did become vegetarian when my empathy went into hypergear when I turned 15.
   <Zero>   On psi and vegetarianism - I've seen a lot of energy practitioners from Asian traditions claim that eating vegetarian, or even raw foods, help "build chi" while eating meat can drain your chi.
   <Aiffe>   It seems more empathic people in general prefer their veggies.
   <BoxDweller>   Is the empathy and diet related to what you feel from the animal you would be eating or is there another reason for this?
   <BoxDweller>   Is it the outlook or what just happens?
   <Sanguinarius>   I need to devise a short short research survey on that (maybe just a poll even).
   <Merticus>   Has anyone here attended the doctor and not received a diagnosis or some description where the doctor simply was unable to determine the problem BUT acknowledged something was wrong?
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; Yes.
   <Isealdor>   Multiple doctors, actually.
   <Myrbree>   Merticus: All the time.
   <Myrbree>   They think Iím making it all up.
   <Myrbree>   Thatís why Western medicine doctors drive me nuts.
   <Isealdor>   @Myrbree thankfully, I've never had that issue... they're all things that are clearly not psychological and very obviously there.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: Yes.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus; Yes.
   <Kyuubi>   I wouldn't be surprised if Isealdor reguarly consults Gregory House.
   <Isealdor>   @Kyuubi I wish...
   <Adevarat>   Yes
   <Adevarat>   Yes, and then they send you to a shrink.
   <Adevarat>   And blood tests came back normal.  I even have perfect cholesterol.
   <Quiest>   @Merticus, Yes.
   <Marissa>   I noticed I was a psi vamp after becoming a vegetarian.
   <Psinodont>   Yeah, I used to go to doctors all the time for the vampire symptoms, with them not finding anything.
   <BoxDweller>   Yes
   <BoxDweller>   Even as a Marine, I eat right, work out, keep my mind balance, but if I do not feed, I become ill.
   <LadyV>   Oh doctors, bah they have no friggin clue.
   <Merticus>   Care to explain those experiences - what was said, determined (or not), or the process you went through - testing or other evaluation?
   <Corvis>   Merticus - consume more fluids and more meat in diet, salt helps with deficiency.
   <Corvis>   Iron and Iodine.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; Full batteries of tests, starting with common conditions related to the symptoms, progressing into more obscure tests and conditions.
   <LadyV>   I have too much iron and too much potassium in my system.
   <LadyV>   I hate salt.
   <rydravyn>   I could eat salt blocks sometimes.
   <Marissa>   Salt makes my mouth go numb.
   <Merticus>   Iodine deficiency can trigger thyroid problems.
   <Zero>   @Merticus - The only "symptom" I was ever willing to complain about was pain - this was a long time ago, and it got dismissed as everything from "growing pains" to too much complaining, but the general consensus was that it was all in my head, and I should just shut up and take an advil.
   <Zero>   Now I deal with it with meditation and by being curmudgeony.
   <CC_Care>   @Zero - I used to have what I called stitches in my side. The doctors didn't know and said they were growing pains.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: The diagnosis for my polyneuropathy is based on the symptoms, the actual cause is unknown. My doctors are absolutely helpless and don't know what it is that exactly is wrong with me, other than giving it a fancy name.
   <Adevarat>   Iím sorry youíre dealing with that Cynsanity.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus - as I already said, Iíve had multiple tests after last may, I just started vomiting uncontrollably every time I ate, (even soup) my body just totally rejected food. Still after all those tests (and all this time later) they still dont know the cause. The latest they tried was the MRI scan (Which was on Monday).
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; Also had a fair bit of experimentation with them trying to treat the symptoms themselves, since they canít figure out causes.
   <Psinodont>   I've had a colonoscopy and endoscopy performed with nothing evident there.
   <Alira>   Well I just had a run in with my doctor just a week-and-a-half agoÖ he wanted me to prove about my personality disorder, because I didnít have medical records... well I havenít been with a psychiatrist long enough for the to rule out anything else, plus the counselor at both place I went to agreed with the diagnosis of personality disorder.
   <Aiffe>   Even in the non-vampire population.
   <Amikeco>   Merticus; Yes, me! Since me being a very little child, I was complaining about constant headaches (every second), I went through all the tests, at ten they even sent me to a psychologist, and later on as adoloscent more tests but so far nothing - I gave up and simply ignore them, I only notice them when they get stronger.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus; tests ran were MRT, CAT, PET, some nerve-stuff, X-rays of course, blood samples etc.
   <diss>   Considering all these conditions you've all mentioned, what can we donors do to help with them, besides being available as donors?
   <Damarus>   Funnily enough the symptoms went away after I had fed, but as I donít have a regular donor, thats far and thin, so itís a case of feed or be in a crap state until I can. Which the doctors cannot find a reason for at all.
   <Corvis>   Merticus - Depression, mental and body sluggishness, weight problems (low).
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; Varying degrees of effectiveness with the treating symptoms... some seem to manage reasonably with medication; others donít, for unknown reasons.
   <Merticus>   Who else here experiences non-specific or widespread pain disorders, stiffness, aches, radiating pains, etc?
   *   cynsanity raises hand.
   <Psinodont>   Yes, me.
   <Myrbree>   I went through every test I think is medically possible (batteries stop working when I walk by) and they have been trying to figure out why. They expained itís like my body demagnitizes the battery or something. Credit card strips stop working around me too. They still canít explain it and they have searched me for magnetic implats or anything that would cause it because they canít understand how itís possible.
   <DischordianJoy>   @Myrbree; It must be the alien implants. <jk>
   <Corvis>   Aches from little work outs, yes.
   <Isealdor>   @Corvis how much of those issues are due to the Grave's Disease?
   <Corvis>   Isealdor - Most, if not all.
   <Corvis>   But are our problems the cause or effect?
   <Isealdor>   @Corvis; wish I knew...
   <Adevarat>   Corvis; that is the question.
   <Adevarat>   I have no clue.
   <LadyV>   Oh, and aging - when I reached 46 I started into menopausal that was a hoot I went blood crazy.
   <Psinodont>   I get arthritis like symptoms, but I don't think I have arthritis.
   <Amikeco>   Merticus: Well, those headaches, when I concentrate on them, they seem to spread.
   <Adevarat>   Stiffness, body aches and cracks for no reason. Full x-rays show no onset of arthritis or anything that could cause pain.
   <Adevarat>   Except, my neck muscles, but that was from old whiplash.
   <CC_Care>   I find that I get lots of hand and foot cramps (could be poor circulation from diabetes).
   <Damarus>   @Merticus - tests where about 9 blood tests, endoscopy, barrium x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, hormone tests, and about 18 combinations of tablets, mainly proton pump inhibitors and a CT scan.
   <Merticus>   @Damarus - What was their diagnosis if any?
   <Damarus>   I only had the MRI on Monday, so they still dont know, but so far, after the rest of them, theres nothing physically wrong with my stomach.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus - I have to use the NHS as I donít have the money to go private, so the results tend to come at their leisure (Put it this way, I got an appointment on the first of September, which should have been a few weeks after late December).
   <xeurika>   Stiffness here.
   <cynsanity>   Non-specific pain situated in a point that moves through my body. Very painful.
   <Psinodont>   Yes, stiffness here as well.
   <Merticus>   @cynsanity - Do you have any results backs on the MRI/CAT/PET/etc. scans yet?  Or does anyone have any reports of unusual neurological activity as captured on a scan during these times of pain or other symptoms presenting?
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus - I have the results back, but they were always taken when I was symptoms free, something my doctors complained about.
   <LadyV>   I have noticed that everytime I get a MRI I get real weak and if I feed it goes away.
   <Marissa>   I donít even know my blood type.
   <xeurika>   Stiffness and the insomnia often includes not being able to get comfortable in any position.
   <xeurika>   Even with the good pillow top mattress and space foam pad.
   <LadyV>   xerika; I have went to a temperpedic mattress it helps.
   <xeurika>   On a good night I can combat it with doses of my bar + Jager.
   <Kyuubi>   I'm hypersensitive to needles. They're excruciatingly painful.
   <Kyuubi>   Doctors say my reaction is unlike anything they've ever seen.
   <CatsPaw>   Has anyone done an analysis of Donor vs Sang blood to see if there are any differences notable?
   <Merticus>   @CatsPaw - Not that I'm aware.
   <Amikeco>   Merticus: Nothing unusual on my scans.
   <Alira>   Oh, I have radiating pains... I was diagnosed at 23 with herniated disk in my neck and degenerative bone disease... they have done nothing but physical therapy on me.  Now that I am 39 I have more herniated discs throughout my whole spine and also the degenerative part too.
   <Alira>   So, I get shooting pains and radiating pains all over my body.
   <Merticus>   @Alira - dealing with back pain at the moment (bad year) - know how you feel on some level.
   <Alira>   Oh yeah Merticus... I so understand, I remember when you were having back problems not long ago.
   <DischordianJoy>   I guess I'm fairly healthy for a psivamp, lol. When I got pregnant they did a whole bunch of tests and I'm doing pretty good.
   <Isealdor>   @Corvis brings up another couple questions... are you post radioactive iodine and/or surgery? And if so, do you have to take more synthroid when you dont feed properly?
   <Isealdor>   Or less... or does it not change?
   <Corvis>   Take extra supplements, haven't stopped using my organs yet.
   <Isealdor>   @Corvis does requirement change with feeding, though, to keep levels balanced?
   <Corvis>   Isealdor - some, but it has been chronic all my life so only in part.
   <BoxDweller>   Unknown or generalized unexplainable situation, such as sensitivity that has triggers that need to be found out by patient and diary.
   <captiain>   I avoid the doctorís tests, he never gets it right it might take longer but I enentually get results when my doctor canít by listening to my own body and going through trial and error.
   <cynsanity>   Has anyone else had a diagnosis of neurological hypersensitivity?
   <Adevarat>   Does anyone else have symptoms like restless leg syndrome but not actually have the syndrome?
   <Psinodont>   I don't have restless leg, but I do get tremors.
   <Merticus>   @Adevarat; Yes but generally attribute to fatigue or an active dream state.
   <Myrbree>   Sometimes I have skips in memory, as if my brain stops "recording" what I do in life for a short time then starts "recording" again.  Doctors think Iím making it up.
   <Amikeco>   Myrbree: They also thought that about my problem, to get attention - but why do I ignore them most of the time? Idiots.
   <Marissa>   @Myrbree; I have skips in memory too. But I never thought it was somethong to do with my condition.
   <Myrbree>   I donít think it is either.
   <Myrbree>   Then again my mom was pregnant with me while she worked in a print shop - chemicals.
   <Myrbree>   Though probably has nothing to do with it.
   <Marissa>   I can't remember anything before high school other than a short flash from time to time.
   <Marissa>   I was awakened just before high school
   <Isealdor>   @Marissa; has that issue been medically and psychiatrically evaluated? Do they know a cause?
   <Marissa>   I don't know why I have memory problems. They just started one day.

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   <DischordianJoy>   I have huge blackouts of time, or at least I used to. One of the reason I thought I had DID.
   <DischordianJoy>   I also don't remember most of my childhood, but who knows why that is.
   <Adevarat>   I think my skips in memory are from traumatic events my brain blocked; not vampirism.
   <LadyV>   Has anyone ever had time flashbacks?
   <Kyuubi>   Time?  Elaborate?
   <Adevarat>   Like a past life?
   <Psinodont>   Yes
   <Amikeco>   LadyV: What exactly do you mean?
   <DischordianJoy>   Like past life regressions - PLR's?
   <Alira>   Oh, I have had time flashbacks.
   <Corvis>   Lady V only in deep meditation.
   <Psinodont>   I remember living as a medicine man and living once in WWII.
   <LadyV>   Well I donít remember but my roommates have told me that I wake up and Iím like back in my childhood state and all.
   <LadyV>   Yet I know who, where, and what I am.
   <LadyV>   I notice if I donít feed quite as often this happens a lot.  Not a drug induced thing either.
   <Damarus>   I know of five past lives.
   <Damarus>   Three of which I was also a vampire.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   There's a term for that and I forgot it, LadyV.
   <DischordianJoy>   That's probably a Fugue state, LadyV.
   <DischordianJoy>   It happens quite randomly sometimes, but usually after trauma. You generally become an alternate you, someone who is still you but does not do things that you would normally do. Usually, these memories are blocked out because your brain doesn't like to deal with inconsistancies in your personality/memory.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   Well, I may have missed something if we're on a memory thing, I have neurogenic amnesia due to PTSD.  I've forgotten everything from age 10 through 19-20 due to severe stress and trauma.
   <Damarus>   I havenít had time flashbacks, but Iíve had blackouts.
   <Damarus>   Where I would basically go completely out of control and I wouldnít remember any of it.
   <Alira>   I know of 2 past lives.
   <BoxDweller>   Does anyone here not experience past lives nor believe in them for themselves, not others?
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @BoxDweller: Me? I think I qualify?
   <BoxDweller>   Same.
   <Adevarat>   I have had waking visions but I donít attribute any of that to vampirism, just my psychic awareness.
   <captiain>   If I donít feed I lose time.
   <Myrbree>   BoxDweller: Yeah I remember past lives, I just try not to get caught up in them.
   <LadyV>   I was in a major auto accident in 93 I was clinically dead for 34 minutes after which I woke up in a coma for 3 days after and amnesia for 8 to 9 months after I have many times I do forget so easy now that I am getting older.
   <LadyV>   I attribute my awakening to being a vampire for I do not know of anyone yet to awaken after that length of time and still retain 2/3 of their memory.
   <DischordianJoy>   @LadyV - That trauma in and of itself can cause a fugue state. It doesn't even have to happen close to the time of the trauma, fugues can happen years later, then stop and never happen again.
   <DischordianJoy>   I have a degree in psychology.
   <Marissa>   I have flashes of past lives as well.
   <LadyV>   I remember my past lives as if it was here now.
   <BoxDweller>   I loose time, but for a different reason.  It's something that has to do with the mind and thougt and meditation.  That's how monks can meditate for so long, because time means nothing.
   <Damarus>   I had some fucked up past lives.
   <Adevarat>   Time is a man made invention, we all have the ability to "lose" it.
   <captiain>   I know time means nothing but I stop when working almost a freeze and time as we know it goes on by.
   <Alira>   Well I think your mind can only handle so much trauma, and if you exceed that...you brain finds a way to shield itself....that where Dissasociative Amnesia ailcomes in and many other ailments come in.
   <Adevarat>   Did anyone else come from a traumatic or abusive background?
   <Merticus>   @Adverat; No, however, I have noticed that such is quite common among vampires.
   <BoxDweller>   I think feeding requirement has more to do with the vampire more than the vampire's health.
   <BoxDweller>   Some of us are major consumers, while others do not need to feed as much.
   <xeurika>   The feeding requirements beget the issues with health.  I think the majority of the issues occur when one has not fed unless I am mistaken.
   <rydravyn>   I have very high CRPHS levels for no apparent reason.
   <BoxDweller>   @ Xeurika - I agree.
   <Merticus>   Well looking over all the reported diagnosis' offered in this chat does anyone recognize any emerging patterns or find it in the least bit odd that a group of individuals seem to be experiencing similar conditions or small groups of one thing or another?
   <Corvis>   Merticus - Not at all odd.
   <Ankhhape>   I've concluded that vampires are a mess.
   <Marissa>   @Ankhhape - Yes we are!
   <Adevarat>   I notice patterns but canít say I find it odd.
   <Corvis>   Almost to be expected.
   <Myrbree>   I do find it weird a lot of us have similar medical issues.
   <BoxDweller>   All animals of different species share tribal natures unexplainable, why would this be different?
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; the point Ankhhape brought up... the majority of us do seem to have major or fairly major medical issues... brings the question of how different that is from a similar sample of non-vampiric people?
   <Myrbree>   I have been debating on whether or not to go to the doctor after I feed and see if there is a difference in tests.  I donít know - probably wonít do jack.
   *   Myrbree has had a pretty easy life. I somehow get out of disasterous situations unscathed.
   <Myrbree>   Creeps me out sometimes.
   <Myrbree>   I was once in a car accident where the car was smashed completely and I walked away without a scratch.
   <Myrbree>   I have often wondered if itís my higher self or if I am just a lucky girl.
   <diss>   @Merticus; Like Isealdor said, the comparison to non-vampiric people would be interesting, but also how the disorders are split up amongst vampires. Which are more psi, which more typically sang, etc.
   <diss>   In the same vein, is there a correlation between amounts fed on and intensity of disorders?
   <Merticus>   True, however, some in this community attribute it to their personal vampirism and other symptomology rather than attributed to other medical causes.  So all things being equal the two groups often arrive at the same condition/diagnosis through different rationalizations of their experiences.
   <Isealdor>   @diss - I tend to have a fairly high (in comparison to most people I talk to in the community) consumption requirement.
   <cynsanity>   @diss - Same as Isealdor.
   <diss>   Isealdor and cynsanity, I know about you, but how general is this?
   <Merticus>   @Diss, most tend to follow the pattern of satiated feeding resulting is lessoning of condition.
   <Merticus>   The quantity and frequency of the feeding is specific to the individual though - each are different according to their own determined trial/error "needs".
   <DeaconGray>   True Merticus, but the right control and meditation, along with energy flow control and expenditure awareness makes a lot of difference in how much it impacts people.
   <DeaconGray>   Most people focus on feeding, great, but they also need to be aware of their expenditures and natural flow... as so many said found in meditation.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; I think the question was more do those with the more severe feeding needs have the more severe medical conditions, and vice versa.
   <diss>   @Merticus; Yes, satiated feeding lessens conditions, but do people who have more severe conditions (need to) feed more often?
   <Isealdor>   Obviously subjective answers for that, since people cant always tell how much they feed compared to others, butÖ shrugs.
   <Merticus>   Yes, something that would need to be correlated - at least in the VEWRS sense that data is there just not pieced together in that manner yet.
   <xeurika>   I still say the good news Merticus is that we have some actual data to piece together.
   <diss>   Merticus, I think that would be interesting to correlate.
   <diss>   Merticus, I think questions 37 and 313.
   <Merticus>   @Diss - Combined with 797 and 800.
   <CatsPaw>   Once someone feeds, about how long does it take to see physical effects?
   <Ankhhape>   I truly believe it is the 'effects' from a problematic energy system that manifests into these physical ailments.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @CatsPaw: 10, 20 minutes -maximum. Sometimes within 2 minutes, and yes a few time I've used a stop watch for science sake.
   <Corvis>   Cats paw - almost at once.
   <CatsPaw>   I've seen two reactions in Psi... first reaction is immediately, a cesation of hunger, and mild euphoric feeling, then after about 20 minutes she will relax, and become sleepy and more balanced out.
   <Adevarat>   I dont get sleepy after feeding, I get energized.
   <BoxDweller>   It is the same with prayer, it affects the mind and how time relates to that person.
   <Psinodont>   I've been trying to be aware of those things.
   <captiain>   It never happens when I am fed.
   <Merticus>   Who meditates on a semi-regular or regular basis?
   <BoxDweller>   A lot of us are energy predators, has anyone here witnessed a predator in the wild meditate?
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus; Yes
   <Corvis>   @Merticus; Semi-regular.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus; I do on a semi-regular basis, but not the "calming" kind of meditation.
   <Zero>   @Merticus - Yes.
   <DeaconGray>   Merticus; I do.
   <LadyV>   I donít metitate it bothers me.
   <Isealdor>   @LadyV - What do you mean by "bothers you"?
   <LadyV>   I just donít like to meditate; I think too hard on things.
   <diss>   I think I could be said to meditate on a semi-regular basis, but not in a formal way.
   <Alira>   Oh I used to meditate on a daily basis... and my personal life all went to hell and I stopped, but when I did do it on a regular basis, I felt more calm and connected to all aspects of myselfÖ I was also more aware of my surroundings.
   <xeurika>   I usually don't get past the "ooo shiny" phase of meditation, I get distracted and tend to try to break down everything.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I agree with xeurika.
   <captiain>   Itís good to meditate - you learn to travel or switch of the over chatter.
   <LadyV>   As far as meditation, I just toss on my ipod, go to the dungeon in my basement crawl in my box and go to sleep in the dark.
   <DeaconGray>   Meditation takes practice... more if you are like me and a little ADD.
   <LadyV>   Does anyone here believe that vampires can be immortal as far as jumping from time to time in different bodies but same consious memories?
   <LadyV>   And I also feel that this can cause many problems mentally and physically on vampires.
   <Adevarat>   LadyV, if that happens, then it wouldnt be exclusive to vampires. The human brain is a wonderful and misunderstood thing.
   <Zero>   @Adevarat - Yeah, the Buddhists have something to say about reincarnation and regained memories, too.
   <Alira>   Yes, I believe that many vampires have old souls and have jumped from many timelines throughout the years.
   <Marissa>   My soul mate in one past life. I found him and he died. That could be a reason for traveling souls and the need to feed. Feeding could help us find themÖ I think.
   <Damarus>   @LadyV, I donít believe that they JUMP as such, but after reincarnation, depending if the person is ready, can start remembering past lives.
   <Damarus>   But I do know that in at least three lives (not including this one) I was a vampire.
   <Damarus>   Two psi, one sang.
   <BoxDweller>   @LadyV - I do not believe, but I do not know.  I will just have to cross that bridge with an open mind, if I ever find it.
   <Shondra>   If you're reincarnated, do you stay the same gender?  Just wondering.
   <Damarus>   I have been female before.
   <Adevarat>   I wouldnt think so, a soul has no gender.
   <DischordianJoy>   From what I can tell, I've always been female.
   <Adevarat>   We arenít bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies.
   <Damarus>   Iím mostly male in my lives, but so far I know of one female one.
   <Damarus>   I think after the one female one I didn't bother again, as I got pretty fucked up.
   <DischordianJoy>   @Adevarat I have to disagree with you on that one. I think that souls definately have gender - this is why many people feel transgendered, IMHO.
   <Adevarat>   I never thought of that DischordianJoy.
   <LadyV>   What happens if a vampire came back as both genders?
   <Myrbree>   Iíve been female most of my past lives but remember a couple of male lives where it was necessary to be male at that time in history because if I had incarnated a woman I would not have been allowed to do anything.
   <DischordianJoy>   Adevarat - that's why I also believe in otherkin... If a person can feel transgendered, then they can easily feel transpecied.
   <Psinodont>   DischordianJoy, I'm Otherkin.
   <DischordianJoy>   Me too Psinodont.
   <Isealdor>   @LadyV; Depends on one's views on reincarnation, I'd say.
   <Corvis>   Trans or mentally one can have both.
   <Damarus>   I dunno, I donít think that it would matter if the hermaphrodite was a vampire or not.
