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Title: 09.16.08 - "The Occult" - Secret Lives of Women (WEtv) - Vampires, etc.
Post by: Merticus on September 16, 2008, 09:22:42 PM

Secret Lives of Women - WEtv

"The Occult" - Tuesday, September 16, 2008 @ 10 PM EDT

In this episode of Secret Lives of Women, we will explore the enigmatic world of the Occult. Known as one of the oldest known religions, the Occult involves spiritual practices or activities that tap into forces that have not been explained by science or seen in traditional religions.

We will follow four different women who moonlight in these “secret societies” while holding down jobs and carrying for families. From the outside, these mystical ladies are teachers, nurses, accountants, or stay at home moms but there’s much more to these women than meets the eye.

We will profile a vampira – a real life woman who actually claims to be as close to a true vampire as a human female can get - including following her as she partakes in typical occult rituals as well as bloodletting exercises where she actually drinks blood.

Next we will uncover the secret life of a white witch known as a Wiccan. We explore the elements of sorcery, good and bad spells and if any of this actually works. In addition to looking at vampires and witches, we also meet people who pledge their faith to the devil, called Satanist.

Upcoming Air Dates:

Tuesday, September 16 at 10pm | 9c
Wednesday, September 17 at 1am | 12c
Tuesday, September 23 at 11pm | 10c
Wednesday, September 24 at 2am | 1c

Title: Re: "The Occult" - Secret Lives of Women (WEtv) - Vampires, etc. - 09.16.08 @ 10
Post by: Merticus on September 17, 2008, 12:06:43 AM
I don’t believe this to be a “horrible” portrayal of the vampirism or the community.  It easily could have been significantly worse but as with almost all “vampires” who choose to appear on these documentaries – it could have been much better.  Appearing in a cemetery and choosing to have them film a BDSM scene where she was setting people on fire with her violet wand didn’t add anything worthwhile to better explaining “vampirism”.  The Wiccan and Satanism segments also came across well perhaps with the exception for a few lines by the Satanist such as “you’re born a Satanist” or in context of rituals “one person went to jail forever” and “one died of an overdose”.  Below is a sampling of dialogue from the episode for the parts which concerned vampirism. 

“The Occult” – Secret Lives of Women – WEtv

Duration:  1 Hour
3 Main Topics/Personalities:  Wiccan, Satanist, & Vampire

00:06:  Introduction to Vampyra – Las Vegas, NV (Psi/Psychic Vampire)

- Makes confined spaces with pillows to sleep instead of in a coffin

- “When I’m sleeping my heart rate goes down to 26 beats per minute which is the level one is at when in a coma.”

- “When I’m sleeping I’m in the astral plane and my vampire spirit is roaming.”

00:08:  Vampire Spirit

- “My blood pressure is 80 over 60 which is low.”

- Vampire spirit in a human body; describe she is human but has a vampire spirit that inhabits her.

- “I love to bite flesh.”

- “I like to play with blood; cut someone and get it all over my hands.”

- She uses sterile scalpel blades (one-time use) w/someone who is fluid bonded.

00:15 – 00:17:  ShadowGate House Meeting (10+ Persons Gathered In Home)

- Vampyra adopted “Lucian” (now 19 years old) when his own family disowned him.

- “Lucian (a sang) drinks blood once a month and also digests food.”

- Lucian’s girlfriend also donates blood to him when needed.

00:18:  Violet Wand Mention

- “Of course I’ll use the violet wand – I don’t want to disappoint…”  “I’ll set you on fire.” – to Lucian

00:19:  ShadowGate & Community Elder

- “She’s an elder in her community.”

- “The are blood and energy vampires, witches, alpha-wolves, elfs, and fairies in ShadowGate.”

- The youngest member is 3 months old on up to over 60 years old with a total of 15 house members.

- “The is no initiation.  You can just come to the gatherings and see if you fit in.”

00:27:  The Cemetery

- “Humanity is what is noisy.  The dead are usually quiet.”

- “Most of what the dead have to say is whispers to me.  I can’t tell you in my human voice – it’s a feeling I get.”

00:28:  Work Life

- Works during the day

- Co-workers are unaware of “nightlife antics”

- Brief showing of them at a club, grainy, fades back to her at work in office

- “I let my co-workers know I’m into the Gothic type community.”

- “Conversations are usually kept to what co-workers bring up.”

00:42:  ShadowGate House

- Members sitting around discussing what they can do to help their community and what charities they can donate to – reads from meeting sheet/agenda

00:43 – 00:45:  Turning Up The Heat…

- “When business is over they turn up the heat.”

- Vampyra sets people on fire with her violet wand to “feed off energy”

- “Different people burn different colors.”

- “This has nothing to do with her vampire spirit, just something they enjoy doing.”

- She lights several people’s arms on fire along with her son’s back and a guy’s chest by spraying on alcohol and lighting with the tip of a violet wand attachment.  An assistant quickly puts out the flames with a wet towel.

00:53 – 00:55:  Nocturnal, Kind, Fallacies, & Fear

- “Vampires are nocturnal creatures.  We are more accustomed to the night.”

- “Vampires aren’t rude – we’re kind and caring and usually just have ourselves to associate with.”

- “She wants others to know there is nothing for humans to fear from her.”

- Vampyra talks about there being no transition between being a human and coming into vampirism – it was always there and something she just had to put into words.

- Believes when she dies she may come back as something else - reincarnation

- “I want to speak for those who can’t.  To talk about the fallacies that aren’t true” – in reference to an average person’s perception about vampirism

- “I’m certain there are some vampires without ethics that should be feared” – in the context of there is always someone to be afraid of in any group or community

Title: Re: "The Occult" - Secret Lives of Women (WEtv) - Vampires, etc. - 09.16.08 @ 10 PM
Post by: Maloryn on September 17, 2008, 08:53:54 PM
Setting on fire with a violet wand.
Hadn't seen that yet.  Hmmm.