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Title: 10.28.15 - A Talk With Merticus Of Atlanta Vampire Alliance - Kevin & Bean Show
Post by: Merticus on November 10, 2015, 11:50:22 AM
A Talk With Merticus Of The Atlanta Vampire Alliance (Impersonated Comedy Segment)
Kevin & Bean Radio Show - KROQ (CBS Local) - Los Angeles, CA
Minute 30:07 To 37:20 - October 28, 2015

Partial Transcript Of 7 Minute Segment

We should talk to whoever is on the phone, from the Atlanta Vampire Alliance. - Well this is Merticus, he's a founding member of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance Kevin. - I didn't know that group even existed. - Merticus, Merticus, hello. - How you doing?  - Pretty good. - Blood. Blood, y'all, blood. - You're a vampire too?  - I am a vampire, I'm a founding member of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance. - Okay. - And you can find out more about us at Atlanta Vampire,
we welcome everyone to take a good hard look at what we're doing and learn more about vampires, blood y'all. - Ok, but vampires aren't real and by that I mean nobody needs blood to survive. - Well I know plenty of vampires who'd beg to differ cuz you, if you don't drink the blood, if you don't feed and you're a vampire you can have actual physical repercussions. - Like what?  - Well, a loss of energy, sometimes heart rate can be dropping.
- Okay. - Migraines, losing consciousness, if you don't feed it's going to take its toll, blood. - And when you say feed, what do you mean, are you just drinking blood you're not actually biting people. - Well, depends, everybody's different, there's all different kinds of vampires, you quoted the number 5000. - 5000 right. - Those are just the blood-drinking vampires, there are 10,000 non drinkers in the US who also claim to be vampires so you
can get physical energy from touch, but most of we like drinking the blood.  - How can you be a vampire if you don't drink blood? - Well here's the thing, Vampirism is just the feeding of energy off of other living things. -  Okay. - And so there's different ways you can do it but most of us do prefer to drink the blood.