   <Adevarat>   Well it makes sense, but I just always thought of souls as non-gendered.
   <Alira>   Well I could see that point MarissaÖ I am with my soulmate and she is a vampire.
   <Merticus>   As a side note:  Gender Identity Disorder and Intersexualism is not that uncommon in this community.
   <Psinodont>   I'm genderfluid.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I must state, I do not like gender. I don't put myself in any box.
   <Adevarat>   Well I wonít say vampirism is the reason I tried it with a girl.
   <Adevarat>   That was just me being horny.
   <Corvis>   My soulmate has both mannerism, as do I.
   <Corvis>   Not intersexed, but mentally balanced as male/female traits.
   <cynsanity>   Genderfluid/something.
   <cynsanity>   But I don't attribute it to me having to drink blood.
   <captiain>   Metrosexual is now a common term.
   <DeaconGray>   True, my forum has a lot of gender bending going on.
   <Myrbree>   Does anyone else remember a consitant "soul mate" in past lives that seem to be the same person reincarnating with you?
   <LadyV>   Yes, one of my roommates and ex-lover now.
   <Ankhhape>   Is anyone aware of a Dr. Ian Stevenson?
   <Sanguinarius>   Iím not.
   <Ankhhape>   This doctor collected a huge amount of information on past lives and equated them with damages to the energy system along with the physical system.
   <Ankhhape>   This doctor discovered that when he researched the actual past life people of his subjects he found that the past life death if by wounds were aligned with birthmarks on his subjects.
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, Is that the one studying the spontanious stories of past lives from children?
   <Ankhhape>   Yes
   <Zero>   @Ankhhape - That is a common belief among Hindus and some Buddhists, but is not necessary to all beliefs of reincarnation across human cultures. I know of some research like what you're talking about, but I'm not convinced that it was rigorous enough to be called anything close to science.
   <Damarus>   Iíve met the same person in four lives now.
   <Damarus>   She remembers the same lives as well, so itsí kind of cool being able to "compare".
   <Rayne>   I have past lives.
   <LadyV>   My ex-lover remembers our past life as well.
   <Alira>   I wish I could recognise my honey from a past lifeÖ but she has no recollection of ever being with meÖ even though it is so uncanny how we act and think alike.
   <DeaconGray>   Of course some people think of vampirism in a practical manner, which would have little or nothing to do with any of this, simply chemistry.
   <DischordianJoy>   I don't believe in soul mates.
   <Adevarat>   Do you really think it has to do with vampirism itself or maybe just the fact that we are open to trying things because we ourselves are so different?
   <DischordianJoy>   I recall some snippets of past lives that I have had, but I do not believe that this is always a good thing.
   <captiain>   Talk to kids they remember stuff they have no way of knowing.
   <Damarus>   There was an interesting thing about a child who remembered fighting n the war, and what plane he had and where he crashed, they met with someone who was his friend when he was still alive and the detials where perfect.
   <Merticus>   Part two of question A:  What steps do you take to ensure you stay in good health (for the things you can control).  Vitamin intake, diet and weight control, routine screenings, etc?  How often do you go to the doctor for regular physicals and checkups?
   <ShadowMind>   I spend a fair amount of time doing martial arts practice.  I am skilled at Tai Chi, Qigong, and Wing Chun Kung Fu.  I also do endurance training, strength training, and meditation.  I do energy awareness work, energy transformation work in the Tai Chi Classics mode, and external energy practice (healing and combat).
   <ShadowMind>   I do not eat as healthy as I should, but I also do not eat a lot of garbage food.  I think it is important to move around a lot.  The human body was not designed to sit and not walk for long periods of time.  I try and keep active and having a four year old boy helps in that department. 
   <ShadowMind>   These practices and being around people who also are similar in nature, keeps my energy requirements fulfilled.  Also, the energy work I do helps concentrate and purify what I do get, so I do not have the health issues or needs that seems fairly common.  It has taken a lot of years, however, to get to this place.
   <Adevarat>   I havenít been to the doctor lately, but am on a regular vitamin schedule daily. I do smoke, so thatís not healthy but trying to cut back so I can quit.
   <Adevarat>   Plus I do meditation, chakra cleansing, & reiki sessions.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: Medication (lots of it), regular checks, restricted diet (meat).
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus, Mostly try to manage the medical side as much as possible, as well as meditation, exercise, eating properly, etc.
   <Psinodont>   I go once a year to the doctor, take vitamins rarely, and don't watch my weight very well.
   <Psinodont>   I do meditations, though.
   <Alira>   I take medications to keep my mental status at bayÖ physically I have stopped smoking, but anything else? I donít do.
   <LadyV>   I only go to any doctor as I need for what ails me if itís a physical thing such as cold virus or major medical need.
   <Corvis>   Merticus - Little do I go to the doctor but pills, work outs, tantra, sex.
   <xeurika>   It's been ages since I've been to the doctor, but I've been really lucky to not had anything severe enough to require it.
   <xeurika>   I was raised Catholic, so when I get sick, I think I deserve it somehow.
   <Marissa>   I try to get checked out once every six months.
   <Sanguinarius>   I have to go to the doctor once a month to check my protein but other than that, I generally try to avoid doctors.
   <Myrbree>   I need to meditate.
   <Psinodont>   The grounding I do seems to help me.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus - I was at the doctor at least once a month, take medication to try and help with the problems (not that much works) otherwise just not eating too much crap.
   <DeaconGray>   Merticus: I think for me a lot of good diet and exercise keeps me fit. I had bursitis in my right hip for years, but eating well working out has done a lot to really take care of that as well as regular feeding.
   <DeaconGray>   One actually helped the other be more effective.
   <Corvis>   Deacon - Very smart.
   <Adevarat>   Anyone get accused of being a hypochondriac?
   <Kani>   I have.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @Merticus: I have a full bloodwork thing coming up in the next month or so for autoimmune tests and whatnot. I don't take vitamins, or anything, but I use kratom to control the 'beast' and the pain I feel due to muscles.
   <DischordianJoy>   I try to eat healthy and I take vitamins... But most of that is for my baby. I'm really less interested in myself than I should be.
   <Merticus>   Anyone here been able to alleviate symptoms through dietary change or supplements without the need or in time where you couldn't vampirically feed?
   <Zero>   @Merticus - You know me and food - diet is most important, second to exercise, which usually involves meditation, like tai chi.
   <BoxDweller>   Honestly, I exercise, eat well and do not take many vitamins, but as for doctors, I only go when I really need to.
   <BoxDweller>   I may have fractured my finger, but I'm not going to see a doctor over this.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: No
   <LadyV>   Nope, I canít take vitamins.
   <LadyV>   Most are loaded with potassium and iron.
   <CC_Care>   @Merticus - Exercise sometimes helps the insomnia, but not consistently.
   <Crystalis>   Personally I'm part of a case study that my surgeon asked me to be a part of. So I've had full body scans, regular blood workups, x-rays, MRI, CAT-Scans... the works.
   <Adevarat>   Well I take vitamins and am trying to eat right but it does not really quell the need to feed, just helps symptoms not be as severe... sometimes but not always.
   <DeaconGray>   Merticus: No, I still need to feed or I get all kinds of emotionally weird.
   <Myrbree>   I have noticed eating food with preservatives somehow messis with my psionic abilities and messes with my sang senses. Since I switched to organic its like everything is hightened and I can feed better and get more energy out of it.  I donít know why it affects that.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @Merticus: Supplements, etc. do not help. Nothing replaces human blood. 'steak' from markets contain little 'real' blood, so I only use coping mechanisms/natural homeopahtic remedies much like kratom which I talk about once every 10 minutes.
   <Marissa>   Any one get sicker when they take medications because of the chemicals?
   <Myrbree>   Marrisa: Yes
   <Kani>   Marrisa: Yes
   <LadyV>   @Marissa, Yes
   <Psinodont>   I have a somewhat bad side effects from them.
   <Merticus>   Who who here as a child suffered from a suppressed or weakened immune system (either requiring close care, gamma globulin injections, or resulted in you being very sickly as a child)?
   <Adevarat>   Not I.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: I have.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus, No.
   <LadyV>   @Merticus, No
   <Merticus>   I was sickly as a child due to a weakened immune system - many trips to doctors and hospitals for injections and at the time, experimental vaccines to guard against childhood diseases.  Since adulthood, Iím rarely sick other than occasional sinus infections.
   <Crystalis>   @Merticus, I was always sick as a kid.
   <Zero>   @Merticus - The exact opposite for me.  I was and still am the last one to get sick, unless I do something stupid like get injured or stop sleeping.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus, The opposite, actually. I was incredibly healthy as a young child, almost never got sick. It wasnít until I started getting a little older that the medical issues popped up, and then have been progressive.
   <Corvis>   Merticus - Very sick but stayed in shape. Mostly low iron, sleep aphnea, etc.
   <BoxDweller>   @Merticus - I was on my death bed as a child, but due to stomach ulcers.
   <LadyV>   I never got sick untill after my bad accident and I stopped using drugs.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I was actually a really freakin' healthy kid, oddly enough.
   <Marissa>   I always feel worse and have trouble feeding when I'm on meds.
   <Adevarat>   I have an uber sensitive stomach.
   <Alira>   I donít know if I was sick a lot as a kid, I dont remember much as a kid, but I do remember having chicken pox twice, bronchitis every year, having the 24 hour stomach flu often.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus - I apparantly have nothing wrong with me, but Iím ill 90% of the time.
   <Kani>   @Damarus - The same thing with me.
   <captiain>   I had bad ear infections as a child but there was a lot I didnít want to hear.
   <Marissa>   I was a healthy child. I just fell a lot.
   <Myrbree>   When I was a child I was mentally underdeveloped until I hit 15, them my mental maturity caught up with my body.
   <Myrbree>   Like when I was ten I had the mind of a four year old.
   <Marissa>   My mental state is at 25, my body at 16 or 15 and I'm 17.
   <Adevarat>   I was healthy.
   <Adevarat>   Except I had one issue with my bladder but when that was fixed I was fine again.
   <Crystalis>   @Merticus, Once I hit puberty my own health did a 180. I went from always sick to almost never sick. Until I went through a two year period in which I refused to feed. That kinda sucked.
   <Ankhhape>   How was everyone as a baby? Sickly?
   <Alira>   Well I was born premature.  I had massive jaundice and also German measles and I only weighed 4lbs at birth.
   <Psinodont>   I had bronchitis four times during highschool, had strep four times my whole life, chicken pox once, the Sydney Flu once... that's all of the major things.
   <Adevarat>   I only got sick as a baby when my mom dressed me for church... no shit.
   <LadyV>   I was a very curious healthy child who healed very quickly and desired to drink blood.
   <Merticus>   @LadyV, At what age did you start drinking blood?
   <LadyV>   Four, that I can remember.
   <LadyV>   My grandmother and father were also vampires.
   <Lady_Evangeline>   LadyV, did they support you in drinking blood
   <LadyV>   I come from the Highlands of Scotland back in the 1950's when they killed the sheep or lambs or cows they drank the blood of their kill for its energy and to be one with the nature.
   <LadyV>   That is what my father told me.
   <Lady_Evangeline>   Some other cultures still do it.
   <LadyV>   I also know my family is part Viking.  I know they drank the blood of their victims in battles after a win.
   <Lady_Evangeline>   For strength and victory.
   <BoxDweller>   Yes, but still.  I come from a stong Swedish family, well about going a Viking, but blood consumption wasn't for every battle or fight.  Blood was sacred, even back then.  A lot of times you drank the blood and ate the eyes of your enemies to consume and enslave them in the afterlife.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   LadyV: How do you know this and please cite sources?
   <LadyV>   My family history.
   <LadyV>   I am of the Clan Rose of Inverness Scotland.
   <LadyV>   Many things are handed down otherwise itís not well spoken of in public.
   <Corvis>   Question:  How does the average person here respond to birth weight?  I was a month and a half premature.
   <Corvis>   I dropped to a pound and a half and was in an Iron Lung.
   <Rayne>   I was premature, but otherwise healthy.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @Ankhhape: I was born almost 4 months early, mom was in labor for 94 hours.
   <Kani>   I was a very sickly child, I always went back and forth to the hospital until I was about 13.
   <DeaconGray>   I have never been one who gets sick a lot.
   <Aiffe>   I was a pretty healthy kid except for the arthritis.
   <Ankhhape>   Would everyone say their systems are 'over'sensitive?
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, Yes.
   <Corvis>   Oversensitive - Yes, very.
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, Either in the form of being extremely sensitive or in the form of going to the extreme of compensating for that.
   <Damarus>   I was a total asshole as a child, but wasnt ill untill around 9 years old, which ironically enough was when I started getting my first experiences, it wasnít until I was 12 that I awakened and fit the pieces together.
   <Damarus>   I would feel sick a lot after I was about 9, then nearly 2 years ago I just started vomiting constantly.
   <Psinodont>   Same, I don't get sick terribly often.  Sometimes, but not often.
   <Aiffe>   I didn't really think about it much, I ran and played with the other kids... when I was awake in the day, anyway.
   <cynsanity>   @Everyone: Has anyone ever received a diagnosis that would explain one of your vampiric secondary symptoms, like an eye disease for photophobia?   
   <Adevarat>   @Cynsanity, No
   <Zero>   @Cynsanity, No
   <Alira>   Yes, I was diagnosed with having an allergy to the sun.
   <Adevarat>   The only thing wrong with my eyes is astigmatism.
   <Rayne>   I have endometriosis, IBS, and astigmatism, too.
   <BoxDweller>   The sun always made me sick, gave me a quick flu or fever.
   <Psinodont>   @Cynsanity, No
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I know my photophobia has nothing to do with ďsanguinarianismĒ.
   <Kani>   I never really socialized with other people my age.
   <Kani>   I still donít now as a teenager.
   <Quiest>   I was a very healthy baby.
   <Crystalis>   @cynsanity, Not I. In fact, I've had a distinct lack of medical answers.  The tests only ever bring up more questions.
   <Psinodont>   Yep, same here Crystalis.
   <Psinodont>   Lack of secure diagnoses.
   <Rayne>   I have more illnesses now then when I was born.
   <DeaconGray>   I have light sensitivity... I suppose a lot of people do though.
   *   IndigeoAliquis nods at DeaconGray
   <Corvis>   Always found sun so difficult to see with.
   <Corvis>   Even with the darkest sunglasses.
   <Isealdor>   @Cynsanity, Aside from the fatigue and insomnia linked with thyroid, no... and when I'm overly tired doesnít line up with what the thyroid levels would need to be for that to make sense. So no.
   <Isealdor>   @Cynsanity, Oh, I take that back... I'm technically very mildly allergic to the sun.
   <captiain>   My mom never wanted me to ween or take medicine that all.  This changed when I got sick as a baby but she held as long as she could.
   <Zero>   @Cynsanity - I'm highly photosensitive, and I played it down but asked the eye doctor to check it out. She said "well, stop going out in the sun." No joke, lady!
   <cynsanity>   @Zero - I know that, had pretty much the same situation.
   <Zero>   @Cynsanity - I don't like doctors, but I do try to get checked out, just in case. So far, it's just a damn mystery.
   <BoxDweller>   Not that many people are light sensitive.  I'm the only one wearing shades in the building at my work and they're a lot of us.
   <Damarus>   @BoxDweller - Same here, when itís about 7AM and Iím on the commute to college and Iím the only one wearing sunglasses in cloudy weather, you do get some funny looks.
   <Amikeco>   Damarus: I know this too well, and usually I also wear them at night because the lights are also annoying.
   <BoxDweller>   @Damarus - Always.  And then I explain to them.
   <BoxDweller>   Well about being sensitive.
   <Myrbree>   Iím ok with indoor light; itís outdoor light that vexes me.
   <captiain>   My eyes burn in the sun - I get red strips.
   <DeaconGray>   @Cynsanity, My eye doctor made me get transition lens and sunglasses for the issue, but mostly said stay out of the sun.
   <Kani>   I never really had a problem with the sun until I hit the age of 13, then it started hurting whenever the sun hit my body a certain way.
   <Adevarat>   I like lots of indoor light because I read a lot, itís the sun that causes issues.
   <Crystalis>   @cynsanity, Like for instance, when I had a brain scan done they thought the machine was broken because too many areas of the brain lit up as active. They made me come back again after maintenance had been done on the machine and just got the same results.
   <Zero>   @Crystalis - I have customers who are highly psychic and for whom computers just keep breaking. I have a feeling that meditating to control the feel of your own energy to match up with what machines "feel" like will actually help that whole "computers hate me" thing. Most of my customers who have this problem, though, just have a natural vibe that's not really compatible with the computers.
   <Crystalis>   @Zero, That's pretty much the case with me as well. Whenever I get excited about something my computer will decide... nope can't handle this and it turns itself off. I get mad and light bulbs blow. When I got divorced my house was dark for a week.
   <Adevarat>   CrystalisÖ that could just be from telekinesis.
   <Adevarat>   I constantly replace light bulbs but I figure itís because I always have the lights on.
   <Crystalis>   @Adeverat, Think so? I've been trying to figure out this telekinesis thing actually. It only ever works when Iím not thinking about it. Like I reach for something on the other end of my nightstand and it's suddenly on the near end.
   <Psinodont>   Actually, come to think of it, I have something along the lines of blepherospasms... something like that.
   <Psinodont>   Can get worse in bright sun.
   <Myrbree>   My muscles ache and I get all itchy when in direct sunlight, but in my case itís due to being allergic.
   <Alira>   Well I have the same problem Myrbree, with the sun, I get all itchy and I feel like I am on fire and when I do any type of movements in the sun... my face gets all blotchy red and I get dizzy and pass out... and even sometimes nauseous.
   <Ankhhape>   Does other light have effects on anyone?
   <Adevarat>   Fluorescent lights make me sick.
   <Corvis>   Migraines.
   <Corvis>   Mostly sunlight, OVER bright like Walmartís hurt.
   <Damarus>   @Amikeco, Especially in a car with headlamps in your face.
   <DeaconGray>   They make great anti-glare films for glasses these days.
   <Isealdor>   @Adevarat, Ditto, they give me headaches.
   <Adevarat>   Isealdor, Can you hear them too?
   <Adevarat>   They drive me nuts.
   <Isealdor>   @Adevarat, Yes, very much so.
   <Kani>   I feel very attracted to any other kinds of light, expecially neon.
   <LadyV>   Yes, I notice that I see better at night and that in the sunlight I have blurred vision.
   <Marissa>   I swell in the sun then feel like vomiting then fainting.
   <cynsanity>   Ankhkhape: Yes, neon lights and anything light that, and fluorescent lights make me sick, and car headlights.
   <cynsanity>   And the sound of lamps just drives me insane.
   <Amikeco>   Damarus: When I'm on my bike at night, I can't see much because of the stupid car lights.
   <Ankhhape>   Blacklight?
   <LadyV>   I hate blacklights, they make me mad.
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, It depends on the blacklight... the fluorescent style ones still have the same effect as any fluorescent.
   <cynsanity>   Yeah, blacklights are terrible.
   <Kani>   Oh I like blacklights for some reason.  I see the color different then any of my friend see it.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I like cool lights but I'm a synaesthete. Colours/colors amaze me.
   <LadyV>   @Cynsanity, You can hear the florescent lights also?
   *   cynsanity nods at LadyV
   <Adevarat>   Sunlight makes me weak and shaky within about 5 minutes, then nausea and migraines.
   <Damarus>   I look like neo normally, always with glasses and a long ass coat to keep the sun off me.
   <Amikeco>   Cynsanity, we should live in caves.
   <DeaconGray>   Cynsanity - Is it an anxious aggravation you would be experiencing?
   <cynsanity>   @DeaconGray - I don't know, it could be described like that.
   <DeaconGray>   Iíve been trying to pin it down myself.
   <Lady_Evangeline>   I have always wondered if you focus on the things that make you sick, don't you see harm in everything. Because it's light, and different foods and so on. Can't you just be without feeling ill.
   <LadyV>   I walk past my LCD TV and can hear the light pattern.
   <LadyV>   And feel its effects.
   <LadyV>   After a couple hours in front of my laptop I get very agitated and weak.
   <Amikeco>   It comes from the lamps? Even when the lamp is off, I can hear the electrical current, a high-pitched noise, I hate it.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   Well yeah, hertz are audible depending on the equipment.
   <Merticus>   Anything else medical related (physical/mental) that anyone would like to see brought up that we haven't discussed yet - in relation to the vampire community or not?
   <Zero>   @Merticus - I'd be interested in a cross-section of this community's energy-control techniques. we all seem to develop meditative techniques on our own, but very few of us share details on them.
   <Merticus>   @Zero - True, see which aspects of our systems or modifications of existing systems overlap or if we developed something unique to us that others stumbled across as well.
   <Isealdor>   @Zero, Or charging and draining batteries.  Some are working on trying to test that one.
   <Psinodont>   Any one have any trouble with drinking aloe vera?
   <Psinodont>   Or is it just me?
   <Merticus>   @Psinodont you mean the Aloe drinks?
   <Psinodont>   Yes
   <Isealdor>   @Psinodont, have you been tested for an allergy to aloe vera?
   <Psinodont>   No, but I don't have any evident allergies, and it affects my reflux, not anything like an allergy.
   <Merticus>   I've still yet to try them.  I believe Zero mentioned to me the other day she thought they had too much sugar, etc.
   <xeurika>   I don't think Iíve ever drank aloe vera.  Not something I would go for, unless it had rum it it or something.
   <Damarus>   Can anyone else feel x-rays?
   <Damarus>   Or taste blood while having a blood test?
   <Damarus>   Apparently neither of those are normal, but I get both.
   <BoxDweller>   They don't feel nice.
   <BoxDweller>   I feel like I'm being distanced from myself, as if the cells are being pulled apart just a tiny bit.
   <LadyV>   @Damarus, Yes.
   <Kani>   Yes
   <Amikeco>   Damarus: Isn't it normal to feel it when you are x-rayed?
   <Marissa>   @Amikeco, Same.
   <Damarus>   Not to feel it going through you it isnít - I dont think.
   <Damarus>   At least when I asked the radiographer it wasnít.
   <Adevarat>   Yes, but I attribute feeling x-rays to my uber awareness of energyÖ who knows what causes it.
   <diss>   @Amikeco, No, most people don't feel a thing when they're x-rayed.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   If you feel x-rays you need to collaborate with some universities for tests.  Seriously.
   <CatsPaw>   Really?  I feel x-rays, I'm a donor, so I'm not sure it's relevant.
   <Isealdor>   @CatsPaw, Donors are very relevent... if nothing else, that gives us something to go off of if things change when you're being fed regularly from or not, and to see how much is common from non-vampires, be they energy workers or not.
