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Author Topic: Chaos Magick 101  (Read 5180 times)
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« on: January 19, 2008, 07:57:38 pm »

Posted by MrMysteriis Fri Nov 4 2005

One of the most inspirational aspects of the modern Chaos Magick movement is that it can be classified outside of the definition of a religion. To clarify this point it is important to define exactly what a religion is. According to the Longman Concise English Dictionary a religion can be defined as:

"A cause, principle or system of beliefs held to with ardour and faith; considered to be of supreme importance."

The Chaos Magician only employs belief as a tool. When calling upon the God/desses of chaos the magician only utilises their in their existence during the actual working. It does not matter to Chaoists whether or not the deities that they employ in their magick exist in an external reality or if they are merely the creation of thought forms, which seems more likely. Baphomet and Kutulu are two such examples of deities that Chaoists might use in their magick. The modern Chaos Magician is also more likely to create his or her own deities and fetishes to serve his purposes and aid in the manifestation of his desires.

The modern Chaoist does not need to hold onto a set of beliefs that, as with religion, dominate her actions. The web of chaos changes its formation constantly and the Chaoist needs to be able to adapt to the circumstances of its manifestation as they occur. This is another reason why Chaos is not a religion.

Faith is a tool employed by the blind, the magician of the realm of chaos does not need to have faith in his magick as he can see its results manifesting within the material reality matrix of this planet. If you can see the results of your actions, faith becomes an obsolete concept utilised by the priests to manipulate the masses into submitting to the will of the church.

If one truly employs the Chaoist maxim that:

"Nothing is true and Everything is permitted",

He is free to express his magic in whatever form he so desires. This is clearly laid out in Peter J. Carroll's book "Liber Null
& Psychonaut". It is not easy to work within the framework of viewing reality in terms of the concept that nothing is true,
but it does enable the Chaoist to step into a new domain of magickal exploration and liberates him from the rigid and
structured philosophies of old, as he side-steps the Newtonian view of the mechanics of the universe. The new science of Chaos has also challenged the concepts held so strongly that the universe is rigid in its structure. This mathematics and science of Quantum Mechanics is both liberating and upholds the vies expressed by the Chaos Magician.

To be able to question the nature of your orders and challenge the laws of the Thought Police takes you into the realm of
freedom of expression and intellectual and magickal anarchy.

Chaos is not without structure as it is up to the master and not the slave of chaos to manifest its liberating power into this
reality matrix, in whatever form the Chaoist so wishes. It is desire, not religion, that is guiding the current of chaos, it
is desire that makes you dance and experience ecstasy as the adrenaline of your own magick flows through your body and
projects your own personal power into the mainstream reality matrix.

To step into the ways of Chaos is to open a new door onto the landscapes of new possibilities, the ways of old are dying and its up to us to prepare the way for a new Aeon of pure unrestricted magick. To challenge the religions of the world is
never easy, many have been slaughtered in the name of god for their views and magick and their desire to see change. The Chaoist needs to be a modern heretic and stand firm in his convictions and desires. We must work with the techno world around us and use it for our pleasure and not enslavement. The modern Cyberpunk authors have depicted a future world of virtual realities and complex alternative reality structures, the works of fiction often become fact. The Chaos Magician can take hold of such techno realities as described by these authors and begin to manifest them with his sorcery. The ways of old magicks have taught us much, but we need to create our own magick to express our desires in the present and project them into the future.

Magick by its very nature challenges the practitioner. Chaos Magick takes the magician one step further. Chaos magick has no overriding dogma or gurus who wish to have their egos inflated by the unchallenged worship of their brain-dead disciple. It is up to the individual to take hold of the reigns of chaos and guide the chariot into the future. Many will fail in their quest, but the strong who survive the challenges of Chaos Magick will feel the liberation of their desires expressed and their visions manifested.

Chaoists must also be the masters of the information matrix. Whether we like it or not we live in the information age. Use
your chaos as a weapon against their who wish to control our lives, against the masters of information enslavement. As the corporate powers grow in strength, information becomes an important tool; be subversive and, as has been stated, do not be afraid to challenge the nature of your orders, for if you do not the Thought Police will take away your desires and create your realities for you.

Your body is the vehicle of your magick and your mind is its control centre. Enjoy experience and be free. Enter the gates of Chaos and play in the fields of your mind.

We have a sigil of your desires, it is the eight rayed star of the Chaosphere. If you decide to activate its power in your own life, be prepared for change, be prepared to experience and be prepared to take command of your individuality.

So to speak, so to cry.
Evil is good and death is a lie.
Hail Chaos

by N.Hall one of the great modern Chaotist

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