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Title: Teens Engage In Vampire Cult Activity - High School Journalism Article - 10.08
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High School Journalism
The Blue Streak - Washburn Rural High School
Topeka, KS
October 2008

Teens engage in vampire cult activity
By Lindsey Smart

Fantasy has always been an obsession among teenagers; in particular, vampires seem to catch the eye of many. From Dracula, to Buffy the Vampire Slayer phenomenon to the newly found romantic interest in “Twilight.”

While most people would just read a book or enjoy a frightening movie about these bloodsuckers, some people have taken it to another level; believing they are vampires, often go to the extreme of being in vampire cults.

I love vampire stories. They have fascinated me since I was young. However, the extent of my interest stopped at dressing up as a vampire one year for Halloween. Lately, a group of teenagers have gone further than that.

Not only do teenagers involved in this cult wear gothic style clothing, but their obsession with the vampire book does not stop at just fixations.

Vampire cults became largely known back in 2003 with a case dubbed as the “Jonathon Trial” in Canada. A 12-year-old boy was found dead in a crawl space of his basement. Because the victim and all the suspects were all juveniles, names were not released to the press. Therefore, the murdered boy was named Jonathon.

According to, Jonathon was bludgeoned, stabbed 71 times and hacked to death. Not only that, but the boy was drained of his blood. That alone is disturbing.

The suspect of Jonathon’s murder was his 16-year-old brother. His phone call was taped when he called his girlfriend, telling her details of what he was planning to do. Naturally, the girlfriend told the police all that she knew.

The older brother of Jonathon claimed what he does impresses girls. That he has actually drank blood with former girlfriends.

He, along with others, has cultivated an unnatural taste for blood.

Police in Canada have come across people in vampire cults who drink cows’ blood. The people take turns quenching their thirsts from each other’s blood and by torturing animals.

It is the making of future serial killers.

Are vampire novels and Hollywood’s portrayal of these bloodsuckers encouraging teenagers to kill and indulge in blood? Or is it the teen’s mental health that is the only thing wrong?

It is a classic case of fiction entertainment versus reality. The key word is fiction. Vampires are not real and these teenagers need to realize that they are not true vampires. Give them some intense counseling.