   <Damarus>   I could feel x-rays in my shoulder, stomach, and in the MRI.
   <Adevarat>   I donít feel x-rays as painful, to me it feels like a solid breeze passing through.
   <LadyV>   I cannot wear a watch unless I coat the back I stop them dead.
   <Adevarat>   I also stop watches.
   <Marissa>   Computers die around me and malfunction. Anyone else?
   <IndigeoAliquis>   What are you typing on right now, Marissa?
   <Marissa>   It's pluged into the wall.
   <Psinodont>   Yes, computers hate me.
   <CC_Care>   Electrical things hate me also.
   <Kani>   I feel the same way looking at a computer screen.
   <Amikeco>   When I buy new tech stuff, it's either broken or will break in short.
   <Damarus>   What about tasting blood in your mouth when having a blood test? Iíve asked 3 different phlebotomists and they all said that wasnt normal.
   <Amikeco>   Damarus: Not me, but I'm not a sang.
   <Adevarat>   Not for me, Damarus, I (tattoos aside) actually hate needles and blood tests so I usually have someone with me to redirect my thoughts by talking while its done.
   <Zero>   @Damarus - That sounds a lot like the power of suggestion to me. A lot of us have powerful imaginations that seem to affect us more than others.
   <Amikeco>   Damarus: Maybe you just feel you want to have some blood instead of wasting your own?
   <Damarus>   @Amikeco, Maybe, I donít know. But if Iím having something injected, I donít taste it, if Iím having blood drawn, I do.
   <LadyV>   Does any other sang smell blood at times for no reason at all?
   <Damarus>   @LadyV, Yes
   <Merticus>   Has anyone here suffered a terrible reaction to medication, diagnostic equipment, dyes, or the like?
   <xeurika>   Iím apparently allergic to rosehips in Vitamin C.
   <Alira>   I just want to understand the fact that I am actually falling apart physically the older I get... I wasnít doing bad at all when I fed normally... my hayfever allergies even went away and I was so glad.
   <LadyV>   Merticus, Yes, I canít take most vitamins and any form of opiates.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: Paradox reactions to pretty every medication I ever got, especially painkillers and psychotropic medication. Allergic to Aspirin.
   <BoxDweller>   I'm immune to most painkillers.
   <Crystalis>   @Merticus, I wouldn't say terrible reactions or the like, no. Rather I tend to have an overly high tolerance to anything given to me.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus, Yes
   <Alira>   I only have a high tolerance to medicationsÖ I have had that since I was a child.
   <cynsanity>   Plus, like Crystalis, an extremely high tolerance to everything they give me.
   <Myrbree>   Medications make me VERY ill.
   <Myrbree>   Then again medications are designed to poison people rather than treat the cause.  The FDA lies.
   <Adevarat>   I agree.
   <Adevarat>   Medication just makes me sick but itís because my stomach is so sensitive.
   <Psinodont>   I have a very sensitive stomach too Adevarat.
   <Merticus>   Speaking of allergiesÖ What is everyone allergic to here?  Just type out in list form (would like to see if any commonalities that stand out). ie: Animal dander, dust, food, medication xyz, etc.?
   <Psinodont>   No obvious allergies, but allergy symptoms and sinusitis.
   <Corvis>   Merticus, Iím allergic to dust and cigarette smoke.
   <Corvis>   Heavy sinus problems.
   <LadyV>   I also can not stand cigarettes.
   <cynsanity>   Allicin, Alliin, & Aspirin.
   <Merticus>   Iím allergic to dust and animal dander.
   <Adevarat>   Bleach , mothballs, & raw tomatoes.
   <BoxDweller>   Animal Dander, Cedar, Sulfa, and Oranges.
   <BoxDweller>   And Nickel used to reinforce Silver.
   <diss>   Pollen from grasses, a slight reaction to a metal, don't know which one. But I'm a donor, so not that relevant.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   Only opiate derivatives work on me, and even then, I'm allergic to morphine. My mother has reactions to almost everything on the market right now, I'm damned sure I inheritied this from her and NO she is not a vampire.
   <Alira>   I am allergic to pollen, cat dander, bermuda grass, palo verde trees, Morphine, and Oxycodone.
   <Marissa>   No allergies here.
   <Adevarat>   Yellow gold breaks me out in a rash.
   <Amikeco>   Iím allergic to a medication whose name I forgot - very clever.
   <LadyV>   I have a very high allergy to most pollutants.
   <Quiest>   Certain foods (veggies and fruits), cats, horses, pollen... all getting worse over time.
   <DeaconGray>   Iím very sensitive to medications... I am still getting my ass kicked by the cold pills I took.
   <Zero>   @diss - What's up with that reaction to metal thing?  I find mine comes and goes with diet change.
   <diss>   The metal is probably nickel, right.
   <diss>   @Zero; I don't know, mine only started about two years ago.
   <Myrbree>   @Zero; That happens to me too.
   <Amikeco>   I'm also allergic to nickel - to all those with the same problem: avoid coins.
   <Zero>   @diss - Nickel is a common allergy, but I'm not sure whether this is an allergy or some skin sensitivity or ph thing.
   <Zero>   @diss - Mine is worse the higher the silver content, which is opposite of most nickel allergies.
   <Marissa>   Is being sensitive and allergic the same thing? I wonder?
   <Psinodont>   I don't think being sensitive and allergic is the same, no.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @Marissa: No, medically, no.
   <Ankhhape>   Iíll say it again, vampires are a mess.
   <Alira>   Yeah, vampires are a mess.... but if we could feed on a regular basis I bet many things would reverse itself.
   *   Sanguinarius thinks so too.
   <Psinodont>   I agree Alira.
   <Isealdor>   How many have either allergic reactions to or experience higher/lower effectiveness than normal with painkillers?
   <cynsanity>   @Isealdor: I experience a much lower effectiveness with painkillers, even the really heavy ones.
   <Merticus>   For me it takes massive doses of painkillers for me to feel the effect (no reactions though).
   <Myrbree>   Merticus: Youíre lucky.
   <Corvis>   Agreed, I have a heavy tolerance to drugs and pain.
   <Isealdor>   @Cynsanity & Merticus: Same way here, have to have very high doses... I have a very high pain tolerance, though, too.
   <Zero>   @Merticus - The same used to be true for me, but I've found that if I don't take them almost EVER, a normal dose can do once or twice before I get all resistant again.
   <DeaconGray>   Yes, me neither.
   <cynsanity>   @Isealdor: Yes, I also have an extremely high pain tolerance.
   <Psinodont>   I have a fairly high pain tolerance.
   <Myrbree>   I have a medium pain tolerance.
   <Marissa>   My pain tolerance is high.
   <Damarus>   Iím a masochist, so for the most part I just get over it.
   <Zero>   @Cynsanity & Isealdor - I don't know whether I have a high tolerance, or a lot of people I meet are wusses. It's really hard to tell.

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<Merticus>   b. Variety Of Feeding Methods: Are some of your specific feeding methods (sanguinarian and/or psychic) more effective than others? If so, which are more effective and which are less or ineffective?
   <ShadowMind>   No, I have not noted that any particular method seems better than another one.  For the most part, I need only be in the ďfieldĒ of another person or pulling in a deep qigong practice from the abundant energy around me.  It is a natural process and not something I am required to focus upon at this point.
   <ShadowMind>   I will say that if I wish to feel really energized that I can work with another person doing external Qi healing.  What I will do is practice Drop the Qi and Cleanse the Organs, 10 minutes of standing meditation (with Qi compression), and One Finger Zen.  This is prep work to get myself in the proper frame.
   <ShadowMind>   I will then do a wellness treatment on another person.  In doing so, the ďclientĒ gets their energy cleansed and smoothed out.  In addition, it is amazing how much more energy is released and stirred up so there is a significant boost in the amount!  Well, this is a very good thing for me and both parties benefit greatly from this.
   <Sanguinarius>   Sanguine feeding is effective for me.
   <Corvis>   Sex/Tantra is best for me. Deep feeding.
   <Corvis>   Emotional bonding, etc.
   <LadyV>   Iím a sang and I like to really bite a donor but just drinking from my chalice of beef blood when I canít get a donor is ok.
   <Psinodont>   I think the psi vortex feeding method works best for me, or just relaxing helps a lot.
   <Psinodont>   I haven't found a great way to feed Sanguinarian.
   <Myrbree>   Iíve noticed both feeding methods effective.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: Sanguinarian feeding, using venipuncture is best due to higher amounts gained and less risk for the donor, plus little scarring.
   <Psinodont>   What is venipuncture?
   <Isealdor>   @Psinodont, Drawing blood with a hollow needle in the vein... think like doctors do.
   <cynsanity>   It's what the Red Cross does, Psinodont.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus, Sanguine feeding is the easiest for me, although my donor isnít very reliable, Iíve had to rely on steaks for the most part. Psi feeding wise touch is the easiest and quickest, followed by astrally feeding, then just directed psi draining.
   <LadyV>   @Damarus, Find a kosher butcher and get beef blood that is food grade.
   <Damarus>   Not any kosher butchers around, not very popular in England.
   <Alira>   Well itís obvious that if I feed off another vampire I feed better and it does better for meÖ but to try to calm the hunger I have tried to tap into the elements to calm me, and try to psi feed a bitÖ but I eat rare meat (steak, hamburger, etc.) and drink anything with red in it... like gatorade or cherry sodas.
   <Ankhhape>   Can everyone feed either way if desired?
   <Psinodont>   I'm hybrid, so I can feed both ways.
   <Psinodont>   And need both.
   <Merticus>   Ok before we get too deep into this...
   <Merticus>   Who here is SANG, PSI, SANG/PSI (HYBRID), TANTRIC, or NONE OF THE ABOVE (Explain)?
   <cynsanity>   Sang
   <Damarus>   Hybrid
   <Corvis>   Tantric
   <Psinodont>   Hybrid - I awakened as sang last year, and awakened as psi very recently.
   <Sanguinarius>   Sang
   <Sanguinarius>   Possibly hybrid, but it's not really the same thing.
   <LadyV>   Sang
   <Alira>   Hybrid
   <Gabby>   Hybrid
   <Amikeco>   Psi
   <Isealdor>   Hybrid - Sang/Psi/Other
   <CC_Care>   Psi/Tantric
   <Quiest>   Psi
   <diss>   None of the above, Iím a sang donor.
   <DeaconGray>   Psi-sexual feeding for me.
   <Indigeo>   Sang.  I have no energy abilities whatsoever and does not benefit from 'psionics' pushing energy in attempts to 'feed' me.
   <cynsanity>   Same as Indigeo here.
   <Zero>   Psi, but unlike some psis, sang is OK for me too. I don't consider myself a "hybrid," because I think that these categories are pretentiously pretending at a form of precision that we just don't have any right to claim, considering how little we know about this phenomenon.
   <Amikeco>   Zero: Many I know go by the rule: If you need it, then you are it, if you simply like it or use it as substitute, then you aren't (whatever type in question).
   <Zero>   @Amikeco - Yeah, that's pretty much my rule of thumb, I just hate the way that having such a precise vocabulary implies that I know what the hell is actually going on.
   <Isealdor>   @Zero, I think of them as a communication aid, like any label. I dont mentally distinquish much, either.
   <Sanguinarius>   We know what we experience.
   <Myrbree>   I awakened as a sang first then discovered that I am also Psi but then everyone told me sangs werenít real so I denied the sang side of me even though I knew better. Then the sangs said the psi's werenít real, then I heard that there are some people are are both and so, totally confused, I just said screw it I know I am both. That was 3 years ago.
   <Ankhhape>   MundaneÖ don't hurt me :)
   <Alira>   We wont hurt you AnkhhapeÖ we are a very civilized community.
   <Crystalis>   I haven't found a source I couldn't feed from personally. Sang is like an extra special treat because it is so rare. But as far as preference, Iíd have to say tantric definitely.
   <Myrbree>   Right now I donít have a donor so I am stuck (the sang side) surviving on steaks, claves liver blood, beef blood when I can get it and other rare meats.
   <Shondra>   As soon as I get a donor I'm going to try sang feeding, but for now I'll psi feed.
   <Marissa>   Psi touch helps but can feed from some of a distance. Large groups can give a verity of 'tasteí.
   <xeurika>   For me from least effective to most effective: Ambient, direct psi, deep psi, tantric, fluids, blood, although I've had very limited experience with blood.
   <xeurika>   Although lightning storms are great.
   <Quiest>   I love lightning storms.
   <Isealdor>   Deep and direct sang feeding from either another vampie or an energy worker is the most effective for me, followed by deep psi from the same.
   <DeaconGray>   There is no such thing as tantric feeding (grumbles).
   <Alira>   Well I am basically sang but I try psi to equal things out since I canít get a donor to save my life.
   <Merticus>   What other feeding methods does everyone find work best for them?
   <Damarus>   I feed mainly psi, but thatís just because I donít have a regular donor, sanguine feeding is WAY more effective when Iím able to.
   <Alira>   Oh yes, I agree fully Damarus.
   <Damarus>   Feeding from emotions (mostly negative, anger, fear, sadness).
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: None.
   <CC_Care>   The wind is a brilliant form of feeding.
   <Alira>   Yes, I have tried it CC.
   <LadyV>   I only desire blood for feeding.
   <Corvis>   Concerts are best for ambient. Less ethical issues.
   <Gabby>   I'm sang, prefer it, feed psi as last resort.
   <Crystalis>   @DeaconGray, You mentioned no such thing as tantric feeding. It depends on how it's looked at though. Depends on your definition of it. Tantric is simply the word I use for it. Though my exact definition might not be quite match someone elses.
   <DeaconGray>   Crystalis: I know people like the term, but I just cannot get into calling someone a tantric feeder... itís like saying... I am a Hindu Feeder.
   <Zero>   @DeaconGray - I always think the same thing.  There is more to tantra than sex though.
   <DeaconGray>   I can define it anyway I want, I am still calling myself something that just doesn't fit.
<sabastian_DeCavlier>   What would you prefer they be called?
   <DeaconGray>   Itís sexual energy.
   <DeaconGray>   I am not shy about saying the word sex.
   <Crystalis>   @DeaconGray, I can understand that. It's why I made a specification that some don't subscribe to the term. For me it is more a reference to the path used to attain the rising of the kundalini that allows access to such energies rather then the act of feeding itself... if that makes sense.
   <Isealdor>   @Deacon, I'll usually use the term tantric because it encompasses a lot more than just strictly sex.
   <Alira>   Yes, I agree with that comment DeaconGray.
   <DeaconGray>   Isealdor: Yes, so would Hindu feeding but that doesn't make it appropriate...
   <Crystalis>   There is such a hooplah these days about terms and what to call what. I find it often confuses the newly awakened when they come into the community and see disharmony over such simple things. Personally I try to show acceptance for other ways of thinking. If I don't like a term I simply don't use it.
   <Myrbree>   Personal opinion: I dont know why we canít just call ourselves 'vampires" and be done with it. The labeling is just more confusing to newbie bats.
   <Crystalis>   @Myrbree, That's my point exactly.
   <Indigeo>   I hate the 'v' word.
   <Zero>   @Indigeo - Yeah, I really fricking hate that word.
   <Alira>   I do call myself a vampireÖ but that is not how I approach the conversation.
   <Damarus>   @Myrbree - Agreed, either way people try to explain it, the similarities to "vampire" will allways be made, so we might as well stick with that.
   <Damarus>   "What are you?" "Iím a sanguinarian" "Whatís that?" "I drink blood to stay healthy" "Oh, like a vampire" and thatís how it would go every time.
   <Crystalis>   To me it has always seemed much like identifying as hamburger eaters and pasta eaters. It doesn't make sense to me to break it up that way. But maybe that's just because Iím a hybridÖ I donít know.
   <Ankhhape>   Does anyone feed off of fear?
   <Damarus>   @Ankhhape, I do.
   <Indigeo>   @Ankhhape: Not in a vampiric way.
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhappe, I would consider emotional energy vampirism to fall in what I call psi.
   <Crystalis>   @Ankhhape, Not often. I prefer not to. But on occasion I have found it has it's uses, yes.
   <Merticus>   Those who are psi's here - how many of you have tried feeding sang?  And if you did, did that satiate your hunger or need?
   <Marissa>   I've never tried sang.
   <Zero>   @Merticus - Yes, no problems there.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus - I was psi for a few years, then eventually something happened causing me to stop being able to feed, so I had to switch to steaks and the occasional human blood. Then I managed to feed decently from psi again a few months ago, and now have neither for about 2 weeks.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus, Effectiveness, from greatest to least... direct sang from vampire/energy worker, deep psi from vampire/energy worker, tantric in most any form besides ambient, direct sang from NVP/NEW, direct psi from NVP/NEW, elemental, ambient.
   <sabastian_DeCavlier>   I have and yes it helped.  Of course Iím a multi-hybrid so that helps too.
   <Myrbree>   I mainly feed sang if I have the meat for it, preffer the sang side of me but when I need Psi I just go to Walmart and ambiant feed
   <Zero>   I have heard of some psis being able to switch to sang, and some it just grosses out.
   <Psinodont>   I need to feed more than ambiently, more directly.
   <Psinodont>   Usually.
   <Zero>   I've heard of some psis who can't stand the sight of blood, too.
   <Amikeco>   Zero: Even some sangs don't like the sight of blood.
   <Marissa>   When I see blood I get hungry and cravings but don't feed from it by drinking it.
   <Damarus>   Anyone else getting really hungry now?
   <Myrbree>   My hungers come at different times.
   <Myrbree>   Damarus: I get hungry when I log into SangSpace, dont know why.
   <Zero>   @Damarus - See what I mean about imagination? It's similar for me - when I go to the aquarium, I start craving sushi.
   <Indigeo>   @Damarus: I have an addictive personality. It could be blood, sex, drugs, put it in my face and I want it even if I don't need it.
   <DeaconGray>   Are you a biological sexual feeder LadyV?
   <LadyV>   DeaconGray, no.
   <LadyV>   I feed during sex a lot. I bite into the thighs and drink my lovers blood.
   <LadyV>   I feel that itís an excellent way of them to show their love and devotion to me.
   <LadyV>   Psi does nothing for me.
   <LadyV>   I go to the food store and look at the people and think who looks best for dinner.
   <LadyV>   I do I live in a mixed neighborhood of medium upper class and some of the women look so delicious I think Mexican, Italian, GermanÖ umm oh yes, that Chinese is what shall I have for dinner tonight...
   <Zero>   @LadyV - And your human friends are ok with that? :)
   <Zero>   It's not what you are, it's who you eat that matters.
   <LadyV>   @Zero, Almost every one of my friends knows Iím what I am.
   <Zero>   @LadyV - I agree with that; I was just kidding.
   <Psinodont>   Most of my friends don't know about the sang.
   <Psinodont>   Some know about the psi.
   <Psinodont>   I have to hide it.
   <Psinodont>   It sounds... nutty.
   <Alira>   I only tell people what I am if they ask.
   <Amikeco>   Psinodont: None in my environment knows, and I don't think I should talk about it.
   <LadyV>   I dont hide it to those close around me.
   <Zero>   @LadyV - It's too much trouble to keep playing normal, so I only have friends who I don't have to lie to.
   <Merticus>   The same question as applied to Sangs - have you attempted or successfully psi feed and did this alleviate hunger and if so by how much?
   <Gabby>   Psi feeding makes me feel better, but it's missing that *zing* blood gives me.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: Have attempted to and actually can psi feed, but it doesn't alleviate the Need or even simple cravings at all.
   <sabastian_DeCavlier>   About the same.
   <Ankhhape>   I know this is morbid, but what about accidents and pain? It seems there would be an incredible heightened level of energy
   <Damarus>   @Ankhhape, Yes
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, Anywhere with high energy levels would be better sources of ambient energy, doesnít just have to be negative. Think like churches, clubs, etc. - same thing applies.
   <LadyV>   After so many accidents and seeing some horrible ones while driving a semitruck 18-wheeler I donít even like looking at accidents.
   <Indigeo>   @Ankhhape: Accidents have amazed me since a child; the bigger, the more interest and awe I have.
   <Merticus>   As you've aged have your feeding methods changed any or have you found that you need to feed more or less often?
   <DeaconGray>   It depends Merticus.
   <DeaconGray>   Merticus, I feed based on my physical need... as we age we slow down so we are not burning the energy as much, but as also do not heal as well so more is needed.
   <Gabby>   Feeding frequency and methods have definately changed in my active 20+ years.
   <Myrbree>   I used to prefer Psi feeding more but now as I get older I am prefering Sang feeding. But again, when I need to Psi feed I go and do it.
   <Damarus>   @Merticus - It depends on my current strength, if Iím able to hold it off, I can, after a while I do just go a bit nutty though. Iíve needed to feed more over the last two years though.
   <Isealdor>   @Hybrids do any of you have to feed using /both/ psi and sang methods? Like one or the other isnt enough, no matter how much you have of one?
   <Damarus>   @Isealdor - Either works, just sanguine is better.
   <Kani>   What is psi and sang again?
   <Isealdor>   Psi = psychic energy/prana/life force, whatever... Sang = blood, physical fluid.
   <Myrbree>   Isealdor: Not at the same time.
   <sabastian_DeCavlier>   No one satisfies as much as the other.
   <Myrbree>   I have noticed I get sang hungry first, then I get psi hungry a couple of days later
   <Ankhhape>   So would you all agree that psi / sang is a matter of preference and not necessity?
   <Gabby>   I would say necessity.
   <cynsanity>   No, Ankhkhape, for me it is a matter of necessity.
   <Ankhhape>   @cynsanity: Sorry, which way do you feed again?
   <cynsanity>   Ankhhape: Sang
   <Ankhhape>   @cynsanity: And you cannot feed psi wise?
   <cynsanity>   Ankhkhape: I *can* do it, but it doesn't help in the slightest.
   <diss>   @Ankhhape, I've shoved tons of psi-energy at her, and it doesn't help in the least .
   <Ankhhape>   I see.
   <Indigeo>   @Ankhhape: I have to say necessity, thinking of the biological condition of the human existence.
   <Indigeo>   Preference would infer something completely different.
   <Indigeo>   Would it not?
   <Kani>   Itís a necessity for me for feed off energy but the only time I feel the need for blood is when I see it.
   <Marissa>   Does anyone feed preferably from a certain gender? I like feeding from both.
   <Myrbree>   I prefer feeding from males.
   <Myrbree>   But I am ok feeding from a female.
   <LadyV>   I prefer females.   
   <Psinodont>   Either gender works... females seem to have less of a shield.
   <Merticus>   Does anyone wish to share any "different/uncommon" feeding methods they've practiced which they found effective?
   <Damarus>   @Merticus - Feeding off the sexual energy she had by "relieving herself" over the phone.
