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Title: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Danielle on February 24, 2009, 11:44:57 AM
Being part wolf I experience the same urges as a wolf would, and on occasion one of those urges is the one for fresh meat and warm blood. Sometimes this urge can be extremely overwhelming and can be hard to supress, but the best way i find to over come this urge is to make sure that I eat blood rare steak on a regular basis, this usualy stops the urge before it has the chance to get out of hand, but sometimes even that isnt enough. Now i've never been to the point where it was so bad that I did something I wouldve regreted but I may have just been lucky so far. I consider myslef a strongly willed person and I can usually keep myself undercontrol but I dont want to hurt anybody, so If anyone has any suggestions as to what i could do to prevent these blood lusts Id be grateful for the assistance.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: WingedWolfPsion on March 17, 2009, 03:10:22 PM
Therian cravings for meat aren't anything like vampiric blood cravings, and they certainly aren't going to drive anyone out of control.  If you're having serious cravings for blood like that, I would point more at sanguinarian vampirism, not therianthropy.  (It's certainly possible to be both).

As for dealing with cravings for meat.  <lol>
I know I don't feel full unless I've eaten at least some meat in a day--even if I'm stuffed, I still feel naggingly hungry.  This isn't a trait shared by all predatory therians, but I've heard of it fairly often.  Since wolves don't preferentially eat humans, this really isn't much of an issue (another way to distinguish vampirism from being a wolf therian--now, big cats are a different story--they do instinctively see humans as

Humans do not smell good, and I don't imagine they would taste very good either.  ^_^
I find red meats do the trick best, but poultry and pork are fine too, and even fish will settle that meat craving.  Interestingly, I have not found that peanut butter, tofu, beans, or other protein sources work.

The desire to bite and attack can be confused with a craving for meat, but it's not really.  That's just caused by stress.  Take some time to yourself and get out into nature once in a while.  Some folks recommend getting a chew toy.  ^_^

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: SilverRose on September 16, 2009, 01:02:15 PM
yes it's very possible that your a hybrid but make sure first before you start saying things and yes i would suggest a chew toy i love chewing on things and i would love to have one as well

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: belovedofdeath on September 29, 2009, 01:20:47 PM
I would add that I don't identify as a therian-anything, and I still find a good amount of stress relief from chewing on my pencils, pens, pen caps, straws, edges of styrofoam or plastic cups, gummi bears, etc etc.   ;D

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: SilverRose on September 29, 2009, 01:28:25 PM
you raise an interesting point

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Sunshine1626 on September 30, 2009, 04:30:35 AM
Many people use chewing on various items for stress relief or to cure boredom. Freud would call it an oral fixation *rolls eyes*

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: belovedofdeath on September 30, 2009, 08:48:53 AM
ah, freud, where would we be without you....

Title: Re: Blood Lusts
Post by: Mystere on April 12, 2010, 02:41:01 PM
WingedWolf, actually, blood-specific cravings (except for in established, fully-Awakened sanguinarians) are extremely rare in vampyres in my knowledge. If present, it's a subconscious association with the blood carrying the energy needed. As a wolf, though, I could understand the craving as a desire for the taste of a fresh kill. Maybe if you got into hunting?

I associate any blood or meat cravings with one of my theriotypes, usually feline, since I'm a tantric psi vampyre and don't get much use from blood. The idea of a chew toy amuses me, but I see the logic. I've noticed the cat im me likes catnip, too. =^.^= Maybe one of those rawhide chewy sticks? They're probably just as edible for humans as they are for dogs. Or maybe some tough jerky would work.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: WingedWolfPsion on April 15, 2010, 03:19:20 PM
Blood cravings are universal in sanguinarian vampires, period--I'm not sure how that could possibly translate to 'extremely rare'.  I wouldn't expect them to show up more than rarely in psy-vamps.  But, I did specify sang vampires.
Yes, we can crave hunting, and raw meat, etc.  But it's not so specifically focused on blood, more on 'juicy meat'. lol

I like Oberto beef jerky--the natural style jerky, not the tenderized or pressed and formed kinds.  You can really chew on that stuff.  Rawhide is flavorless, and gets slimy as it softens. lol

