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Title: Demon-kin, Where For Art Thou?
Post by: Taris on August 22, 2016, 05:08:03 PM
Over the years since awakening, since remembering, since practicing and living I have sought out others. Awakening was probably one of the most confusing points in my life considering I was surrounded by the community, felt somewhat at home within it, and yet still somehow felt different. Energetically, mentally, emotionally I felt out of place with those in the circles I traveled and still do in most cases to this day some 13 years later. Still to this day I have met so few, kept contact with so few, and its rather disappointing.

I heard speak of a community of demonkin at one point, I heard speak of clans and houses, of websites and local gatherings, and I have yet to find a one. Somehow every subject I come across is out dated or on a dead forum, or the author has moved on to other places, or become busy with their lives and faded out into the background yet again (sort of like how I have done lol not judging). So, I ask, Where for art thou dark ones? Why do we have no history to share amongst ourselves besides the goetian and hellion sects out there who claim theyre the only way a demon is? That we are only dark malevolent beings spawned from the hellfire of judeo-christian faiths? That only our incorporeal brethren are real and we are all posers who dont belong? That we are just confused and want to be different even among those who claim to be different?

Just a frustrated cry for the dark ones to come out and play ;P