   <Merticus>   @ Pixie - have any vampires requested you donate in an unusual or strange manner?
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Merticus, No, not really.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Merticus - The weirdest feed I've given is when I shove energy at my vampires.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus, If I'm incredibly low, I find elemental energy is one of the better ways for me to get back up to a high enough energy level to feed from other sources, specifically energy from bodies of water, heat energy, or from electrical energy. Interestingly, elemental usually isnt all that effective as far as a major feeding source for me.
   <Amikeco>   Isealdor: I prefer trees, even though it sounds weird, but most humans here are too anxious or negative, I don't want it to hop over onto me.
   <Isealdor>   @Amikeco, Emotions from people dont tend to bother me... their energy signature/vibration level is usually more of what I'm concerned about. If it's low vibration, it doesnt do much of anything for me.
   <Isealdor>   And intense emotions tend to = higher vibrations.
   <Amikeco>   Isealdor: Sometimes I meet people with a high amount of energy (of my taste) but that's very rare - there's a reason why English has overtaken the word "angst", it seems.
   <Merticus>   Does anyone here have problems associating or being near any of the elements?  Such as water or fire?
   <LadyV>   @Merticus, Yes sometimes.
   <Kani>   I get a weird energy from water and end up drowing a lot.
   <Kani>   I have drowned about 4 times now.
   <LadyV>   I can take a shower and pilot a boat but I cannot swim. The water frightens me.
   <Merticus>   Anyone else feel an affinity towards trees?  Anyone else terrified of water or large bodies of water?
   <Alira>   Oh I love waterÖ I feel so light in it.
   <Marissa>   Fire makes be nervous but in a good way.
   <LadyV>   I like fire but it hates me.
   <Kani>   I love nature.
   <Indigeo>   @ Merticus: I feel at home near water.
   <Indigeo>   I belong there.
   <Gabby>   Yes, large bodies of water terrify me, from a former life experience.
   <Damarus>   I nearly drowned when I was 6, but otherwise no.
   <Alira>   I have two elements within me because I am also Wiccan.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   My brother cannot stand being wet. He'll shower and the like, but otherwise cannot stand water.
   <Kani>   Nature gives me a unique feeling that seems to make my mind clear a bit {which is hard to do}.
   <Marissa>   Open water scares me to death! But that might be from watching Jaws.
   <LadyV>   @Merticus, I live by water at my Florida home right on the Gulf of Mexico but I donít ever go in deep unless Iím on a boat.
   <LadyV>   I really freak out in as open field.
   <Myrbree>   I like fire energy the best.
   <Kani>   Fire attracts me.
   <Kani>   I grew up around open fields so it doesnt bother me much.
   <Damarus>   Am I the only one that doesnít have a problem with water or something?
   <Zero>   No water for me either.
   <Isealdor>   @Damarus, I donít.
   <Amikeco>   Damarus: Water is great.
   <Indigeo>   @Damarus: No, I would live in it if I could.
   <cynsanity>   I don't have a problem with water either, Damarus.
   <Corvis>   Water used to frighten me but I swim ok now.
   <Crystalis>   I love swimming but Iím not a big fan of large open bodies of water. I have a phobia about drowning.
   <Alira>   I donít have a problem with water Damarus.
   <Gabby>   I love water, love to swim, but no swimming in DEEP waters.
   <Myrbree>   I like energy from grass... unless the cat shit there a few minutes before and I didnít see it.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I don't have a problem with water.
   <Marissa>   @Damarus, I love water just not open water.
   <Merticus>   I have an affinity for water (I donít swim in deep water though but donít mind being over it in a boat).  Iíve just met more than a few vampires who can't handle water, crossing open bodies of water, etc.
   <Damarus>   Right, guess not then, was about to say, would have been a bit weird otherwise.
   <Sanguinarius>   Seriously?
   <Sanguinarius>   I've only heard that one in folklore.
   <Damarus>   I thought that was just a myth?
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus, How much was a purely psychological issue, learned versus an energetic one?
   <Merticus>   Usually the large and deep bodies part that weirds people out.
   *   Isealdor scuba dives...   
   <Merticus>   It's likely psychological but then again who knows... I actually focus better energetically around water.
   <Isealdor>   @Merticus, Same here... if I really need to clear my head and focus, I'm in the pool/lake/ocean/shower whatever.
   <Ankhhape>   What do you suppose the problem is between water elements and vampirism?
   <Zero>   I feel like it's an energetic problem; that much water in one place has a weird vibe that disagrees with me.
   <Zero>   Not a myth, apparently, but probably not what they mean in the folklore, either.
   <Crystalis>   I don't have a problem with crossing bodies of water... I just usually prefer to be above it when I do lol.
   <Amikeco>   High mountains scare me a bit, my town is, on average, 36 meters above sea level, so definitely not related to vampirism.
   <Indigeo>   Babies know how to swim.
   <Damarus>   Not very well though.
   <Indigeo>   Better than most adults I know.
   <Zero>   Moving water has a dispersing effect on energy; the Tibetan Buddhists use it to disperse the energy bound up in a mandala.
   <Zero>   But they won't do it if the water is moving too fast.
   <Merticus>   Take Zero to the desert or forest and put me in the ocean or mountains...
   <Zero>   @Merticus - Yes, desert!
   <Isealdor>   Zero: *shudders* you can have the desert.   
   <Gabby>   *Loves* the desert during monsoon season.
   <Crystalis>   @Gabby, We didn't get nearly enough of a monsoon season this year. I was bummed because it's my favorite time of year.
   <Gabby>   @Crystalis, I'm missing the Phoenix, AZ monsoons ::sigh::   
   <Crystalis>   @Gabby, So am I and I'm still in Phoenix, AZ.
   <Zero>   @Merticus - I'm good with mountains and forests, OK with small water (pools, ponds, steams, etc) bad with big water.
   <Isealdor>   @Zero, have you had to do any cross-ocean flights?
   <Zero>   @Isealdor, Yes
   <LadyV>   I really love graveyards.
   <Damarus>   I put the fun in funeral.
   <Sanguinarius>   I like graveyards.
   <Gabby>   I like the energy in paranormally active graveyards.
   <Corvis>   Graveyards are peaceful.
   *   cynsanity likes graveyards, too.
   <diss>   Cynsanity, you still haven't shown me your favourite graveyards.
   <LadyV>   My fangs get a itchy tingly feeling and I get turned on around graveyards.   
   <Kani>   Graveyards donít affect me much.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I take photos in cemetaries, but I don't feel calm there.
   <Crystalis>   I enjoy graveyards as well. I enjoy the history and the remnants of lives long past.
   <Amikeco>   As child I always wandered through a graveyard on my way to kindergarten but then we moved.
   <Myrbree>   I like just laying in the grass between graves in a graveyard. Especially in the fall.
   <Damarus>   @Everyone - who has what they would class as "fangs"?
   <LadyV>   Indigo, Yes on fangs - I have natural fangs.
   <Indigeo>   Fangs as in the actual biological sense of hollow venom-injecting teeth?
   <Indigeo>   Or fangs as in "pointy things".
   <LadyV>   No, like an extra long incisor.  Mine are an inch long.
   <Damarus>   No, fangs in the sense of big pointy things.
   <Sanguinarius>   Dogs and cats have fangs and they don't have hollow, venom-injecting teeth.
   <Crystalis>   Nope, no fangs here.
   <Marissa>   No fangs.
   <Kani>   No fangs either.
   <Damarus>   Tea > coffee.
   <Zero>   @Damarus - Everyone makes coffee wrong; American coffee is for shite.
   <DeaconGray>   How do you make it right Zero?
   <Damarus>   @Zero - I donít drink it, itís disgusting.
   <Zero>   Iíll mention later after we finish this question.
   <Merticus>   Anything else anyone would like to add on feeding methods or comparing and contrasting between psi and sang feeding?
   <diss>   Isealdor mentioned that different types of donors are more efficient for him, how is that for others?
   <AcrophobicPixie>   If I were a vampire, I'd be a pickle vampire.
   <Amikeco>   *cough* I never had a donor.
   <Isealdor>   @diss, Good question.
   <Merticus>   @diss - Some donors provide more potent forms of energy... really depends on my need at the moment. Iím not dependant on one form or another in large part.
   <Damarus>   @diss - Only ever had one, although I know that different animals have different tastes.
   <cynsanity>   @diss: High blood pressure is preferable, easily accessible veins, healthy and disease-free and good personal hygiene.
   <Marissa>   diss, It depends on your 'taste' and what you like.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @diss - Same goes for me. Some vamps are easier to shove energy into, than others. But I've never gotten any complaints, other than me shoving energy sometimes causing insomnia/headache from me shoving too much at the vampire.
   <Zero>   @diss - From anecdotal evidence, and from the survey data we've gathered (VEWRS), I think that the answer to that is going to be highly individualistic - we don't know the factors that make some donors better for some vamps than others, or the factors that go into whether or not some vampires end up with a preference of type or individual donor. I am guessing that these factors are highly idiosyncratic to each individual vampire and donor.
   <Zero>   @AcrophobicPixie - Have you ever tried to share energy with a non-vampire? I tried it once with a non-vampire magic friend who had just had his shields kind of blown up and was feeling scattered. I though it would help, and it kind of did, but he ended up photosensitve for a few hours, maybe even more than I am normally. It was weird.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Zero - Once, when I was a kid. I ended up falling asleep rather quickly afterwards, and apparently the energy super hyped up the friend.
   <Indigeo>   @Merticus: I only use a direct vein-feeding method. Luer-lock butterfly mechanism. No syringes, no cutting, I like to make the donor as safe as possible.
   <Merticus>   Do we have any phlebotomists or nurses here?
   <LadyV>   @Merticus, No but I have dated a few nurses and married a doctor once.
   <cynsanity>   @Merticus: As I said, venipuncture with Red Cross equipment. For safety of donor.
   <DeaconGray>   Great point cynsanity.
   <DeaconGray>   So do you recommend a class on blood draws?
   <LadyV>   Merticus, what about those with illness's that a sang vampire can get from a donor with an undisclosed virus?
   <Merticus>   @LadyV, I don't feed sang from untested donors or at random.
   <Crystalis>   @Merticus, I have found in the past that feeding via sang methods is more satisfying with some then with others. It's been quite a while since the last time I tried but other vampires and otherkin tend to satisfy the hunger much better.
   <LadyV>   Ok, say a donor has something that does not show up but later finds out that it was in their system can a sang contract the illness?
   <AcrophobicPixie>   LadyV - Depends on what it was.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   But most likely. Yes.
   <Merticus>   They can contract whatever virus or disease is in the donorís blood.
   <Isealdor>   @LadyV, Yes, vampires are susceptible to any communicable disease, same as anyone else.
   <Ankhhape>   Question for any donors here: Is it also of importance to stay in great health in order to provide clean, potent energy?
   <diss>   @Ankhhape, Yeah, we do have to stay healthy. I donated psi only once when I was physically not doing well, and it was outright painful.
   <Ankhhape>   @diss: What about subtle body-wise, would you keep energy running smooth via Rieki / Qi Gong or other techniques?
   <diss>   @Ankhhape, When I was psi-donoring my whole system got rather unbalanced, part of why I don't donate psi anymore.
   <Isealdor>   How many are donors here? And feeding off of Ankhhape's question, how many find they do better donating if they practice some form of meditation or Reiki, etc?
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor - I fall asleep trying to meditate. I just monitor my energy levels, and have back up vamps for when I'm over loading and need to dump fast.
   <Merticus>   For the donors here do any of you have any feeding method concerns to share/voices regarding vampires?
   *   Rayne chooses not to be a donor.
   <Kani>   There is a lot of energy in the fall though from nature changing if you ever notice.
   <Myrbree>   Anyone else sense tingels more in a certain season?
   <LadyV>   Yes, during fall.
   <Myrbree>   Mine heightens a lot in the fall.
   <Myrbree>   My favorite season of all.
   <LadyV>   I love the fall.
   <Amikeco>   Myrbree: Spring and autumn/fall are great.
   <Gabby>   Yes, fall and spring.
   <Ankhhape>   Do you all feel more balanced around the Equinox's?
   <LadyV>   Ankhhape, sometimes.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   No, equinoxes actually make me loopy. Same with the solstices
   <Damarus>   I know one.
   <Myrbree>   My senses start to highten at August 1st and reach its highest point on Halloween, and fades off on February 2nd.
   <Myrbree>   Between February 2nd through July 30th I just canít stand it.
   <Myrbree>   I hate spring and summer.
   <Damarus>   I hate summer and winter.
   <cynsanity>   I can't stand spring and summer.
   <cynsanity>   Melting to death, low blood pressure, collapsing easily, easily get a sunstroke.
   <Isealdor>   @Cynsanity, "melting to death"?
   <cynsanity>   @Isealdor: Sweating, hardly able to move... stuff like that.
   <Merticus>   I prefer fall and winter.
   <LadyV>   I dislike summer; too hot.
   <Damarus>   Winter always has white clouds, which reflects the sun everywhere, practically blinding me, and the sun in summer just hurts.
   <Amikeco>   Myrbree: I suffer in late spring and throughout summer, the heat is unbearable and the sun is much brighter (though I was close to heat strokes last winter twice... while stumbling through the snow.  I have Russian ancestors).
   <Alira>   I enjoy having the clouds out all day... I can see much better that way, without sunglasses.
   <Myrbree>   I just hate the heat of spring and summer.
   <Myrbree>   Spring is just creepy... pink bunnies and all.   
   <Myrbree>   Hornets seem to like me in the spring and summer.
   <Myrbree>   I must taste good.
   <Myrbree>   And feel good to sting.
   <Damarus>   Gray dark clouds yes, complete whiteout no.
   <jyu_dragon>   I never goes outside without sunglasses on.
   <Damarus>   @jyudragon - Agreed.
   <Damarus>   I physically cannot see without my sunglasses, I have to shut my eyes or it just hurts like a bitch.
   <Marissa>   I prefer fall. Thatís why I love Ireland. It feels like fall there.
   <Marissa>   I've been to Ireland three times and I feel better there. Physically and mentally.
   <Merticus>   @Marissa - With you on Ireland :)
   <Myrbree>   I so want to go to Ireland some day.
   <Damarus>   Ditto Myrbree.
   <LadyV>   Go to Scotland, much more beautiful.
   <Damarus>   Scotland is full of pricks though.
   <LadyV>   Go up in the highlands.
   <Rayne>   Ireland is a beautiful place, except there are too many cranes.
   <Myrbree>   My great grandparents were Irish immigrants.
   <Damarus>   Iím 1/16th Irish.
   <Crystalis>   Iím 1/4 Irish.
   <LadyV>   Iím pure bred Scottish.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Iím 1/4 German.
   <Marissa>   I'm 1/4 British, 1/4 French, and the rest is mut.
   <Ankhhape>   I'm usually 100% scotch by 8 PM.
   <Amikeco>   I have to wear sunglasses at daylight all the time, maybe because of the UV rays, no idea.
   <Gabby>   The non-sunglasses migraines are a bitch.
   <LadyV>   I have even a pair of sunglasses that I use when riding the bike for night they have a blue haze to them I see wonderfully even at night or during gray days.
   <Damarus>   I need to get stronger ones.
   <DeaconGray>   Wow, I am not that sensitive I just burn easy and hate the bright light.
   <jyu_dragon>   I suffer from phototoxicity and have genetic defect of the eyes.
   <Indigeo>   My photophobia sucks. Eyes turn red, tears run, eyes shut, and I must have sunglasses with me at all times.
   <Zero>   Sunglasses are your friend: http://www.safetyglassesusa.com/sb1850sf.html (Welding glasses, as per Sangi's once-upon-a-time suggestion)
   <Damarus>   @Zero, Theyíre only $6 Dollars?  Iím buying some of those.
   <Amikeco>   @Cynsanityís earlier comment about melting (exactly) - And the stupid university system forces me to attend and write tests in late summer where the heat is close to 40 degrees C, I'm more concerned about not falling to the ground.
   *   Myrbree has no idea what 40 degree C equates to in F degrees
   <Zero>   40 degrees C is approximately 104 degrees F.
   <Myrbree>   We damned Americans and our having different measurements than the rest of the world!
   <Amikeco>   Myrbree: http://unit-converter.org/
   <Amikeco>   Myrbree: 104 degrees F; everything above 71.6 degrees F is too hot.
   <Myrbree>   Yes, 104 degrees F... way too hot.
   <Myrbree>   Iíd pass out.
   <DeaconGray>   Me too.
   <Myrbree>   Reminds me of my trailer this past summer.
   <Marissa>   I hate anything over 80 degrees F.
   <Marissa>   Anything under 80 degrees I can't tell the difference.
   <Indigeo>   My basal temperature is 78.2, 76.2, something 7 point 2 just like my mom.
   <Zero>   Are we talking about hot weather tolerance?  I'm not happy until it's above 95F/35C.
   <Amikeco>   Zero: We can never go on holidays together.
   <Isealdor>   @Zero, Opposite here, I'm not happy if it's above about 80 degrees F.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I can tolerate most weather. I'll just whine because I can.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I can tolerate high heat. It's high humidity with said heat that kills me.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   But then, I'm good with cold temperatures, as well.
   <Merticus>   Once it approaches over 75 degrees F I start experiencing discomfort.
   <Zero>   @Merticus - Yes, I have noticed! I'm the only one whose dial goes up to 120 degrees F.
   <Isealdor>   @Zero, I know several others who are extremely cold blooded, too, have to have it warm. Do you have a lower or higher than average body temperature?
   <Zero>   @Isealdor - I'm a "normal" 98.6 degrees F unless ill with a fever. I have older relatives who are somewhere around 96.8, though.
   <Amikeco>   Even when I'm ill, I nearly never get fever, and if I get it, then I must be really, really ill.
   <cynsanity>   As for heat, if it gets over 25 Celsius, I start having problems and need medications to keep upright.
   <Marissa>   What's your perfect day weather wise?
   <Myrbree>   I like it cold. Like 35 degrees.
   <diss>   I like a very wide range of temperatures, as long as I can eventually get out of them.
   <jyu_dragon>   Optimum range -20 to +17 degrees C.
   <Marissa>   My temperature is around 86.5 - 87 Degrees F.
   <Isealdor>   @Zero, Do the ones with lower temperature have the same affinity for hot weather you do?
   <Zero>   @Isealdor, no, actually, quite the opposite - the heat-tolerant ones are 98.6 inside, and the low-temperature relatives sleep with the window open in winter.
   <Zero>   @Amikeco & Isealdor - Yes, I'm definitely in a minority in this community.
   <Isealdor>   @Zero, Interesting, more how I am. I run temperature a fair bit below average, and donít handle heat well.
   <Corvis>   I have a lower normal body temperature but my wife calls me her human hot water bottle because I radiate so much heat.
   <Gabby>   All the vampires in my family run hot, I like it colder.
   <Merticus>   c. Open Vampire Community Discussion: Any topic youíd like to bring up for discussion is welcome.
   <diss>   With all the health issues, what can we donors (and non-donor swans) do to help, besides being there as donors?
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Diss - Like I keep saying, yeah the donating thing is important, but we're more of a support system for our vampires than anything else.
   <diss>   Pixie, I try to be that. A support, I mean. But what do the vampires say? Do you guys want us to act as supports besides as donors?
   <cynsanity>   I don't know, diss, Pixie...
   <Isealdor>   @diss, I like having friends who are donors (not necessarily my donor)... gives me someone to bounce ideas off of and questions and get their perspective. So yes, donors as support = good.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Most of my vamps I don't feed. I just am there to back them up when they need it. And if I date a vampire (like I sort of am now) they have to understand the rules on me and omnoming.
   <CatsPaw>   Sorry, I'm a bit idly, did anyone say if they have access to someone who can test blood?  They're welcome to mine (donor) and I think Psinodont would offer too.
   <diss>   CatsPaw, were you offering your blood as donor or for research?
   <CatsPaw>   Offering it for research, to see if we can find something that's missing, and enzyme or something.
   <CatsPaw>   I'm offering mine as a comparison against sang blood.
   <Rayne>   How do you all feel about people who chose not to donate?
   <Zero>   @Rayne - It's everyone's personal choice. I don't feel like it's anyone's place to approve or disapprove of someone's choices like that.
   <Isealdor>   @Rayne, I have absolutely no problem with anyone who doesnt want to be a donor, and honestly in the community would probably have more respect for them, because there's often sort of a pressure for people to either be a vampire or be donor to "belong" to the community.
   <Rayne>   But, for example, if your partner chose not to be a donor, would you be okay with that, too?
   <Isealdor>   @Rayne, About the partner not being a donor... it very much would depend on the dynamics of the individual relationship for me.
   <Rayne>   @Isealdor, Say for example if D (like I said, example) decided not to be your donor, would you be comfortable with that?
   <Isealdor>   @Rayne, I think that'd be something that'd have to be worked out between us, and would then also include what feelings/thoughts were on other feeding sources for me.
   <LadyV>   How many have problems meeting a person and having a very lasting relationship?
   <Damarus>   Ironically the only decent relationships I had, where with other vampires.
   <Damarus>   And that was before i was even aware they were one.
   <LadyV>   I have had so many relationships and five marriages and dated so many I look like a whore on a Las Vegas strip.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Personally, I prefer to date outside of the community. Though, my current fling is a member.
   <Gabby>   Yes, the relationships always lasted better for me when they were also kin.
   <LadyV>   How many have had relationship problems?
   <Indigeo>   Any human does, LadyV?
   <cynsanity>   Everyone has relationship problems.
   <Myrbree>   I dont have any.
   <DeaconGray>   True enough.
   <Isealdor>   @LadyV unrelated, and no, personally.
   <Corvis>   I think the relationship problem question was in direct relation to the issue of vampirism.
   <Corvis>   I am lucky in that I was awakened after I met my wife and we have not had issues in our relationship based on vampirism.
   <LadyV>   Youíre lucky Corvis.
   <Corvis>   We have a friend who has had some difficulty in relationships because his girlfriends have thought it was weird or freaky.
   <Amikeco>   Who else has multi-coloured eyes?
   <cynsanity>   Me, Amikeco.
   <Gabby>   I do too, the eyes.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I do. But they're weird, and never show up right in pictures.
   <Indigeo>   Amikeco: Like heterochromia or imagine your eyes change colour?
   <Amikeco>   No, my eyes have several rings, two green types, brown, a bit dark greyish and a yellow ring.
   <Indigeo>   Yes, people have that, non-vampire.
   <Amikeco>   I have never said I attribute it to vampirism.
   <Indigeo>   My cousin has three rings.
   <Indigeo>   Then again, Acadian heritage.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Amikeco - Mine are three rings, gray, bronzey, and green.