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Mystere on April 16, 2010, 11:25:50 AM
Having spoken to and addressed the issue of blood-specific cravings with many sanguinarians on the Realm and other sites, Psion, I have to say that your statement is wrong. There is the craving for the energy that is present in the blood, but a blood-specific craving is not vampyric and is hardly universal. (Otherwise, you could likely classify every sang out there as a blood fetishist as well, which is not the case.) There may be some that Awaken with a craving for the blood because their system and mind have already made the connection between blood and energy (and that that's the source their bodies need), but this is extremely rare. The only ones I know that have blood cravings are those who have made a concrete psychological link with the blood and energy such that their craving is for the taste of the blood when they are Hungry. >geek< I spend way too much time on this stuff.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Oculus on April 23, 2010, 03:14:56 AM
I definitely have urges like this, not to kill, but rather stalking deer or elk. I also have spontaneous urges to run lol, something about it just feels perfect. Although, its definitely the urge to bite that is the strongest.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: SilverRose on April 23, 2010, 09:27:39 AM
That happened to me like a month ago i was smokin a cig out my window  and  i saw a deer in my neighbor's yard and i had a strong urge to jump out of my window and chase it.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Vyrus on April 23, 2010, 12:49:53 PM
I find myself attracted to the thought of stalkiong animals as prey, and i also chew on things to relieve stress and desire. I also have deep, animalistic urges and instincts, but i don't quite know what i am exactly. i enjoy animalistic desires and strengths, like a wolf but i also have a keen, intellectual mind like a Vampyre. I find strength in numbers, but also like to travel alone. I don't know if i am a mix or not (or anything for that matter) but i can understand the urges becausae i have the desires of both.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: WingedWolfPsion on May 04, 2010, 04:40:06 AM
Mystere, I have NEVER spoken with a sanguinarian vampire who did not crave blood.  Not like 'gee I would like some chocolate cake' craving, but down on the floor clawing at the carpet gut-wrenching craving that is referred to as bloodrage, or the cutesy term 'twoofing'.

The reason they are called sanguinarians is because they need blood.  If they only needed energy, they would be psy-vamps, not sang vamps.  I have studied this extensively for nearly two decades.  Sanguinarian vampires cannot substitute energy for blood.  Energy alone, no matter HOW skilled the vamp taking it is, is not enough to meet their needs.  It can stave off cravings a bit and improve health to some degree, but eventually they need to feed on blood.

This is not psychological.  On a metaphysical level, it is very clear that their system is lacking something even when they take in every energy type that it's possible to take directly from another person.

Therians simply do not experience that type of blood craving.  A therians craving for blood/meat is more like a craving for chocolate cake.  A sang craving for blood can literally bring them to their knees sometimes.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Mystere on May 05, 2010, 09:20:23 PM
I'm not saying that the sangs don't need to take in blood to feed and satisfy the Hunger, but I am saying it's not physically the blood they need, but the prana/energy inside the blood. I know they need to have the blood, but as a medium for taking in the prana - the only effective way their bodies can process it. ::nods:: I understand this, and I think I've actually run into you on the Realm, in which case, you have spoken to vampyres who don't crave specifically blood. What I'm saying is that the craving isn't specifically for the blood. The craving is for the energy in the necessary medium, blood.

My argument for the psychological connection of craving = blood is the fact that it is EXCEEDINGLY rare for newly Awakening vampyres to crave blood specifically. That's the main reason that the craving symptom is most often stated as an unidentified/unidentifiable craving. It is only after the sanguinarian has fed upon live, prana-rich blood that the connection is made to blood that the craving can be blood-specific. (I'm wondering if my phrasing may have been leading to misunderstanding....)

And, hand to the Goddess, I understand the craving you mean, even as a psionic. I'm rather limited in the energy I can take that's useful, so I vamp out regularly.

But anyway, we're getting extremely off-topic here. ^.^

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: WingedWolfPsion on May 07, 2010, 03:50:03 PM
This is true, but it is important to establish the difference between a vampire's blood craving, and a predatory therian's craving for meat.  They are worlds apart.

It has not been my experience that awakening sang vampires don't crave blood.  Instead, they develop a craving for something they can't identify first, and then it solidifies into a craving for blood.  This craving is generally identified before they feed for the first time, as it becomes increasingly acute whether they feed or not.  Obviously, if they didn't crave blood, why would they ever try it?  Sang vamps also take energy, as well as blood.  The distinctions between a sang and psy-vamp aren't always entirely concrete.  However, sang vamps both crave and need blood...not just energy alone, while psy-vamps do not crave or need it.

The quality if a sang vampire's 'craving' is more like an addiction craving, while a therian's craving is more like a craving for a type of food.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Mystere on May 07, 2010, 04:12:18 PM
I have to say that the stipulation that psionics don't crave is wrong. We don't crave blood, but we can "twoof" just as badly. (Where did that term come from anyway? I mean, "twoof"? Sounds like something a child came up with. LOL.) Unless you were specifying a blood craving, and even then, it's not quite true. I've craved blood before, but I actually experimented with blood during the early stages of my Awakening. And there are plenty who, when they identify with the term "vampyre," experiment with blood feeding as a method to help with the cravings/health problems, especially since many are not familiar with energy work when they Awaken. (That was my reasoning. That, and I made the connection between the energy I need and the medium of blood.) I've been involved in a few discussions that have made that suggestion in cases where the "fledgling" had an extremely close friend who was healthy and open to the idea.

