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Title: Journey To Finding Out What You Were
Post by: Lady Raven on June 30, 2013, 12:11:00 AM
How did you come to the moment of realization of what you truly were? How did you go about this journey? How many otherkin types are there?

Title: Re: Journey To Finding Out What You Were
Post by: kaytan on June 30, 2013, 04:49:30 PM

May I ask you to tell us your story for beginning, Lady Raven ?

Title: Re: Journey To Finding Out What You Were
Post by: Lady Raven on June 30, 2013, 11:01:54 PM
Well Kaytan, ever since I was a child I always knew that I was my "own" kind of being. I realized that I didn't mingle well with other children so to speak. I was always observing, predicting, gaining information, reading everyone. Everything around me always moves in slow motion. I have always had abilities I shall say, that up to this very moment continue to grow. I have been tracing back to my origin and I've come across a few interesting things, nothing set in stone quite yet. I'm A- which has had me searching in many directions for certain information. Enough about me, what about yourself?

Title: Re: Journey To Finding Out What You Were
Post by: Lady Raven on June 30, 2013, 11:04:01 PM
I like the raven pictures by the way.....

Title: Re: Journey To Finding Out What You Were
Post by: kaytan on July 01, 2013, 05:14:05 AM

Good point Lady Raven, it all turns back to our childhood. We , Otherkins have fantastic childhood. We, Otherkin people have a very special feeling regarding to our childhood. Knowing that we are different from others, knowing that we can be in 2 different places, knowing that we have been in places that we meet for first time, before in another time with a different body, knowing that universe can talk to us and a deep feeling about our desires, like what we drew in those papers, short stories that we wrote for school, the type of toys that we chosen, the type of story books that we liked and loved, the type of movies that we loved and most importantly the way that we behaved adults, they all are undeniable proofs to prove that we had an amazing childhood, at least for ourselves.
Beside of all challenges that I had (and still have) in my communications with others, the loneliness was (and still is) my most valuable thing. I really loved to get myself deep in to my imaginations and bring them on papers as stories, drawings or ideas for how to treat my toys, now that I think about those days, my eyes are getting wetter and wetter.
Well, beside of the childhood thing, to make it short for you and others who read this story, every day of my life has something to offer me as a flag in order to make me closer and closer to the point that can clearly describe the who I truly am.
From my childhood till now, I always had a powerful telepathy power. I could see what other people are doing in a certain time while I'm with them, even people who do not know me. Some times I could be a good fortune teller but during the time this ability disappeared because of an unknown reason. Or, when I was talking to some one or a group of people I could see things from a different view, as a example you probably only can see things and people with the view that your eyes give to you, but I can see things and people from above and behind while I'm talking to or observing them. I always represented the chaos for those who I contact with, as a example in our school, university or any other community that I've joined till now, I was the one who distracted the teacher by his questions, the one who his questions never ends, the one who seems satanic because of his ideas and speeches but he deeply knows that he's divine and he's the one who wherever he goes, the group and systems that were working properly before he joining them now faces with lots of chaos and difficulties ( not disasters ...) and strange happenings.
I've learned during the time not to allow people to look in to my eyes, because once they do it they change to "Hate" me. I really was curious about it, asking with myself "Why's that...?" but I finally understood it. it's all because of my kin type.
I also had (and still have) special feeling regarding to magic. from my child hood I had an amazing feeling about drawing a tree with seven stars above it and during the time I changed the design of it in other amazing ways, and later, when I grew up I realized that it's something called "Tree of life", in Wicca ( <3 ). I also used to spell those who annoyed me and believe me or not, all of them worked in the best way! I used to call creatures via the sigils. I did not know who or what exactly are they, just knew that it's the best way to call them and ask them to do things, and they always do it and now I know that it's a method in Chaos magic.
From my childhood I had a very very deep love to Wednesdays, from 6 PM till 3 am and I still adore this time. all of my abilities increases in this time and it just feels so good at the times between these hours. I also found many many similarities between myself, my father and my father's side family and our most obvious and similar symptom is "Wrath". yes, every one knows that by this attribute not that we are bad people and neighbors are afraid of us, this is an obvious pattern in our daily life and every knows that we're like that. Later I found out it's all because of the legion and the king who I belong to, yes, Asmodeus.
Well, there are thousands million of things to share with you and my other brothers and sisters at AVA, but for now, I think it was good enough :) .

Title: Re: Journey To Finding Out What You Were
Post by: kaytan on July 01, 2013, 05:20:39 AM
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Title: Re: Journey To Finding Out What You Were
Post by: Lady Raven on July 01, 2013, 10:53:44 AM
Thank you for your response Kaytan, I certainly enjoyed reading it. I understand what you speak of about perception, our perception is much deeper then many in society. When I am around somebody or in a group which is intensified, I can feel what others feel, hear what they are pondering about within their minds. There are many times each day that I just "know" things. As you said, even if it's an individual that is 1000 miles away, the sensation is still as intense. I have practiced majik as well, not so much physical practice lately. I have learned that there is much that can be done within the mind through manifestation. I like that you mention your eyes, when people look into them they see something that they fear, it's to bad that they are instilled with fear from what they do not understand. I myself carry eyes with depth and hold, when one looks into my eyes I move them, they are drawn to my depth. Having such a gift carries much responsibility. I thinks that it's great you have such an understanding of yourself, especially with your childhood. One thing I used to do as a child was draw circular designs throughout the dirt. There is so much that people forget, things that are key to the now and future of our lives.

Title: Re: Journey To Finding Out What You Were
Post by: kaytan on July 01, 2013, 02:19:10 PM
Well... *blush*
Thank you and also sorry for my English. :)