   <Myrbree>   I have a white rings in my eyes.
   <Amikeco>   Pixie, neat mixture as well :)
   <Myrbree>   I was born with gray eyes and then they turned blue.
   <cynsanity>   I'm grey-green-blue with a bronze/yellow-ring around my pupil which I inherited from my dad.
   <Myrbree>   People get creeped out when they look in my eyes.
   <Marissa>   My eyes are blue with a metallic silver mix.
   <LadyV>   I know that when I get mad my eyes glow I have pictures and been told so.
   <LadyV>   And not a red color itís bright gold.
   <LadyV>   When Iím not well my eyes turn a green color.
   <Marissa>   This is going to sound weird but is anyone afraid of zombies?
   <Zamar>   Afraid of Zombies? Not with a Zombocalypse emergency plan.
   <Marissa>   Thanks ZamarÖ
   <Zamar>   With the amount of zombie games and movies I watch and play I've no need to worry.
   <Amikeco>   Marissa: Yes, I do have a special fear from and affinity to zombies.
   <Amikeco>   Maybe I shouldn't have started playing Resident Evil at 13.
   <Myrbree>   Amikeco: I guess that means your not going to go see Zombieland then?
   <Amikeco>   Myrbree: Oh, I will! I love zombie stuff!
   <Marissa>   I can never go to bed with out thinking about zombies...
   <Marissa>   Zombies freak me out!
   <Amikeco>   Myrbree: http://www.thezombiehunters.com/index.php?strip_id=1 You should read this web comic.
   <Zero>   @Amikeco - "Zombies" are George Romero's way of telling us what's wrong with society - mob mentality, crass consumerism, and being broken but functional enough to break everyone else. I'm not afraid of zombies, I'm afraid of PEOPLE.
   <Amikeco>   Zero: Romero's stuff is usually too moral, I prefer zombies to be zombies and not an allegory.
   <Marissa>   You think Zombies are real on some level?
   <Zero>   Zombies are a metaphor. They are George Romero telling us what's wrong with us. The things that make zombies dangerous are the things that make human beings dangerous. So "real" is kind of a moot question.
   <Zamar>   You're all ruining Zombies by making me realize they're a metaphor.
   <Amikeco>   That humans are dangerous is a fact everyone surely knows.
   <Zero>   @Amikeco - They're still just people who mob you, wanting to eat your brains, or wanting to kick your ass for being of a different religion or race.  I don't see much difference.
   *   AcrophobicPixie starts singing ďYour Brains" since Ami and Zero got it stuck in her head.
   <DeaconGray>   Still wondering about that coffee from Zero.
   <Zero>   @DeaconGray - What was the question, sorry?
   <DeaconGray>   Zero you said American coffee sucks... how do you make it?
   <DeaconGray>   French press... stronger...
   <Zero>   @DeaconGray - Use a cezve boiler, fine grind, and spices like cardamom and clove.
   <Zero>   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_coffee
   <diss>   Turkish/Greek coffee is yummy.
   <diss>   But my preference is a simple espresso.
   <Damarus>   How does everyone feel about Halloween comming up and the obvious increase in interest towards vampires that will be occuring soon?
   <LadyV>   Damarus, well itís my time of the year to make a good living.
   <LadyV>   I get a lot of horror convention offers and a lot of movie offers and personal appearance offers... I like Halloween.
   <Corvis>   Damarus, I think it's good for my book sales.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Damarus - It happens every year. You learn to deal or wash out, IMO.
   <Gabby>   Yay, Halloween!
   <CC_Care>   Iím looking forward to dressing up like a movie vampire.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I'm going to go as a dark vampire pixie... Got fangs, glitter, and wingsÖ will be awesome.
   <Zamar>   Thereís pretty much no Halloween in my town.
   <Myrbree>   I still think I should make "Edwards vampire gliitter gel" and make a fortuneÖ lol
   <Gabby>   I just like the "veil being thinnerĒ around then... yummy
   <Myrbree>   Gabby: Indeed.
   <Myrbree>   I love the smell of burning jack-o-lanterns on Halloween too.
   <Marissa>   I like to hear and see the non-vampire perspective on vampires during Halloween.
   <Isealdor>   @Damarus, It happens every year, and comes and goes. People eventually get bored by about Thanksgiving and mostly leave us alone :)
   <Rayne>   @Isealdor, *nods*
   <Amikeco>   Halloween here is just some stupid import from the States, most don't care about it and see it as excuse to drink a lot; I don't think it increases interest in vampires here in Germany.
   <Myrbree>   Damarus: I already have idiots e-mailing my Broken Coffin contact e-mail about stupid questions JUST because itís getting closer to Halloween.
   <Zero>   @Damarus - I think most everyone out there are wankers, but Halloween is good for business, because it puts all this "ooky stuff" into a fun and harmless context where the muggles can feel less threatened approaching it.  It's a good time to get some education in edgewise.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I agree with Zero.
   <Damarus>   I just thought seeing as because Twilight (movie/book) has become a bloody fad everywhere there would be more focus this year.
   <Marissa>   I HATE TWILIGHT!
   <LadyV>   Twilight sucked.
   <Rayne>   Twilight is my favourite time of the day.
   <Amikeco>   The only thing which bothers me is that our boards will be overrun by kiddos and posers.
   <Isealdor>   @Amikeco, Running one of those boards, I can honestly say you get used to that, too.
   <Amikeco>   Isealdor: Well, on the VCMB we have a special way to handle such... one of the most effective means is cynsanity.
   <Isealdor>   @Amikeco, In the Realm, there's Taka and Lynard for that.
   <Corvis>   The good thing about Halloween and Twilight, etc. is that it can bring more awareness to the general public.
   <Merticus>   Thanks for attending and participating in Session 1 (4 PM EDT).  You are welcome to come back for Session 2 (9 PM EDT).
   <Merticus>   <<<<<<END DISCUSSION LOG - SESSION 1>>>>>>

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<Isealdor>   <<<<<< BEGIN DISCUSSION LOG - SESSION 2 >>>>>>   
   <Isealdor>   Voices of the Vampire Community
   <Isealdor>   Global Vampire Community Discussion - September 20, 2009
   <Isealdor>   I.  Discussion Information
   <Isealdor>   Welcome to the third Global Vampire Community Discussion hosted by Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC).  The transcript from tonightís meeting is being logged and will be made publicly available.  Unlike the transcripts of our Public Agenda VVC Meetings, these Global Vampire Community Discussions are generally not edited for grammatical errors or the discussion restructured to align in sequence for question and answer responses.
   <Isealdor>   Topics will be presented in the order they appear on the agenda.  Please do not skip ahead and please do not suggest discussion of items not on the agenda until at the end of each major discussion topic.
   <Isealdor>   Feel free to speak your mind on any and all topics in a civil manner and offer any supporting information, links, or material as needed.
   <Isealdor>   II.  Background & Introduction
   <Isealdor>   VVC was founded January 2006.
   <Isealdor>   The purpose of the Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) is to develop friendly relations among the various Houses, Covens, Orders, organizations, and individual leaders of the vampire community; to encourage cooperation in solving community related problems and in promoting respect for the views, ideas, and opinions of others without seeking to establish a unifying or governing body; and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of groups in attaining these ends. Ė August 8, 2006
   <Isealdor>   Voices Of The Vampire Community (VVC) does not assert itself as the exclusive organization of leaders or notable persons in the vampi(y)re community nor do we view ourselves or our actions as legislative or authoritarian.
   <Isealdor>   The members of the VVC are representative of multiple groups, Houses, Orders, paths, beliefs, and segments of the vampi(y)re community who meet and are able to put aside personal differences to work together to discuss, suggest, implement, and support projects, ideas, and other intellectual works that help to improve the overall community.
   <Isealdor>   For more information please visit our web site at:  http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/vvc.html
   <Isealdor>   We are available to answer questions through the community feedback form available at the site above.
   <Isealdor>   III.  Discussion - Session 2
   <Isealdor>   a. Your Personal Health: What is your opinion on the correlation of various medical maladies common to some sanguinarian and/or psychic vampires?  What steps do you take to ensure optimum physical and mental health?
   <YoungChild>   Migraines are about all I have for major medical issues.
   <Tasogare>   Yeah, I agree with YoungChild, I get a lot of migraines.
   <Gabby>   Migraine city.
   <Gabby>   Currently I am having serious sleeping issues.
   <Tasogare>   I keep a supply of Excedrin and Tylenol with me at school so whenever I start to get a migraine I can go to the office and take some medicine right away.
   <SphynxCatVP>   My opinion is that many of the medical maladies are at least partially, if not totally, related to bad health, poor nutrition, and lack of nutritional knowledge, coupled with depending on doctors to prescribe the "next miracle pill" for the latest malady.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   It is common for me to be unfocused.
   <YoungChild>   Any suggestions?  Iíve found the high power pills help and then using caffeine and medications ease it.
   <Anshar>   Regular checkups. Migraine medication. The ability to separate things rationally.
   <JohnReason>   In my opinion, there is only marginal correlation between my vampiric state, and physical maladies. I have noticed that I tend to become aggravated more easily when I need to feed (Like I have low blood sugar) and I often get tired.
   <MikeFuture>   I think it is obvious that good health plays an important role in how the vampiric condition(s) affect our well being. I believe it is very important for us to maintain good health. I also believe the healthier we are, the less severe the symptoms.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Keeping a food diary, tracking what you eat, drink, and some of the things you come in contact with, can also determine what allergens you may be exposed to, if there's a pattern.
   <Tasogare>   Does anyone else have vasovagal syncope?
   <Isealdor>   Some of the common ones reported for the VEWRS study were anemia, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypoglycemia, migraines, and fibromyalgia.
   <Isealdor>   Reference: http://www.suscitatio.com/images/VEWRS-037-08.29.09-Chart.jpg
   *   Amber_Psionic is anemic, sleeping problems, anxiety disorder, PTSD and "women's problems" as wellÖ I am medicated for all.
   <Tasogare>   @Amber_Psionic I also have anxiety, what medicine do you take for it?
   <Amber_Psionic>   @Tasogare, I am on Xanax.
   <Tasogare>   @Amber_Psionic that's what I am on as well.
   <JohnReason>   Also, my allergies tend to be worse when I need to feed.
   <HeatherPurri>   I feel miserable during the Lightside of the year, particularly Beltaine, but extremely lustful and powerful during the Darkside of the year, especially around Samhain [Halloween].
   <Gabby>   My sleeping issues, I am getting them medically looked into, but I feel as if I have, shall we say, a nightside versus dayside battle going on, lack of feeling rested, hard time sleeping, intense dreams, insomnia.
   <MikeFuture>   Using "quick fix" substitutes is pretty common in the community (in my experience), but I think it is important for vampires to find healthy substitutes that work for them.
   <Isealdor>   @SphynxCatVP, If the majority are related to simply poor health, do you think vampiric feeding would help anyone who is ill or has poor nutrition, then?
   <Isealdor>   Not saying that I dont think a lot of people in the community actually simply have poor health, poor nutrition, etc. and are attributing it to vampirism. I'm a fan of anyone who thinks they're a vampire getting medical checkups and such first.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Vampiric feeding helps - but improving one's diet (less junk, artificial whatever, etc - more whole foods and simple foods, less work for the body) and adding better nutritional supplements goes a long way towards keeping one sane either in between feedings or in times of blood deprivation.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   I agree with Sphynx on that one, I've had to change my diet in order to go longer between feedings, and I feel much better.
   <YoungChild>   Agreed xgaladrialkaine, but I was exercising more, as odd as that sounds, my feeding habits got "deeper" and lasted longer.
   <YoungChild>   I find that the doctors are very fond of the blood workups though.
   <Anshar>   Thankfully symptoms can be treated regardless of causes, whether they're medically recognized or not.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I'm all for any and all non-invasive diagnostics.
   <SphynxCatVP>   If a doctor wants to run blood work to make sure I don't have xyz ailment, hey, I'm all about that, man! :) I'd rather rule something in or out than never know.
   <MikeFuture>   Quick fix substitutes are things such as white sugar which includes all soda, candy, baked goods, etc.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @MikeFuture - Most sodas, candy, baked goods, etc. have FRUCTOSE or HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (or some permuation thereof) - not a proper sugar.
   <MikeFuture>   Yes, even worse in my opinion.
   <Amber_Psionic>   HFCS is more addictive and much more harmful than sugar.
   <SphynxCatVP>   HFCS + Chloride = high blood pressure.
   <SphynxCatVP>   As I've cut the fructose out of MY diet, MY blood pressure AND heart rate has DROPPED.
   <Amber_Psionic>   I find I have problems digesting gluten as well.... no idea why that is.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Amber_Psionic - You may have celiac if you have true gluten issues, you can get that tested.
   <Tasogare>   When I went to the doctors for my fainting episodes, they just told me it was puberty.
   <Tasogare>   Common vasovagal syncope.
   <JohnReason>   I think that the best thing a vampire can do is to analyze what members of their family go through as well. I know that sleep problems and lack of appetite are prevalent in my family, so I attribute my difficulty sleeping at night as opposed to the day to genetic issues.
   <HeatherPurri>   I think the intake of body fluids from others [blood, saliva, and sexual fluids] gives one some kind of proteins or whatnot from the other individual.
   <Isealdor>   I dont think there's substantial enough amounts of nutrients in blood to notably effect one with the quantities that most feed on.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor, honestly, I wouldn't think so either? But I can't argue with the effects.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Excercising more I think brings out the innate need to feed, we are after all hunter-gatherers originally, so raising your metabolism makes sense if your feeding got deeper.
   <Ankhhape>   Are most of you over or under weight?
   <Amber_Psionic>   Over at the moment.
   <Amber_Psionic>   As a child I was under.
   <HeatherPurri>   Neither
   <YoungChild>   Neither
   <Tasogare>   Iím right for my age, but "overweight" for my height.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I'm "vertically challenged" :)
   <Tasogare>   @SphynxCatVP, I am as well. I am under 5 feet.
   <ambeisis>   @SphynxCatVP, I'm "vertically challenged" as well.
   <Isealdor>   My weight fluxes.
   <ambeisis>   My weight is normal.
   <Gabby>   Overweight at the moment.
   <Adevarat>   Technically on target weight but I feel overweight because I'm topped out on BMI before I hit overweight.
   <Amber_Psionic>   My doctor wants me down to 135lbs or less... I'm 5'7".
   <YoungChild>   That is nonsense, I'm about the same height and the doctors told me 160 is about right.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Amber_Psionic - Your doctor is an idiot, 135 at your height? Thatís too damn skinny.
   <SphynxCatVP>   135 is closer to MY ideal weight, and I'm just over 5'.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Amber_Psionic I'm a tick shorter than you, and my doc wants me down to 145.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   But the only reason they want me on the lower end is because Type II diabetes and heart issues run in my family.
   <Amber_Psionic>   I feel strongest when I am around 155.
   <Adevarat>   I'm 132 and 5'2, not good for me.
   <JohnReason>   I keep a consistent weight that is technically overweight for my height, but I am in good shape and have no trouble running, working, etc except for my bad knees.
   <Tasogare>   I'm 4 foot 11 and 7/8 and 108.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   I'm unfortunately overweight, but I only recently went to the doctor for gluten intolerance... so I'm working on that.
   <JohnReason>   I am just shy of 6' and about 170 lbs. I wear it well. lol
   <HeatherPurri>   The skinnier I am the more easily I faint around the mention of blood. But at any weight I can faint from the mention of blood.
   <Isealdor>   Weight isn't usually the best measure of health... there are too many other factors involved, like BMI, body build, etc.
   <Anshar>   Well, the BMI isn't a measure of health at all.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar, I wasn't saying it is... just saying there are more things that go into weight than just the number and height ratios.
   <Amber_Psionic>   Body fat percentage is a better indicator of true health.
   <MikeFuture>   I'd like to hear more about the symptoms that psi vamps suffer from.
   <Adevarat>   I'm hybrid, so far as I know I'm the same as sang and psi.
   <HeatherPurri>   I drink blood and drink energy too.
   <JohnReason>   For the record, I am a sanguinarian.
   <YoungChild>   @MikeFuture, I get the migraines, dizziness, sight loss, and nausea.
   <ambeisis>   @MikeFuture, For me it's exhaustion. I've had every test under the sun done and my doctors say I'm in perfect health.
   <Anshar>   @MikeFuture: For me it's migraines, inability to sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, and irritability.
   <Anshar>   Like, trying to sleep underneath of a subway track for 20 hours irritability.
   <MikeFuture>   @Anshar: Thanks, I think irritability is something we all can relate to.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Anshar, totally with you on the irritability. Do you find yourself violently short of temper as well?
   <Anshar>   @xgaladrialkaine: Yea, I'm a monster to be around when I'm like that.
   <Amber_Psionic>   Most nights I only get 4 hours sleep.
   <Isealdor>   How many here have a diagnosed medical condition of some form?   And what, if you donít mind sharing?
   <SphynxCatVP>   Arthritis
   <SphynxCatVP>   Actually, no, that's not properly diagnosed.
   <SphynxCatVP>   But everyone in my family over 30 has it, and I'm over 40, so....
   <Tasogare>   I do, Isealdor.
   <Tasogare>   I've said it before, I have vasovagal syncope.
   <Tasogare>   As well as anxiety.
   <Amber_Psionic>   I don't have arthritis yet.
   <Adevarat>   I was diagnosed with panic and anxiety and severe depression. No diagnoses of physical issues.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor, arthritis and bipolar disorder, but I'm not a vampire.
   <Adevarat>   I'm a "mystery".
   *   Isealdor has a thyroid condition, among other things.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Hyper or hypo?
   <Isealdor>   @SphynxCatVP: Grave's, but post-radiation, so hypo, now.
   <Adevarat>   My man thinks I need to have my thyroid checked.
   <Sephirious>   @Isealdor I have a birth defect called Spina Bifida.
   <SphynxCatVP>   How bad, Sephirious?
   <Sephirious>   @SphynxCatVP, I'm permanently wheelchair-bound.
   <Zombed>   Panic attacks seem to be common with sanguinarians.
   <YoungChild>   @Isealdor so far nothing medically picked out.
   <Gabby>   I have degenerative disc disease, and additional bones in the pelvic region, throwing off my back and legs/feet to boot.
   <bloodypinklady>   Have we hit anemia yet?
   <bloodypinklady>   Looks like we hit everything else so far and I've only been here less than a minute.
   <MikeFuture>   Mood swings are a big thing with me.
   <MikeFuture>   As is blurry visions and dry mouth.
   <Tasogare>   Iíve gone blind before, but that was connected with my fainting
   <Gabby>   I am very short tempered, especially lately.
   <Zombed>   A study on the effects of brain chemistry, seratonin, etc. might be helpful.
   <Adevarat>   Anyone else suffer from vertigo issues?
   <Gabby>   I'm going to get a sleep study done...I am curious to see what the results will be.
   <Gabby>   I know I can dream within minutes of falling asleep.
   <Zombed>   Probably differences in delta waves.
   <HeatherPurri>   My lungs, kidneys, and blood are perfectly healthy, and my kidneys are almost unworldly healthy.
   <JohnReason>   I have had serious joint pain since I was about 12. I am not sure if it is because of involvement in extreme sports, or what. I have often wondered if it had to do with Agent Orange due to my father's involvement in Vietnam, as well as his high Agent Orange test results.
   <Tasogare>   And I've also had this cloudy vision where I saw a sort of shine around everything.
   <Tasogare>   In both cases, my pupils have been so huge they practically take over my entire eye.
   <SphynxCatVP>   My recent labwork this spring netted me a fairly normal (considering my age) bill of health.
   *   Amber_Psionic has had a gallbladder removed and 4 golfball sized stones taken as well... and a ruptured cyst repair operation within the past 18 months.
   <Adevarat>   Oh, I do have one issue with my heart but I donít remember what itís called, I just remember what causes it.
   <Isealdor>   For those with medical conditions, do you find that feeding properly helps lessen the severity of your symptoms/condition?
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor, Definitely yes on that :)
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor, Me feeding my vamp(s) helps out with some things, but not everything.
   <Adevarat>   A proper feed can lessen some physical symptoms or make them go away completely for a period of time.
   <Sephirious>   @Isealdor, Yes, though not always.
   <Gabby>   For me, depends of which method of feeding.
   <Tasogare>   Yes, feeding helps me.
   <Tasogare>   But I havent fed in 3 months, so Iíve had an increase in migraines and fainting and such.
   <MikeFuture>   I have lingering injuries to my knees and back. After a feeding, in some cases, I am pain free for a good amount of time but I cannot yet attribute that to feeding.
   <Anshar>   At first I thought the whole energy thing was bullshit. Then one of my migraines went away in 30 seconds. That made me scratch my chin.
   <Adevarat>   I have to mainly rely on energy to feed, so it isnít BS to me. It helps me.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Isealdor: It's something about blood. I can take all the iron I want and eat all the red meat I can in a day, but blood's what does it.
   <bloodypinklady>   I have yet to sample any human since official diagnosis, but I've had (cooked) beef juice.
   <Isealdor>   @Donors, If you have medical conditions, do you find that being fed on makes them worse?
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor, Sometimes it can trigger my arthritis to act up, but other than that, no.
   <Ankhhape>   So, does everyone attribute their ailments to being vampires?
   <Adevarat>   @Ankhhape... not all symptoms.
   <YoungChild>   @Ankhhape, not at all.
   <Gabby>   The migraines, and sleeping yes, the other ailments, no, in my opinion.
   <JohnReason>   @Ankhape: I try to look at all ailments from an analytical point of view before attributing them to vampirism.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Ankhhape - No, definitely not, lol.
   <HeatherPurri>   Any ailments I have I attribute to being a vampire because medically speaking I'm perfectly fine.
   <Sephirious>   @Ankhhape, No, as I said, mine is a birth defect, which I believe is totally unrelated.
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, Not at all. I would say my medical conditions are as separate as anything within a full body system can be... just that having a proper feeding routine tends to help with the symptoms in much the same way that having a healthy diet or exercising does.
   <MikeFuture>   No, we can't attribute it all to vampirism because we don't know what vampirism is.
   <Zombed>   You can't attribute it all to vampirism.
   <Zombed>   That's why it's so hard to pin anything down.
   <Tasogare>   Well, the doctors dont have any other explanation for my ailments except for puberty.
   <ambeisis>   Does anyone else have a problem with constantly feeling cold?
   <SphynxCatVP>   @ambeisis - Yes, lately, inbetween feedings, I'm feeling more cold than usual.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @ambeisis, Yes on the cold thingÖ and the doctors say I have great circulation.