The craving for blood would solidify when the connection was made (even subconsciously, possibly through sensing the energy in the blood when in proximity to an open wound) between the energy needed and the blood that carries it. It's like the body craving red meat when anaemic, which happens even in people who were raised vegetarian. The bodies recognize a viable source when there's a definite need.

And if the craving develops without exposure or presence, why are there people who have to experiment for years to determine their optimal feeding source? It was nearly two years after my Awakening began before I figured out that sexual energy was the best source for me, despite being exposed to strong sexual energy in the presence of my boyfriend and my friends. I just see a lot of inconsistencies to say that sangs always crave the blood specifically.

I do recognize the comparison to addiction/food cravings. I feel like a sex addict when I'm vamping out - my drive is out of control, and I'm practically a predator. Thankfully, I'm getting that under control.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: WingedWolfPsion on May 07, 2010, 06:59:08 PM
I have to say that there was no such stipulation, I explicitly said that psy-vamps do not crave blood.  I didn't mention anything at all about their craving anything else.  Naturally, they crave energy, because that is what they need.

As for the term 'twoof', I feel your pain.  I think it is the most ridiculous word I have ever seen created to describe something, much less something of that nature.  "Blood rage" is the one I prefer to use.

As to your question on why some people have to experiment to figure out what they need, it's because not all vampires are the same.  Sangs never have that problem.  Sangs crave blood.  If they crave ONLY something else, and not blood, they're not sangs.  Sangs need blood.

I'm wondering if perhaps you are throwing a lot of psy-vamps into the sang category when they don't belong there.  Experimenting with blood doesn't make someone a sang.  So-called 'hybrids' may also contribute to the's possible to be both sang and a psy-vamp, but that is being two things at the same time, not being a cross between the two, so hybrid is the wrong word for it.
Since sangs need energy ANYHOW, I tend to wonder if it's legitimate in all cases, but some vampires need both blood and some types of energy that typical sangs don't, so I suppose there is a use for a separate term for that.

In general, therianthropes aren't quite as close to the edge as vampires are.  Most therians have control over their shifting, and that is tied in to cravings and drives.  It should also be pointed out that predatory drives and cravings are only found in predatory therians, and there are a good number of therians whose theriotype is not a predatory animal.  Horse therians or deer therians do not go around craving meat. ;)
There are also predator therians who choose to be vegetarian, for whatever reason.   More power to them, but I certainly am not one. lol

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Mystere on May 07, 2010, 09:48:39 PM
I misunderstood the phrasing in my initial reading.

Unless I have spoken to sangs that have not been entirely truthful - something to which I am willing to admit possibility but not with the consistency that I've seen it - I doubt that all sanguinarians develop the craving that is so clear. I have heard of much more experimentation that led to sanguinism than I have of specific cravings.

I have to say though, my wires cross sometimes. ^.^

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: WingedWolfPsion on May 07, 2010, 11:00:43 PM
Well, it's simple enough to determine--put up a poll, or just ask, in the sang-specific topic area on this forum.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: Mystere on May 11, 2010, 04:11:09 AM
Thought about that, just haven't done it yet.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: sphynxcatvp on August 14, 2010, 05:38:15 PM
Just wanted to add a quick comment here:

...Unless I have spoken to sangs that have not been entirely truthful - something to which I am willing to admit possibility but not with the consistency that I've seen it...

I've seen postings from people who believe they are drinking blood when - what it SOUNDS like from their description - they are really taking energy, perhaps what they perceive as a really dense form of energy, but energy nonetheless without any physical blood being touched.

I think some people just (*cough* charitably speaking *cough*) Don't Know Any Better. Or they're trying to be "in with the cool kids". Or are passing on things they don't know are false because that's what THEY were told was The Truth.

It's very, very, VERY frustrating for those of us who are much more in touch with ourselves and not lost in lala land...

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: XXXDameaXxXD on July 11, 2013, 05:51:02 AM
I have recently found that, out of all the meats ive tasted, venison is the best relief for severe blood lust/hunger issues. But that could just be me.

Title: Re: Therian Blood Lusts
Post by: nightwolf on September 04, 2013, 09:03:45 PM
I agree it works very well for curving the hunger.