   <ambeisis>   @xgaladrialkaine, Same here. For me it can be 80 degrees out and I'll still feel cold.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @ambeisis, I live in California where it's warm most of the time.  I think I need to move somewhere tropical.
   <ambeisis>   @xgaladrialkaine, Why somewhere tropical?
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @ambeisis, If I'm lucky... somewhere tropical might help with feeling cold, though I find it odd... my baseline temperature is almost always around 99-100 degrees.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Yet I always feel cold.
   <ambeisis>   @xgaladrialkaine, Maybe it will help. From my experience it hasn't done much for me.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @ambeisis, AwwÖ that's no good.
   <Zombed>   What about lower than normal body temperature?
   <Zombed>   Resting heart rate?
   <Isealdor>   @Zombed, I tend to run a fair bit below the 98.6 F average.
   <Gabby>   My extremities always run cold.
   <JohnReason>   My body temperature is about 97 degrees F, and on both occasions that I gave whole blood, I was REALLY cold for about a month. Donating plasma doesn't cause this.
   <HeatherPurri>   I'm ice cold to the touch if I'm not using my energy and that cold lingers longer than ordianry cold does. When I am using it I am hot to the touch and it lingers longer than ordinary heat. My baseline body temperature is about 96.5 F.
   <Zombed>   HeatherPurri - Sang vampire?
   <HeatherPurri>   Sang and Psi.
   <SphynxCatVP>   How old (exact or rough approximation, up to you) is everyone? I'm over 40.
   <bloodypinklady>   SphynxCatVP: Average age?
   <bloodypinklady>   One 60-year-old can skew the stats.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @bloodypinklady me? I'm over 40... I was curious to see how many here are close to mine.
   <Zombed>   22
   <Tasogare>   15
   <Adevarat>   37, will be 38 in one month.
   <Gabby>   34
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Upper mid 20's
   <xgaladrialkaine>   25
   <YoungChild>   20
   <Sephirious>   25
   <diss>   35
   <JohnReason>   19
   <Quiest>   17
   <Shade>   26
   <Anshar>   29
   <bloodypinklady>   26
   <HeatherPurri>   20
   <ambeisis>   21
   <Amber_Psionic>   36
   <Gabby>   34
   <whitelighter>   31
   <xeurika>   38
   <bloodypinklady>   I've seen a 17 and under age bracket, an 18-25, a 26-39, and a 40+.
   <MikeFuture>   But I think those of us that have been going through this for a while just know when it is the vampirism and when it is something else. Anyone back me up on that?
   <SphynxCatVP>   @MikeFuture - Yes, I can.
   <Adevarat>   Right Mike. I don't call everything that happens to me because of my Vampirism. Some things I know I do to myself or I know what caused it.
   <Tasogare>   @Adevarat same here.
   <Gabby>   Agrees with Mike.
   <Gabby>   I wish Mairi was here.
   <Tasogare>   This isnít a medical condition, simply a weird quirk, but does anybody else have a gold ring around their pupil?  It has a name, but Iíve forgotten it.
   <Adevarat>   Blue eyes and gold rings.
   <Anshar>   Tasogare: Depends on what color my eyes are deciding to be, but I've never correlated it with anything.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Does anybody else tend to have eye color changes the longer they go without feeding?
   <Shade>   @xgaladrialkaine: I notice that Anshar's eyes change color, but only minutely.
   <Isealdor>   What about psychological conditions? And if you have a psychological condition, is it improved by proper feeding or worsened by not feeding regularly (for vampires), or being fed on (for donors)?
   <Isealdor>   The VEWRS study saw a high prevalence of ADHD, depression, bipolar, panic attacks, PTSD, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia.
   <Ankhhape>   @Isealdor: Wouldn't it be beneficial for a mundane to be fed upon in order to have stagnant energies released?
   <Adevarat>   I do.
   <YoungChild>   Depression, yes feeding helps.
   <Zombed>   That's where I think anxiety comes in. Brain chemistry. Seratonin levels, etc.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor, Mine tends to be improved, unless I'm having a serious issue, like when I went offline for a few months.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   When that happens, it's iffy on if it's going to be helpful or not for me to feed my vampires.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor - No psychological conditions here, though I know plenty of people offline with them.
   <JohnReason>   I have chronic nightmares, and I guess I have anxiety issues. The latter is not diagnosed though.
   <Amber_Psionic>   @Isealdor, I find that it gets better when I feed... I don't have PTSD flashbacks when I feed regularly.
   <HeatherPurri>   My depression is cured by feeding. My ADHD is not cured by feeding [medicine fixes my ADHD] but feeding helps somewhat.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Isealdor, In my opinion, the psychological problems I think come from the type of people attracted to the subculture, not vampirism itself.
   *   bloodypinklady ducks the rocks.
   <Isealdor>   @bloodypinklady, In some, I would agree, but I donít think that's universal.
   <Shade>   I have hypersomnia and I can posit that feeding makes me feel less tired. I will not state it as a fact though because that would just be ignorant.
   <Tasogare>   I donít associate my anxiety with vampirism.
   <HeatherPurri>   Actually feeding helps my ADHD a lot.
   <Adevarat>   A good feed cures my depression temporarily and panic as well
   <YoungChild>   Not much OCD?
   <Tasogare>   I panic because I have a phobia of throwing up.
   <Adevarat>   @Tasogare, I am also emetrophobic.
   <Tasogare>   @Adevarat, how did yours start? Mine came around after a horrible flu season in 4th grade where 6 people out of a 30 person class threw up in school.
   <Adevarat>   @Tasogare, It is something deeply traumatic I cannot talk about.
   <Gabby>   I was given Lexapro after having my daughter, low MG, but I find if I stop taking them, I get bitchier.
   <ambeisis>   @Isealdor, Would you include depression as a psychological disorder?
   <SphynxCatVP>   If it was clinically diagnosed, I'd say so.
   <Isealdor>   For the purpose of the study, it was.  It can have physical causes, though.
   <Zombed>   A lot of that can be tied to chemistry.  How many are on mind altering drugs? Antidepressants, etc.?
   <YoungChild>   No drugs here, just birth control.
   <Zombed>   How many have active addictions that act as substitutes?
   <Sshade>   @Zombed: I'm on Keppra and Clonazepam for Seizures. Provigil to help combat the Idiopathic Hypersomnia.
   <Zombed>   Its a trend, I think.
   <Isealdor>   Do many others have a change in sleeping patterns when they feed or don't? (Donors, fed on/not donating)
   <Adevarat>   Not really. I have bad sleeping issues all the time.
   <Tasogare>   I wake up in the middle of the night constantly.
   <YoungChild>   @Isealdor, I sleep a bit better after I feed, I find I remember more dreams, that's about it.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor Yes. If I don't feed my vamps on a regular schedule, and start to overload, I suffer from insomnia.
   <whitelighter>   I do.  I find when I feed a little bit, I sleep better... sometimes I just automatically pass out.
   <Isealdor>   I know I personally will have extreme insomnia if I don't feed properly.
   <HeatherPurri>   I wake up with the taste of blood in my mouth sometimes, but my problem with sleep is that I want to sleep during the day and be active at night. My natural sleep cycle is around 5AM-5PM.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Heatherpurri - You might want to consider a nighttime job then, then your schedule wouldn't conflict.
   <HeatherPurri>   @SphynxCatVP, the company I work for has a graveyard shift but I try to be as adaptable to my friends' schedules as possible so I end up compensating for the trouble sleeping by sleeping for days on end.
   <diss>   @Isealdor, Yes, donating definitely stabilizes my sleeping patterns.
   <diss>   But it doesn't change my delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS).
   <Gabby>   Right now if I get to sleep before 2-3 am, I'm lucky, if I sleep well it's rare, then all I want is to sleep on and off all day.
   <Gabby>   Really messes with mothering a toddler.
   <Ankhhape>   Wouldn't it be beneficial for a mundane to be fed upon in order to have stagnant energies released and whatnot?
   <Zombed>   Definitely has its advantages.
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, I would say that depends on their energy system and general health, and how much they're being fed on.
   <Adevarat>   Am I the only person that gets energized after feeding instead of sleepy?
   <ambeisis>   @Adevarat, I get energized too.
   <whitelighter>   @Adevarat, No, because sometimes it happens to me... it all depends on who I've fed on.
   <YoungChild>   Not at all, Adevarat, I tend to go into hummingbird mode.
   <Tasogare>   @Adevarat, I get energized as well.
   <Adevarat>   I feel like I can climb mountains after I feed.
   <Gabby>   I love the rush after a good feed.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Adevarat, No, you are not alone at allÖ I feel like running a mile after feeding.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Oh yea :)
   <ambeisis>   Do any of you feel that your responses vary based on the individual your feeding from?
   <whitelighter>   @ambeisis, Yes, definitely... because each individual has a different energy and make-up.
   <Isealdor>   @ambeisis, Very much so, the individual and source in general I'm feeding from varies in effectiveness drastically.
   <Shade>   I'm an elemental vampire, but I still get a huge rush after feeding, say, after a thunderstorm.
   <Adevarat>   I feed from the same individual.
   <Sylvere>   @Shade: T-storms are loverly!
   *   Shade agrees with Sylvere

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<Isealdor>   b. Variety Of Feeding Methods: Are some of your specific feeding methods (sanguinarian and/or psychic) more effective than others?  If so, which are more effective and which are less or ineffective?
   <Isealdor>   Please indicate if youíre a psi, sang, hybrid, or other if you are a vampire.
   *   Isealdor is a Hybrid - Psi/Sang
   <YoungChild>   Psi
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Sang
   <Gabby>   Hybrid
   <Anshar>   Pranic Emotional (Psi)
   <Sylvere>   Psi, It is the *only* thing that works for me.
   <HeatherPurri>   Hybrid and demon energy sustains me the best.
   *   Amber_Psionic is sang/psi/hybrid/tantric
   <Adevarat>   Sex is more effective in psi feeding for me.
   <YoungChild>   Sexual feeder here, otherwise I like storms, electricity just gets me high.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Blood most effective for me.
   <Gabby>   Sang feeding for me is best, psi will do, but the rush isn't there with psi.
   <Gabby>   Well, not the 'lift cars' flushed skin rush.
   <Adevarat>   I can use plants in a pinch but not as good a feed.
   *   Amber_Psionic loves feeding with sex during a thunder storm... that is when I feel the most primal.
   <whitelighter>   Iíd say I feed from sexual energy, but also from storms, rain, and wind... sometimes sun.
   <ambeisis>   @whitelighter, Indeed.  Do you also pick up on their moods?
   <whitelighter>   @ambeisis, Yes I do as a matter of fact... sometimes Iíll pick up their sickness if Iím not careful.
   <SphynxCatVP>   More fun when part of sex *waggles eyebrows and grins* but blood definitely most effective.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   I feed with a razor blade... I don't know of any more effective way.
   <Tasogare>   I've only fed from two people, but I don't see much of a difference.
   <Zoelle>   Sex is most effective with the longest lasting effect; feeding from storms has an effect but not as long lasting..
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Zoelle, I'm with you on the sex feeding... though I don't find it the most effective.  How often do you feed that way?
   <Zoelle>   Aside from psi feeding, blood is most effective.
   <Zoelle>   @xgaladrialkaine: At least twice weekly, I feed sexually from my vampire partner.
   <Sylvere>   Blood - tastes great, less filling.
   <Adevarat>   Blood is more effective than psi but I mainly live off psi feeding.
   <MikeFuture>   Being a sanguinarian, I don't see much of a difference in feeding methods. I am still learning about different parts of the body and where to get the most blood, and which is most comfortable for my donor.
   <ShadeBerry>   I feed off of nature, that gives me a solid feed everytime: Elemental Vampirism. I've tried feeding on people and I wind up feeling sick, chaotic, depressed, nervous, anxious, ugh.
   <Anshar>   @ShadeBerry: That's because people suck.
   <ShadeBerry>   Add: No matter how much I filter.
   <whitelighter>   @ShadeBerry... thatís why Iíve stopped feeding ambiently lately... because I never know what Iíll pick up.
   <ambeisis>   @whitelighter, Me too.
   <Sylvere>   @ShadeBerry: Have you ever tried feeding on Otherkin?
   <ShadeBerry>   @Sylvere: Yes, I have. It seems it's not as torturous... but I can't explain that. You just raised a very interesting question for me to put my mind to. I've never intentionally fed off of Otherkin.
   <Sylvere>   @Shade: I'm always curious if & how Otherkin differ as donors.  Being 'Kin myself and all.
   <Anshar>   @Sylvere: We'll have to invite you over for 'dinner'.
   <Sylvere>   @Anshar: I'll take you up on that.
   <Sylvere>   @Anshar: Be warned though, the last time I played donor, I knocked a vampire completely out for the rest of the night.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Sylvere, apparently I come on strong as a donor when I shove energy at my brother. It apparently will be so much he gets a headache, but once that subsides he's a happy camper.
   <Sylvere>   @Pixie: LOL.  Pushy little Pixie.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Sylvere - The man does not feed properly. It's not my fault if I have to force feed him.
   <Sephirious>   @Sylvere, I do find that kin make better donors for me personally, in both sang and psi feeding... their energy seems more concentrated.
   <ShadeBerry>   @Sylvere: That IS something to explore. Perhaps being tied more closely to nature might have less of an effect on the results of my feeding since it's elemental?
   <Anshar>   Sylvere: Right, but I feed on emotions and Shade feeds on elemental energy, so we'd be licking the lollipop, not chewing it.
   <Sylvere>   @Anshar: That sounded delightfully kinky.  Just saying.
   <ShadeBerry>   @Sylvere: Also, I notice that I don't get that sick feeling when surrounded by other vamps as well... odd. You've really hit on something there.
   <Sylvere>   @Shade: I much prefer to feed on Otherkin.  Any artistic person will work, but Otherkin are just *better*.
   <xeurika>   I can definitely tell the difference, before I even meet the person, you can feel the difference when you go into a room.
   <Adevarat>   I have never fed from an otherkin to my knowledge.
   <Amber_Psionic>   My ex husband was wolf and dragon therian/otherkinÖ I felt dizzy with feral energy after feeding from him.
   <JohnReason>   In my years of trying I have never been able to feed psiÖ only blood works for me. My fiancee and I use a scalpel.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I've only donated sexually once, and we never got past mad makeout session. Other than that, it's pure platonic psi dumps on my vampires.
   <Tasogare>   I've only fed from the arm, but I'm going to be trying from the shoulder/back area someday soon.
   <JohnReason>   Clarification: I have fed from the thigh, and also finger pricks. Both with a scalpel. I think the finger was better, with more blood. No taste difference. I think that my fiancee enjoyed the thigh more as a donor.
   <diss>   I've been told that as psi-donor I'm powerful, and yes, I'm otherkin.
   *   Sephirious is a hybrid, greatly prefers blood, but donors are scarce so psi works well enough.
   <Isealdor>   In order of effectiveness for me, from greatest to least... direct sang from vampire/energy worker, deep psi from vampire/energy worker, tantric in most any form besides ambient, direct sang from NVP/NEW, direct psi from NVP/NEW, elemental, ambient.
   <SphynxCatVP>   NVP/NEW? Explain?
   <Isealdor>   @ SphynxCatVP, Non-Vampiric Person and Non-Energy Worker
   <SphynxCatVP>   Ah, ok, thanks :)
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Isealdor, to clarify... the most effective feedings you have is blood directly from another vampire?
   <Isealdor>   @xgaladrialkaine, Yes, or from an energy worker .
   <SphynxCatVP>   @xgaladrialkaine, I can see that :)   
   <SphynxCatVP>   @xgaladrialkaine, I can understand why Isealdor says that :)
   <Zoelle>   @Isealdor, That makes sense.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Isealdor, So from an energy worker, I getÖ but feeding from another vampire... who already has a deficiencyÖ seems like it's defeating the point.
   <Isealdor>   @xgaladrialkaine, So long as they feed adequately from other sources to make up the difference, no.
   <Isealdor>   The difference is I find the energy from energy workers or other vampires to be higher in concentration/frequency.
   <Ankhhape>   @Isealdor, Why is that?
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, I can only speculate, but would guess it has to do with them modifying their energy systems and being more concentrated because they've filtered it more, etc.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   It's like drinking from a leaky vessel.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Just my opinion though.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @xgaladrialkaine - The difference is even greater when the donor in question is also on a high-vitamin/nutrition diet.
   <Isealdor>   @xgaladrialkaine, Might help if I say I'm one of the energy-in-blood theory people.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Yes, it helps.
   <Zombed>   I can see how it would be different with energy vampires.
   <Zoelle>   @Isealdor: Because we are more experienced at holding on, receiving, and pushing out energy.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Isealdor, Not to contradict your beliefs... but at a metaphysical level of feeding I could understand the vampire feeding, but on a physical level I just don't get it.
   <Zombed>   Do any of you drink your own blood?
   <HeatherPurri>   Blood makes me feel more physically strong than energy.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Zombed - No
   <Adevarat>   No, drinking your own blood is like bailing out a boat that has holes in it.
   <Zombed>   @Adverat - How so?
   <Adevarat>   Because if you are missing something in your system which causes the need to feed, you wont get it from yourself, unless you are "feeding" off the pure emotion of tasting blood.
   <MikeFuture>   I lick the blood from my own wounds. I can't resist.
   <Tasogare>   I don't drink my own blood.
   <Tasogare>   It doesn't do anything for me.
   <Zombed>   But you still get the same psychological effect don't you?
   <Adevarat>   Not to me,
   <Isealdor>   @Zombed, Psychological effect to what?
   <Zombed>   Psychological is the wrong word. I mean chemical.
   <Adevarat>   No you don't get the same effect. Like I said, if you are missing something, you canít get something from nothing.
   <Tasogare>   Autovampirism is just a re-circulating of energy, it does nothing.
   <HeatherPurri>   I drink my own blood.
   <Isealdor>   @HeatherPurri. Do you find that drinking your own blood is effective as feeding for you?
   <HeatherPurri>   @Isealdor, I get really powerful from others drinking my blood. It makes me physically strong and violently lustful. When I drink my own, I feel like I'm in a pleasant dreamy haze.
   <Isealdor>   @HeatherPurri, Do you draw psi from them when they drink your blood?
   <HeatherPurri>   @Isealdor, I should note that only demons have drunken my blood. With that said, I don't draw any more psi energy from them when they drink my blood than I do before they drink my blood but perhaps their and/or my energy peaks when the concept of blood comes into play due to its association with pain and sadomasochism.
   <HeatherPurri>   Feeding from a demon who doesn't know anything about energy work and feeding from a human who doesn't know anything about energy work and feeding on a vampire who doesn't know anything about energy work, the hierarchy of energy sustainability for me is still the same as for those who do know energy work: demons are the most sustaining.
   <YoungChild>   That would beÖ unique.
   <Zombed>   That's what I mean. It would be detrimental/useless for you to drink your own blood because you'd still be depriving yourself of your own energy, but for purely sang vampires the energy diminishing is minimal, if at all present.
   <Adevarat>   @Zombed, I am a hybrid, not just psi.
   <Anshar>   @Zombed: It really depends on how energy works. If energy works more like sexual pleasure works, at least for some kinds of vamps (using a metaphor here, roll with me) then it could be said that it's possible to satisfy oneself. Since we certainly all have differences in what or how we feed, none of these experiences are universal, and given that we know so little about metaphysical energy, isn't it plausible?
   <Zombed>   @Anshar - It's definitely plausible. I'm not well versed in energy vampires, so I'm not sure how it all works, if there's a connection between physical chemical/nature in the body and the energy that's taken/lost.
   <Ankhhape>   Wouldn't everyone rather to deep feed directly from the meridians?
   <Sanguinarius>   I'd rather deep feed from a vein, personally.
   <Adevarat>   Only if meridians are cleared. Some meridians are so blocked itís crazy.
   <Adevarat>   Depends on if people take care of their chakras and meridians.
   <Ankhhape>   Wouldn't there be more, potent energy in the meridians than in the blood?
   <YoungChild>   Just an odd question for the sangs, but does your donors food choice change the blood? More fast food to more fruit, etc.?
   <Gabby>   If I take too many vitamins it makes me sick.
   <HeatherPurri>   At least certain vitamins make me sick.
   <JohnReason>   @YoungChild, Definitely.
   <Tasogare>   @YoungChild, I couldn't tell you, I don't know what they eat.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Youngchild, A resounding YES.
   <JohnReason>   @SphynxCatVP, Do you think that taking vitamins makes blood-feeding taste different? Also, you think it is more effective? (For the donor to be taking the vitamins)
   <Isealdor>   @SphynxCatVP, Do you think the difference with being on a multivitamin etc. is just because the donor is healthier?
   <Sylvere>   Like Sepherious said, more concentrated.
   *   AcrophobicPixie preens that her people "taste" better.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor - Anyone on a high vitamin/nutrition diet (not just "a multivitamin") will BE healthier.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   As a vampire do you take multivitamins yourself and do you find retaining energy easier?
   <ShadeBerry>   I take vitamins.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor - Healthier donor, better kick :)
   <Sanguinarius>   It might help in the short teerm or more likely fool yourself into thinking it's helping.
   <Zombed>   If by fooling yourself, you mean fooling your brain; then yes.
   <Isealdor>   @Spyhnx, Generally speaking, agreed... but I was asking if you think that's why you feel they are better?
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor - I think the vitamins DO make a difference, yes, but whether it's because the donor is healthier as a result of the vitamins, or because the donor's body is processing the by-products into the bloodstream... damned if I know, I just love the buzz.
   <YoungChild>   No vitamins here, though I should be.
   <bloodypinklady>   @xgaladrialkaine: I take iron twice a day. Cures some symptoms, but not them all.
   <ambeisis>   I take vitamins.
   <Sylvere>   That reminds me: I need to order some of those liquid vitamins Anshar suggested.
   <Sylvere>   All the chewables are made of FAIL.
   <Isealdor>   @xgaladrialkaine, I take some vitamins/herbal supplements (or drink them in tea, more accurately), and the only effect I find is that I feel better because I'm healthier. It doesn't seem to really affect my energy
   <Isealdor>   or at least not besides the general "healthier" bit.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I get my vitamins/nutrient supplements as CAPSULES, not chewables, outside of a couple I get as powdered form (like vitamin C) - I find capsules digest faster and more efficiently, especially when you're dealing with a sluggish digestion, such as folks out there with hypothyroid issues.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Capsules have the best potency with most digestibility - chewables have artificial sweeteners usually, which are bad to begin with, and MUCH lesser quantities of nutrients.
   <HeatherPurri>   I hate taking medicine that I'm not used to taking every day because the scent of it in my blood [not let-out blood but blood under my skin] makes me want to vomit.
   <Zoelle>   @Youngchild, I find that those who indulge in a healthy diet have a freer-flowing blood, whereas those who are fast food indulgers have a thicker, slower-flowing blood.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I've been told junk food diets also promote a greasy texture to the blood as well.
   <whitelighter>   Zoelle, that would explain why when I've had fast food I feel more sluggish and tired.
   <Sanguinarius>   Zoelle, might be because of the fat content.
   <bloodypinklady>   Doesn't matter if you're sucking out midichlorians or what. It's through the blood.
   <Zoelle>   I'm sure it is from the fat content.
   <Zoelle>   And a more energetic kick.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I would expect vegetarians would provide cleaner tasting blood.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I'll have to sample one sometimeÖ *eyebrow waggles*
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I've heard several times that vegetarians taste nummy
   <JohnReason>   I have heard that vegetarians taste better, I have always wanted to find outÖ
   <YoungChild>   Mmm, herby flavor.
   <MikeFuture>   This chat is making me twoofy.
   <bloodypinklady>   There's only one feeding method if you're sang.
   <Tasogare>   Ok, then I can say that there is a difference between donors
   <Sanguinarius>   You're not the only one.
   <Tasogare>   My boyfriend is vegetarian.
   <diss>   I've heard one vampire say that vegetarian blood doesn't keep them going as long.
   <diss>   Which is a bummer for me because I'm vegan.
   <Adevarat>   I've never had a vegetarian.
   <Tasogare>   I'm trying to think back and compare... itís been a while.
   <Tasogare>   I think I did get more of a immediate kick from my boyfriend, but cravings came back quicker than with the other donor.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Does anybody, when necessary, use animal blood as a substitute and do you notice a difference in energy "value"?
   <HeatherPurri>   Animal energy tastes gross. You can't taste love in it. It's the difference between machine factory made brownies and home made brownies made with love charged into the batter.
   <Isealdor>   For sangs/hybrids: Is feeding from animals blood or old, stored blood effective for you or not?
   <Ankhhape>   Kind of like having a V8?
   <Zombed>   Stored/old blood isn't the same, in my experience. Why do you think that is?
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor - Old blood not as effective. Steaks rarely as effective, unless the meat comes from a farm with organic and healthy practices - standard cornfed meat is nearly useless.
   <Adevarat>   I dont drink stored blood.
   <HeatherPurri>   Stored blood is emotionally dead blood.
   <HeatherPurri>   It looses the sweetness.
   <Adevarat>   I do like fresh rare steak but that's about it for animal blood for me.
   <Zombed>   So you think it's an energy thing?
   <Tasogare>   @Zombed, loss of energy.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I don't know - it's possible.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Zombed, it loses its nutrients the longer it is stored.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I don't have enough information to rule that theory in or out.
   <Ankhhape>   Stored blood is disconnecting from the donor's essence?
   <Isealdor>   @Zombed, I didn't say it was. Animal's blood and stored blood are incredibly ineffective for me, including rare steak... it serves more as a method to help cut back some of the cravings for a little while, more a placebo than anything.
   <Zombed>   That's my experience too. I'm just wondering why that is, what it loses in storage. Which nutrients are essential that are missing.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor, all of the taste, none of the calories?
   <Isealdor>   @Pixie, doesnt even match the taste, really.
   <HeatherPurri>   @Ankhhape, The stored blood would keep having to be recharged with energy.
   <xeurika>   I have a friend who gets fresh blood from a butcher that works for her, but only can use it extra fresh.
   <Anshar>   Question for the sanguinarians in chat: Do you believe that you need blood for a metaphysical reason or for a mundane reason? Why?
   <Tasogare>   @Anshar, Iím not really sure. I know I need it but I'm not sure why.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Anshar, Damned if I know, I need more data.
   <Zombed>   Define mundane?
   <Anshar>   @Zombed: Nutritional, genetic disorder, etc.
   <Anshar>   I don't mean mundane like Rowling means Muggles, if that's what you're asking.
   <Tasogare>   I like listening to different theories.
   <Gabby>   @Anshar, Both, I think.
   <bloodypinklady>   Anshar: Mundane. It's something that I really don't have an answer for. I don't mentally or psychologically need it. Just physically.
   <bloodypinklady>   Like being hungry for something and that's the only fix.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I think he means metaphysical or physical?
   <JohnReason>   @Anshar, I have never felt that I had enough knowledge to answer that question satisfactorily, but the small amount necessary to make me feel better would lead me to believe that it is not a physical issue. Perhaps metaphysical or psychological.
   <Anshar>   @JohnReason: Seems like a well thought out answer.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar (hybrid response) I would say almost purely a metaphysical reason, though I recognize there may be some physical components involved (which might explain why sang feeding works better for me).
   <xgaladrialkaine>   So in that case, here is a question, if animal blood doesn't work, and stored blood doesn't work.... does it then mean you are taking not only physical energy, but metaphysical energy when you feed from a living, breathing human?
   <SphynxCatVP>   @xgaladrialkaine, I've actually run across some medical articles on "young blood" tranfusions making old muscles spry again.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @SphynxCatVP, I've read those too.
   <Adevarat>   Metaphysical for the energy, I don't know for fact this is the cause but I don't think anyone does. As far as I know, the only real scientific reason is if you suffer from porphyria which is rare.
   <HeatherPurri>   I don't need blood but just a drop of it is the equivalent of a glass of wine for me because blood [in my opinion] stores energy into super compact amounts thus requiring less than taking raw energy.
   <Zombed>   I think it's a bit of both. Like I said, I don't know much about the energy aspect. But there's anemia, how long red blood cells last, etc.
   <Ankhhape>   Do most of you have steady donors, or are you feeding off of animals, elements, butcher's blood, etc.?
   *   Sanguinarius gets by on substitutes, no current donors.
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhappe, steady donor and varied sources both.
   <Tasogare>   I'm in between donors right now.
   <bloodypinklady>   I don't hold much stock in needing the energy in blood for psychic problems.
   <Sylvere>   @Sanguinarius: Just please say it's not clamato juice.
   <Sanguinarius>   No
   <Sanguinarius>   I haven't tried that, and probably am not going to try it. It sounds awful.
   <MikeFuture>   First time I saw that I seriously thought it was a joke.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I have two steady vamps and a mini harem of others that I'll donate to in a pinch.
   <bloodypinklady>   Believe what you see, I guess.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Insightful information.
   <Gabby>   I miss a steady donor.
   <YoungChild>   I have a steady donor.
   <HeatherPurri>   I think dark chocolate is the closest thing to blood.
   <bloodypinklady>   @HeatherPurri: Same vitamins.
   <bloodypinklady>   There's more iron in one serving of some of the dark chocolate I have than one of my iron pills.
   <HeatherPurri>   That's very helpful information PinkLady.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   It's what Elizabeth Bathory was trying to do.
   <Adevarat>   I have a steady psi donor but haven't talked him into the sang aspect yet.
   <YoungChild>   Blood repulses me, no offense to anyone.
   <JohnReason>   As for how often I feed correlating into that: The rare occasions that I feed would lead me to believe it is not physicalÖ or else I would be dead.  I don't feed often enough to keep my symptoms at bay.
   <Ankhhape>   I am just wondering if by feeding off of low quality/frequency things are contributing to the many ailments I have heard tonight among you all?
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, I could see that... I know not having good sources to feed from personally makes me develop symptoms similar to (though usually not as severe) to not feeding.
   <Isealdor>   For psis, have you tried feeding via blood and does it work for you? And for sangs, have you tried psi feeding and is it effective for you?
   <Adevarat>   Both work for me.
   <Zoelle>   I'm a hybrid; both are effective.
   <Tasogare>   Chocolate helps me when I'm craving.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor, My two regular vampires have both tried blood, and it did nothing, or made them sick.
   <Anshar>   @Isealdor: I have, and it worked marvelously, but it was also a very emotional experience, so I don't have a control for the experiments I've done.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Isealdor, I find it much less effective... but that's probably because I haven't honed my psi skills.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor, I've tried psi feeding - used to attempt it regularly - but really, it just doesn't work for me.
   <ThundraFire>   I get nothing from the actual blood. I feed off energy.
   <JohnReason>   I have never been able to psi feed, but I have been trying for four years.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   I think sangs can develop psi skills and feed that way... if they try.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @xgaladrialkaine, Be my guest :) I've tried a lot longer than most, I think, and just no dice.
   <JohnReason>   @xgaladrialkaine, I think that for some reason it is more than just practice to learn to psi feed.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Could be true... I'm going to keep trying though, might get lucky.
   <Anshar>   @Isealdor: I'd have to try feeding from a stranger who wasn't aware. Not exactly an easy control group... without getting arrested.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar, find a blood fetishist.
   <Anshar>   @Isealdor: I'd postulate it was the experience and not the blood, but it WAS a positive experience.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar, did you specifically try to block yourself from psi feeding while drinking the blood?
   <ShadeBerry>   I tried feeding off blood... it was blood.
   *   Sylvere gets nothing from blood either.
   <Zombed>   @Adeverat - Psi feeding isn't the same in my experience.
   <Adevarat>   I didnt say it was the same, I said both are effective. As for what I said earlier, I said as far as I know, it is the energy of the blood but I am not sure. I am no doctor :)
   <Tasogare>   I've tried to psi feed for a year and I haven't gotten any better.
   <Tasogare>   Only blood helps me feel better.
   <Gabby>   Thinks there's nothing like a good old feed straight to the mouth, rather than just psi- taking.
   <ThundraFire>   The hardest part to me about psi feeding is learning control.
   <HeatherPurri>   To draw blood I always bite the lip or to give blood have someone bite my lip because the mouth is the fastest healing part of the body.
   <Anshar>   @HeatherPurri, Also the dirtiest...
   <bloodypinklady>   Heather: So dangerous.
   <bloodypinklady>   Mouths are disease incubators.
   <Anshar>   @BloodyPinkLady: Exactly.
   <bloodypinklady>   My preferred draw points are backs of arms and sides.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   And people wonder why I don't donate sang... too many chances for things to go bad.
   <Zombed>   How much blood do you ingest per session?
   <Isealdor>   @Zombed, it varies for me.
   <Zombed>   Do you find you have a limit? The normal symptoms of nausea, etc, that is supposed to come along when a human being drinks large quantities of it?
   <Tasogare>   I haven't found a limit yet.  But I have no idea how much I ingest.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @zombed, It varies for me as well... but usually around 4 tablespoons.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Zombed - I haven't hit a limit yet with nausea... have hit a point where my body says "Ok, you've reached satiation".
   <Isealdor>   @Zombed, Not really, that I've run into... but theoretically most anyone will vomit if they try to ingest too much blood too quickly.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Isealdor, Yeah but it takes over a cup usually.
   <Gabby>   I was strictly sang for 15 years before every trying psi.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Doesn't seem like a lot.... but it is.
   <Gabby>   I've never had an issue with amount of blood taken - internally.
   <Zombed>   What is the most you've taken?
   <Zombed>   I find it interesting that some people have a limit and others don't.
   <Ankhhape>   Where is the highest concentration of energy found in the body?
   <bloodypinklady>   Places that don't stretch.
   <ThundraFire>   @Ankhhape, I believe it is the center chakra but I could be wrong.
   <Anshar>   @Ankhhape: Many modern and ancient metaphysical practitioners would argue that energy is simply channeled THROUGH the body, and doesn't exist on the same kind of tangibility to form a concentration.
   <Ankhhape>   @Anshar: Doesn't the meridians carry the energy?
   <Anshar>   @Ankhhape: Carrying energy and concentrating energy are two disparate things, I'd think.
   <Anshar>   @Ankhhape: Just an opinion, mind you, but something to think about.
   <Ankhhape>   In any case wouldn't it be best to tap the meridians?
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Ankhhape, what do you mean by "meridians"?
   <Ankhhape>    Pathways around the body that carry energy.
   <Adevarat>   @Ankhhape, Like I said earlier, if meridians are clear. Yet, I am not quite sure how to tap them.
   <Isealdor>   @Ankhhape, Another thing to consider is in the case of feeding from an energy worker or other vampire, they may be able to gather energy to any location one wishes to feed from.
   <Ankhhape>   Good point Isealdor.
   <HeatherPurri>   Does any sang here like menstrual blood?
   <Adevarat>   Menstural blood disgusts me.
   <Adevarat>   I view it as old and unclean.
   <bloodypinklady>   Yuck! All kinds of shit in menstrual blood.
   <bloodypinklady>   It's not straight-from-the-vein stuff. It's built-up-over-days cervical liner.
   <HeatherPurri>   Are you a guy?
   <Adevarat>   No, Iím a woman. My own periods make me want to puke.
   <Zombed>   I've heard of menstrual blood putting vampires to sleep.
   *   ShadeBerry agrees with Adevart.
   *   Adevarat feels sick just talking about it.
   <Tasogare>   Drinking menstrual blood? Ewww
   <Sylvere>   If & when I have a period, I generally want to kill something.  No way would I donate.
   <ShadeBerry>   Hey it works for some people.
   <Anshar>   @Tasogare: Hey, we're all open minded here. If it's a valid discussion topic, we talk about it.
   <JohnReason>   I have never hit my "limit" because I only feed on small amounts, but I would be interested in learning what happens when I would get satiated.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Some people prefer menstrual but I donít know.
   <bloodypinklady>   Now I have a Kotex in my kit for out-of-control bleeding. Best bandage ever.
   <HeatherPurri>   I can only have a few drops of blood at the most but that's because I was tortured for being a vampire in a past life so I have that negative subconscious association with blood drinking.
   <JohnReason>   A quick addendum, out of curiosity.  Anyone ever tried nosebleed blood? I never have, and have no interest in trying, but I always wondered.
   <Tasogare>   @JohnReason, Nope and dont plan on it either.
   <HeatherPurri>   I've gotten turned on by nosebleeds.
   <HeatherPurri>   Never drank nosebleed blood though.
   <bloodypinklady>   Nosebleed?
   <whitelighter>   @JohnReason, Wouldn't that be kind of funny seeing someone suck a nose?
   <JohnReason>   @whitelighter, Your imagery is both horrific and hilarious.
   <Tasogare>   Nose-bleed blood gets me craving, but I can't see myself drinking it.
   <bloodypinklady>   Dear Lord. Whatever happened to a gentle press with a scalpel?
   <JohnReason>   I use a scalpel... exclusively.
   <Adevarat>   Actually, oddly enough, unless I am about to sang feed, the sight of blood makes me woozy.
   <Adevarat>   Yet, if I am feeding I have no issues with it.
   <SphynxCatVP>   That's odd.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I wouldn't expect that.
   <whitelighter>   Really Adevarat?  How do you get over the wooziness with blood?
   <Tasogare>   I donít get woozy.
   <Adevarat>   Yeah I think itís because I panic so easy.  If I see blood, itís usually because of an injury.
   <Tasogare>   Unless I have recently fed, any sight of blood makes me crave.
   *   Sanguinarius agrees.
   <Adevarat>   Injuries make me sick with panic.
   <Adevarat>   Like when my horse chewed up his leg in wire, the LAST thing on my mind was feeding.
   <JohnReason>   I agree with Adevarat though about injuries... blood doesn't interest me nearly as much. I just try and fix the situation, blood can come later.
   <HeatherPurri>   Only menstrual blood doesn't make me pass out. But so much as saying the word "blood" one time if I'm not eating while you're saying it I could faint.
   <Anshar>   If blood works, then the next step is to ask how or why, one of the ways to answer that question would be to try breast milk.
   <Anshar>   Have any sanguine feeders ever tried breast milk to see if any nourishment works besides blood?
   <Anshar>   Just curious.
   <Sanguinarius>   No
   <Tasogare>   Nope
   <ShadeBerry>   It would stand to reason that breast milk would contain the same giving lifeforce that blood does.
   <Anshar>   If it works, then it's something about the connection with the donor or the energy, if not, it's the blood.
   <DokterTraemorluna>   I have never tried breast milk, but the most I have ever taking in one day of blood was about 4/5 ounces.
   <Anshar>   I know it's an odd way to postulate, but it works in my head.
   <Zombed>   If you're hungry or craving something, your brain engages in the same activity it would if you were actually feeding. If you're not hungry at the time or craving, it has a different response.
   <bloodypinklady>   Breastmilk, never had the urge and never wanted to ask a pregnant friend.
   <JohnReason>   Trying breast milk is now on my to do list.
   <Sanguinarius>   Well, then cow's milk should work.
   <Sylvere>   Breast milk?  Ewww... *shudder*
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @Anshar, What an interesting question... I've had a little breast milk from my wife (she's nursing) I don't notice such a difference.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar, I'll say that milk in general seems to work as a temporary placebo type thing for me... (hate the term "subs" because it's not a substitute, doesn't really fix anything, even partially, just helps with cravings).
   <JohnReason>   @Anshar, I think your logic makes a lot of sense.
   *   Sanguinarius is not into that sort of thing.
   <Anshar>   @xgaladrialkaine: You didn't notice a difference from the effect from blood?
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Not especially, no.
   <Anshar>   Well, xgaladrialkaine, it would then make sense that it's the emotional connection, the energy, or something physical shared between the milk and the blood. It's an interesting way of narrowing it down, but it works.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   But at the same token, it would have to probably be taken in a really high amount.
   <ShadeBerry>   @Sanguinarius: Not necessarily, cow's milk come from an animal and is put through pasteurization and homogenization and then stored on a shelf. Looses it effect one would think.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Yea, if you're going to compare cows milk, compare RAW cow's milk.
   <Sanguinarius>   Like stored blood?
   <HeatherPurri>   Animal milk is like animal blood.
   <Anshar>   @Sanguinarius: Yea, that would be the idea.
   <Adevarat>   I have had raw fresh goat milk and it was incredible.
   <Gabby>   Any fluid that sits too long gets icky.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   @ShadeBerry, You can try coconut milk, it's closer in nutrients to breast milk than cows milk is.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Unless you're planning on pasteurizing and homogenizing and storing the breast milkÖ
   <Zombed>   Milk has ancient history when it comes to energy, especially spiritual potential. I can see why it would help an energy-manipulator.
   <bloodypinklady>   I've had fresh-pressed wheatgrass juice. Life giving and whatnot.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @xgaladrialkaine, I think you mean coconut WATER and Iíve tried that.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   I think either works  SphynxCatVP.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   Now I have to go pull that article to make sure.
   <ShadeBerry>   @xgaladrialkaine, Coconut milk? Maybe, sure. It comes from nature, why not?
   <HeatherPurri>   I love coconut milk/coconut water. I used it for grounding purposes in Ancient Egypt.
   <SphynxCatVP>   Coconut MILK, yea, great stuff... Coconut WATER, that's where the nutrients are. Tried it once. Let's just say it ferments RAPIDLY and, ah, get evil quick.
   <bloodypinklady>   Hell, I can say this grapefruit juice right here has lifegiving properties.
   <bloodypinklady>   Does it make me a vampire? Why should it?
   <Zombed>   Grapefruit juice can affect both ways.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Zombed: But I'm not going to put my daily vitamin C juice on the same level as the ooky red liquid that makes me happy.
   <Zombed>   Absolutely not. But it affects how your brain absorbs it.
   <JohnReason>   @bloodypinklady, I agree.
   <bloodypinklady>   I gave up a long time ago, guys. The BS is everywhere. Just call it as you see it.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Well, if you want to go all metaphysical, milk supposedly helps form the world in the nordic mythos.
   <Anshar>   Didn't mean to derail the conversation, but I thought it might be an interesting thought. It's another bodily fluid, one actually intended for nourishment. Good scientific control if you're exploring the reasons for your sanguine need.
   <Gabby>   Has anyone who has donors sang-wise ever had personal experience or heard of from others... issues with possessiveness of their donors?
   <Anshar>   @Gabby: I've seen it before, like sexual jealousy.
   <Isealdor>   @Gabby, Yes.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Gabby - We donors are possessive. Face it. You're OUR vampires.
   <Adevarat>   Yes, I have seen the possessiveness big time.
   <Tasogare>   I've seen it as well.
   <Tasogare>   Also by the donorís girlfriend.
   <HeatherPurri>   I've always assumed vampires are always possessive of their donors.
   <Sylvere>   Not all donors are possessive.
   <Sylvere>   Spyder isn't possessive of me usually.  Unless he really can't stand the other person/people.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Sylvere, for me it depends on the vampire. My brother, I'm just little sister possessive. But my vampire, I'm donor possessive.
   <JohnReason>   My only donor is my fiancee... I am not allowed to have other donors.
   <Gabby>   Why do you think the possessiveness occurs?
   <YoungChild>   I'm possessive about my donor because he is my mate and ex-fiance, kind of a big relationship there?
   <Anshar>   @Gabby: Intimacy, not to mention that if things aren't done safely with tests it can be like sharing a drug needle. That alone is enough psychological underpinning.
   <Isealdor>   @Gabby, I would guess some of it is the emotional connection and nature of the relationship, and some has to do with energetic things, links and whatnot.
   *   Adevarat agrees with Anshar.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar, Agreed.
   <HeatherPurri>   I would say demons are definitely possessive of their donors.
   <Gabby>   Well I can totally understand and agree with the bonds being a reason for protectiveness, or a likeness to possession... but the donor is a free-willed friend or ally, not just food.
   <xgaladrialkaine>   I'm married to my donor.
   <diss>   Actually, I'm not possessive. My vampire has several donors, and I'm okay with that. What I am is protective, I really don't want anything happening to them.
   <Zombed>   Does anyone here not feel bonded to their vampire/donor?
   <YoungChild>   @Zombed, In high school I wasn't.
   <Zombed>   What changed?
   <YoungChild>   I wasn't monogamous in high school.
   <Adevarat>   I don't see donors as food, THAT is why I get possessive. I don't want someone else treating them that way.
   <Adevarat>   Plus, many of my donors have been significant others who I wonít share anyway.
   <Tasogare>   I'm very bonded.
   <HeatherPurri>   I only am feeding partners when natural love comes first.
   <bloodypinklady>   My current donor is my current significant other. We're tested out the wazoo.
   <diss>   Now my vampire on the other hand, they get incredibly possessive.

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« Reply #6 on: September 30, 2009, 05:30:36 PM »

   <Isealdor>   c. Open Vampire Community Discussion: Any topic youíd like to bring up for discussion is welcome.
   <Zombed>   Do you think memory can be passed on by blood sharing?
   <Gabby>   Yes
   <JohnReason>   @Zombed, No.
   <Isealdor>   @Zombed, Interesting question... I would say that someone may be predisposed to empathic/telepathic abilities, and the act of feeding/being fed on may cause a strong enough bond between people to heighten that ability.
   <Zombed>   I think so too Isealdor.
   <YoungChild>   I'm the other way around though, Isealdor.
   <YoungChild>   The people I'm closest to are the hardest to read.
   <JohnReason>   Short answer: On average how often do you sangs go between feedings, and what made you pick that schedule?
   <Zoelle>   @JohnReason:  I don't have a schedule... I feed when I feel I need to.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @JohnReason - Right now, I'm running at about a month. I've had MUCH longer abstinence periods in the past, but I'm trying to be more regular now. Schedule not by choice, just happens to be that way around real life chaos.
   <HeatherPurri>   I can go without blood all my life because I feed on raw energy too. But I like feeding on blood.
   <Gabby>   Sang feeding has been about two years for me... psi has just been easierÖ when you have a kid who's nick name is 'cockblocker' that extends to 'privacy blocker'.
   <Anshar>   @JohnReason: Darn, you're a sanguinarian, primarily?
   <JohnReason>   @Anshar, Yes
   <whitelighter>   I got one too so I'll just do it: Have you ever found yourself addicted to the energy or blood that you've fed upon?  If so, how did you deal with it?
   <Kindred>   As to get attached to sources - yes they do seem to have something on me after a while.
   <Anshar>   Has anyone here who identifies as a vampire NOT been diagnosed, treated, or suspected themselves that they have a mental illness (besides those related to identifying as a vampire?
   <JohnReason>   @Anshar, I have never been diagnosed with any mental illness.
   <Kindred>   No metal illness here.
   <bloodypinklady>   Anshar: I have manic depression, but I don't consider it related to vampirism.
   <YoungChild>   @Anshar, just depression, after my stepdad's suicide.
   <Adevarat>   All I have wrong mentally is the depression and panic attacks. Other than that I am golden.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar, Iíve not been diagnosed or treated for any mental illness. Suspect, well... I study psychology, I think everyone has a number of disorders to some degree or another.
   <YoungChild>   OCD - has never been diagnosed.
   <Gabby>   I have not been diagnosed with any mental issues.
   <Zoelle>   Depression here... surprise, surprise.
   <whitelighter>   As far as diagnosed, I don't think so.
   <JohnReason>   @Anshar, I am kind of quick to anger, and I have symptoms that some people would associate with very minor OCD. I hide then well.
   <Kindred>   I hear you John, my temper does go out of whack when Iím not feeling well :)
   <Sylvere>   Seasonal affective disorder and social anxiety disorder here but no longer in need of treatment for same.
   <Anshar>   I was trying to see if there was a correlation between mental illness and Energetic Vampirism. Some people might bite my head off for this, but I have a good reason. Ever wonder WHY our energetic channels are different? Maybe mental illness is the RESULT of vampirism, or maybe mental illness can create a distortion in energy that propagates need.
   <Anshar>   Just one of many theories, but I thought I'd bounce it around the tennis court here and see what people thought.
   <YoungChild>   I could see it Anshar.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Anshar, I understand the logic, it's worth pursuing to see if it shakes out anything solid.
   <Adevarat>   Well I awakened many years before I ever had depression issues.
   <JohnReason>   @Anshar, I have often wondered if vampirism is somehow connected to a psychological issue... it pisses a lot of vampires off.
   <Anshar>   @JohnReason: Asking the hard questions is what lets us learn things about ourselves.
   <JohnReason>   @Anshar: Totally.
   <Gabby>   @Anshar, Your hypothesis could totally be plausible.
   <Gabby>   But in my teen years... I never had depression issuesÖ though having done a lot of drugs might have hidden them.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Anshar, My brother has a similar theory.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Anshar: I don't think so. I know what causes my depression. I believe it's a cycle I can break.
   <Adevarat>   I know what causes mine too.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar, It could go the other way around, too... could be that, if they're linked, vampirism causes shifts that make one have mental disorders to varying levels of severity.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor - It could be that in the process of finding out what's wrong with them, they see a doctor who thinks they're hearing voices, or psychotic, or something, just because that's what they DO - and the vampire in question may not actually BE mentally ill.
   <Isealdor>   @SphynxCatVP, exactly.
   <ShadeBerry>   I have an anxiety disorder.
   <Anshar>   Not saying vampirism has to be the cause. Just might be saying that it could be an effect.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Anshar: Ah
   <bloodypinklady>   I'd be interested in knowing how many alcohol/substance addicts are in the VC.
   <HeatherPurri>   I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, and I don't drink
   <Adevarat>   Not in all cases if the chicken came before the egg. I was awakened BEFORE I ever had depression and panic.
   <Adevarat>   But it is something to chew on.
   <JohnReason>   @bloodypinklady: Only addicted to caffeine here... borderline addiction to nicotine.
   <YoungChild>   I thought I was bipolar for years after my awakening, just the empathy being difficult.
   <Gabby>   Although my drug use was never an addiction... even when I smoked, I was able to quit all substances cold turkey.
   <Anshar>   @bloodypinklady: And furthermore, it might only be a cause or an effect for some. I can't claim to posit a hypothesis and just assume we're all the same. Just an idea to think about.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Anshar: True again.
   <Isealdor>   I can't completely reject the consideration that there is a large psychological factor in vampirism, and I think that the theory that vampirism may be at least in part caused by psychological conditions holds a fair bit of weight and deserves to be looked at and considered.
   <JohnReason>   @Isealdor: You had choice wording there.
   <SphynxCatVP>   @Isealdor - Sadly, one also needs to determine if one's doctor is just following what they were taught, or if they're making a genuine diagnosis.
   *   Isealdor nods @SphynxCatVP - Not talking about psychological practice, talking about mental disorders in general.
   <SphynxCatVP>   One person I know who's on antipsychotics, and says he needs them... does have violent urges... jury's out on whether the violent urges are due to being vampirically unfed or actual mental illness.
   <Anshar>   @Isealdor: Well, if we agree that emotions and thoughts affect metaphysical energy, and at least SOME vampirism is affected by metaphysical vampirism... then we can logically posit that...
   <Anshar>   You see where I'm going here.
   <Isealdor>   @Anshar, Yes, thinking along the same lines, really, and why I say the psychological being in part a cause of vampirism holds weight... mental disorder affects the metaphysical and metaphysical develops need for energy as part. Not saying that I think it's the cause for all vampirism, or that it'd be the whole picture, but probably at least part.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Anshar: I think the very nature of the community will obscure the answer to that question, and all of Isealdor's as well. I think the subculture attracts people who long to be in a group, but just different enough. I remember reading about the Cult of Belonging and I think it applies here. People want to feel like they belong but they don't want to sacrifice.
   <bloodypinklady>   Their individuality to do so.  But retain just enough uniqueness.
   <whitelighter>   @bloodypinklady, I like where you're going with the theory.
   <ShadeBerry>   I have a nicotine addiction. I used to be addicted to caffeine, but after the seizures started I stopped the caffeine. The nicotine is my last vice, other than biting my nails.
   <Adevarat>   Nicotine here.
   <Sylvere>   My vices are coffee & chocolate.  If I can get them together, I'm in heaven.
   <whitelighter>   Mine I think would be sugar...which I've cut down on a lot.
   <ShadeBerry>   Processed Sugar = Death
   <whitelighter>   I know ShadeBerry... Iíve been really taking care of my health recently.
   <Gabby>   I have a thing for sugar in the raw.
   <bloodypinklady>   I remember going to Twilight III and someone splitting people into groups to make questioning easier and we still came up with bonkershit answers. We over here drink blood, but some like the taste and others the energy and some the midichlorians etc. Those energy people get it from G-d knows where but they all take energy that isn't from the blood.
   <bloodypinklady>   Alike... but different enough.
   <JohnReason>   Mmm... midichlorians.  (Star Wars)
   <JohnReason>   @bloodypinklady: I think you have a good thought on the effects of the community. That is why I take periodic breaks... up to a year. It greatly helps you formulate your own hypothesis and opinions on important issues.
   <whitelighter>   Agrees with JohnReason.
   <bloodypinklady>   @JohnReason: I've been bouncing about the OVC since I was 14 and the real-life one since I was 22.
   <JohnReason>   @bloodypinklady, Since I as 14 too. I am only 19 now though. I have a lot to learn.
   <bloodypinklady>   @JohnReason: Just keep your eyes and ears open and experience it a lot.
   <Isealdor>   @bloodypinklady, I don't think the norms and commonalities in the vampire community are a good gauge of those of vampirism.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   @Isealdor, I think something similar is with both vampires and other types of otherkin. That either our oddness affects our mind/brain chemicals to make us loopy, or that us being loopy effects our oddness.
   <Isealdor>   @AcrophobicPixie, Yes, all interconnected.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Isealdor: You mean our twisted little sampling doesn't represent vampires at large?
   <Isealdor>   @bloodypinklady, I think it represents the vampire community, not vampires. Big difference in my mind.
   <Adevarat>   Yes, but if one believes all people that join the community just want to "belong" that ostracizes the real vampires does it not?
   <Gabby>   I never joined the community to belong.
   <Sylvere>   I didn't "join" the community.  It sort of grew up around me and I stayed.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Sylvere: You were established when I got here.
   <bloodypinklady>   I think it was you and SphynxCatVP and Sanguinarius when I got here.
   <Sylvere>   Yeah, me, Vyrdolak, Sanguinarius, & Sphynx.  That sounds about right.
   <SphynxCatVP>   That was a while ago :)
   <Adevarat>   I only came into the online community a year ago, but I have been part of the VC for years.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I was somewhat "raised" in the vampire community. It's kind of hard to remember a time before being involved in the community.
   <Sylvere>   @bloodpinkylady: How old are you?
   <bloodypinklady>   26.5
   <ShadeBerry>   I've been in the community roughly 2 years. Before that I was in the Otherkin/Therian community for about 3 years.
   <Gabby>   I think I began searching for other vamps in the mid 1990's, before internet really hit.
   <Gabby>   Though I first met 'others' in 1990.
   <Sylvere>   Sanguinarius & I tortured each others' answering machines back in 1994.
   <Anshar>   Iíve been in the community since 1998.
   <Anshar>   Was a loner before.
   <ShadeBerry>   That's, like, 11 years Anshar!
   *   bloodypinklady knew Vyrdolak by real-life name and didn't even know it.
   <Adevarat>   Iíve been in the community since 1989.
   <Adevarat>   Didnít know there was an online community until last year.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   Iív been around roughly as long as Anshar.
   <bloodypinklady>   Mid 1990ís small-town southern girl. I don't know of any scene other than my pitiful one.
   <TheOtherside>   Just a small town girl...
   <ShadeBerry>   @OtherSide: Living in a lonely wooorld!
   <Isealdor>   I've been around the community for about a little over decade, off and on, but really mostly active in the last 5/6-ish years.
   <Isealdor>   Before that, stuck to mostly other communities :)
   <Kindred>   I suppose I have been active and online a cupple of years, mainly knew about my self along time. Kept quiet and struggled mostly.
   <Gabby>   I remember first hearing about the Black Veil, and thinking, WTF? Who created that poop?  I was here before that stuffÖ never had issues with how to behave even back then.
   <bloodypinklady>   @Gabby: The Black Veil and its ilk always struck me funny for a community that violently separates itself from anything resembling roleplay.
   <JohnReason>   @bloodypinklady: Yet completely based on roleplaying?
   <Gabby>   @bloodypinklady, Well I guess it struck me funny, because some form of community existed before it's invention.
   <ShadeBerry>   I found out I'd been feeding/filtering/grounding/centering/etc. since I was knee high to a grasshopper.
   <ShadeBerry>   "You must be a natural witch, your power comes from within."
   <Anshar>   The Craft... lol
   <JohnReason>   Hypotheses: VVC is evil. Supporting evidence: You guys got me all "cravy" talking about blood... and we kept talking. Now my donor is all sleepy cause I have been on the computer too long.
   <bloodypinklady>   @JohnReason: Lick the hamburger in your fridge.
   <whitelighter>   Actually, I thought this was interesting.
   <whitelighter>   Iím glad I actually participated for a change.
   <Sylvere>   @Sanguinarius: Remember our Pitch ads?
   <Kindred>   Pitch ads?
   <Sylvere>   @Kindred: The Pitch is a local alternative newspaper.
   <Sylvere>   Back in the day, Sanguinarius & I advertised for other vampires in the Personals section.
   <Kindred>   Oh wow cool Sylvere... I have seen a lot about Dusk through the years.
   <Kindred>   Even so.. from Kansas City down here :)
   <Sylvere>   @Kindred: Speaking of which, how are the Meetups going down there?
   <Sylvere>   @Kindred: Anytime you want to add a Meetup to the calendar, go ahead.  You're an assistant organizer so you have access.
   <Kindred>   Thanks, Sylvere I feel bad I have not set one yet.
   <Kindred>   Just I don't know, things have been chaotic here recently to say the least in my neck of the woods.
   <Isealdor>   @Kindred where are you at again?
   <Kindred>   Kansas, Wichita.
   <Gabby>   We had a successful Vampires/energists Meetup in Philadelphia last night.
   <whitelighter>   Have any of you have had issues with blood or energy addiction? And how have you handled it?
   <HeatherPurri>   I handle energy addiction by cuddling with my dog.
   <JohnReason>   @whitelighter: I have had a LOT of issues with my cravings over the years.
   <whitelighter>   @JohnReason, Do you still have problems now?
   <JohnReason>   @whitelighter: Yes, but I try not to let it get too bad. It is all about my apprehension to ask for the blood. I think that would be a good conversational topic for a later meeting.
   <whitelighter>   Yes, I agree.
   <Adevarat>   Does anyone who has a non vampire significant other have your problems cause issues in the relationship at times?
   <SphynxCatVP>   Not applicable here.
   <ShadeBerry>   Not applicable @ Adevarat.
   <JohnReason>   My fiancee is surprisingly cool with it. She is kind of a Twilight fan... but I let it go. lol
   <Sephirious>   Not applicable as well.
   <Kindred>   Yes, I have a few close non-vampires we get along but then there are toughs times...
   <Kindred>   I mean I'm sure any relationship can be this way... ups and downs.
   <Adevarat>   My biggest issue is he gets tired of me feeling sick a lot. Said he was going to put me down LOL.
   <Gabby>   @Adevart... I've noticed in my friendships/lovers, that being Kin makes issues/drama less frequent due to understanding, and in non-kin... harder.
   <Kindred>   Nod @Gabby - One thing I love about otherkin/kin is the fact of our seemly non-drama take on things I don't mean to speak for everyone else but I can live without the small stuff issues that come along.
   <JohnReason>   I probably should have mentioned that I get sick a lot during the first question time. It is usually small stuffÖ. you know... "The Crud" Where you just feel like crap.
   <Adevarat>   We don't fight. He is usually understanding, but sometimes he gets tired of me feeling bad a lot but doesn't always let me feed because he is tired or cranky.
   <Adevarat>   But when he doesÖ oooohhh yeah.
   <Adevarat>   It's weird - he knows what I am, but we rarely discuss it.
   <Sephirious>   That's his own fault, IMHO... if he won't feed you, he shouldn't bitch about be feeling bad due to not feeding.
   <Adevarat>   This is true, but he is so good to me in every other way I try not to rock the boat.
   <Adevarat>   I will never insist he feed me. That is his choice and I wonít push him.
   <Adevarat>   That wouldn't be right.
   <bloodypinklady>   People say my shields are too strong.  I say they're too full of shit.
   <bloodypinklady>   If there are folks who can tap people for energy and make them drop like full sacks of flour, yet I have no reaction at all... I'm more liable to believe that nothing's happening rather than I'm the one who's not making it happen.
   <Gabby>   @bloodypinklady, My shields are iron-tight... and that's cause some would say I'm kind of a Guardian... I worked on them for so many years... sometimes I can't drop mine.
   <Sephirious>   Most of my friends are vamps and/or kin, although its not so much a conscious effort on my part, I chalk it up to the so-called "vampdar" ability to attract one another.
   <bloodypinklady>   I don't get the whole otherkin thing.
   <bloodypinklady>   I've sat around self-proclaimed psychic vampires and not felt a thing.
   <bloodypinklady>   Then again, I haven't been around a large number of vampires.
   *   Sylvere thinks the whole "vampdar/beacon" thing is crap.
   <SphynxCatVP>   I've FELT the difference between a vampire aura and a non-vampire aura.
   <SphynxCatVP>   There's *something* at least.
   <Kindred>   *nod*
   *   Sephirious agrees to disagree w/ Sylvere
   <whitelighter>   What's the difference SphynxCatVP?
   <bloodypinklady>   @SphynxCatVP: I've felt similar but I chalked it up to alpha personalities.
   <SphynxCatVP>   To me, I sense "vibrant dark".
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @bloodypinklady: Same thing here. I've had 3 psionics push energy into me, at me, try everything they could. No result.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   But I'm a sang with no such abilities so who knows.
   <Sylvere>      I've been around known vampires and felt nothing.
   <HeatherPurri>   Has anyone here met a demon [demon not devil] besides me?
   <Anshar>   @HeatherPurri, Unless you count my ex, no.
   <JohnReason>   @HeatherPurri, No
   <YoungChild>   No demons here.
   <Sylvere>   @Heather: I've met people who say they have but most of them are full of shit.
   <Sylvere>   Come to think of it, *all* of the people I've met who claimed to have met a demon have been full of shit.
   <Zombed>   What's a demon?
   <Ankhhape>   @HeatherPurri: What do you consider a demon?
   <Kindred>   *nods* to Sylvere.
   <Anshar>   @HeatherPurri, I just didn't say anything because I respect diversity of belief, and you're entitled to your opinion.
   <AcrophobicPixie>   I do not believe I have ever had the opportunity to meet a demon. Nor would I want to.
   <HeatherPurri>   I'm giving a speech on demons and it's going on podcast. Does anyone want my e-mail address so I can link them to it?
   <Zombed>   I do.
   <Kindred>   More or less in there term of describing themselves as a demon I would more look for personality and actions as definition to self.
   <HeatherPurri>   I have two demon semi-boyfriends.
   <Anshar>   Wow, you date demons? Your bed must be warm.
   <HeatherPurri>   I find it nearly impossible to be close friends with humans. I try really hard to though.
   <HeatherPurri>   My demon... boytoys, semi-boyfriends, let's call them donors... have a much greater hunger for energy than me.
   <Isealdor>   @HeatherPurri, Impossible to be friends with humans? You're only able to make friends with animals and things, or...?
   <HeatherPurri>   Otherkin
   *   Isealdor maintains that otherkin are still human.
   <Sylvere>   @Isealdor: We're human but our souls aren't.
   <Sanguinarius>   You must really like demons.
   <HeatherPurri>   lol yeah.
   <bloodypinklady>   Every time I see the word Ďdemonsí, I think of anime tentacle demons. And that's just wrong.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   @bloodypinklady: I think of Bible Black or La Blue Girl or something, yeah.
   <bloodypinklady>   Just watch some superheroish senshi hentai. That's messed up.
   <JohnReason>   When I think of tentacles I think of those Japanese chicks with octupi on their heads... and then I hate 4chan...
   <bloodypinklady>   Sailor Moon with tentacle demons.
   <Sanguinarius>   I think of the FSM.
   <Kindred>   Friends with humans... I have done so then again there seems to be a distance that needs to be understood before this can happenÖ
   <Kindred>      Then again many of times I find myself biting my tongue againÖ
   <Adevarat>   Dragon pink demons.
   <bloodypinklady>   @JohnReason: That's the reason why I don't go to 4chan.
   <HeatherPurri>   @Sanguinarius, But yeah, I have a deep compassion for demons because they're very alone and very depressed and need understanding.
   <Sanguinarius>   They're evil.
   <Sanguinarius>   They're out to destroy humanity.
   <TheOtherside>   No, we're not, and no we aren't.
   <Anshar>   @HeatherPurri: Are you saying that demons are just misunderstood?
   <bloodypinklady>   I find it hard to believe in things without tangible proof.
   <Kindred>   I have seen to females I have met refer to themselves as to be succubus... would this fit into the demons thing?
   <HeatherPurri>   Devils are otherkin who use their powers for destructive purposes. Demons are just as nice as vampires are but have different characteristics.
   <HeatherPurri>   @Kindred, Iím confused about your question.
   <Adevarat>   Then what are those demon characteristics?
   <Kindred>   @HeatherPurri, I did not mean to confuseÖ just more myself trying to define what makes a demon or ID the personalityÖ letís say the feeling I get or what people say.
   <HeatherPurri>   To me, humans taste like humans but they each have a slight taste that allows me to recognize that human's energy among the energy of other humans. The same goes for vampires and demons.
   <Adevarat>   But what are the demon characteristics?
   *   Sephirious agrees with HeatherPurri.
   <Kindred>   *nod* Yes, what could we say would ID one?
   <HeatherPurri>   @Kindred and @Adevarat, That's like asking me for a one sentence answer about what vampires are. I'll list some characteristics:
   <HeatherPurri>   Need for energy, they have a distinct kind of voice [airy, almost whistling like whispers in the wind] that is high-pitched but sounds sharp and domineering because it's enunciated very clearly, they often suffer from feeling phantom limbs [like wings that aren't there in this
   <HeatherPurri>   incarnation], sensitive to extrasensory phenomena and changes in their surroundings, can muster strength that in unnatural for their health or body type when needed, they act in the extreme of pure logic or pure emotion but don't combine the two, they're always traveling and changing
   <HeatherPurri>   their contact information without telling anyone and things like that because they want someone to go through the trouble of finding them, they feel their purpose is to
   <HeatherPurri>   atone for greed or/and desire in their current life and/or past lives and/or events regarding desire and/or greed that occured during time in the astral realm, etc.
   <Kindred>   Thanks Heather.
   <Adevarat>   But Heather, how does that classify them as DEMON. Don't Demons come from hell? Not bad people in past lives?
   <bloodypinklady>   A screen cap of the vampire sorcerer class bad guy from Bloodlines, Indigeo.
   <bloodypinklady>   Vampires are velvet-gloved monsters. End of story.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   You just won two internets with that, bloodypinklady :)
   <ShadeBerry>   I think my ex-boyfriend was a demon.
   <ShadeBerry>   Sure fits the description.
   <Adevarat>   Mine was possessed by one I think lol.
   <Sylvere>   Gee, my ex boyfriend was a sociopath.
   <Sylvere>   How'd you get so lucky?
   <ShadeBerry>   Mine was too Sylvere!
   <Isealdor>   Sociopaths are interesting.
   <ShadeBerry>   Sociopath/Demon.
   <ShadeBerry>   I'm dating one. Hell I AM one.
   <IndigeoAliquis>   I actually have that diagnosis along with PTSD. Is it wrong to be proud of my sociopathy?
   <Isealdor>   <<<<<<END DISCUSSION LOG - SESSION 2>>>>>>

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