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Title: 05.01.11 - Of Ronin's And Rebels - By Hawkmoor
Post by: Merticus on April 30, 2011, 12:12:31 pm

Of Ronin's And Rebels
By Hawkmoor - May 1, 2011

It has been conjectured that there are far more “independents” in the OVC than there are in “Houses” ~ that being the case where are the voices of these people, commonly referred to as “Ronin”? are they represented as the largest demographic body of the OVC? Do they have any say in what sort of community we have or are going to have? Do they have the respect of the members of community who are in formal Houses?

Historically speaking the name Ronin was first used to denote Samurai warriors who were, for some reason, without a master or house to serve but who were, nevertheless, still skilled in the Samurai arts and ways. It would seem then that Ronin is a fitting term for vampyres without houses.

The question of whether a house affiliation is a necessity for anyone is a matter only that person can decide for themselves. It has to be a conscious decision whether to follow one’s own path or to subordinate themselves to a house hierarchy and rules.

I would like to hear from anybody regarding the benefits of being affiliated with, or a member of a house. While I can see the obvious, such as companionship, protection and possibly help with having vampyric needs met I am a firm believer that free will, freedom to choose movement and action, in short, the right to self-determination, is the highest state to strive for. Are there things that a vampyric existence lacks for the wont of belonging to a physical house organization? I have never belonged to a “house”… I kept company with others like me in the early days, back around ’78 – ’79 but we never called ourselves a house. It is a question in my mind as to whether true “freedom” can be exercised while under the auspices of a House.

Another question then comes to mind, if the conjecture is correct then the number of independents that could be assembled as one group would surely outsize any established vampyre house in the world. What would that affect, if anything?

Could a large number of Ronin be a community body or would the differences that make them steer clear of established houses prove too great a strain to maintain a group structure within themselves?

In October 2004 I, Alira Vrykul and Rayne Vrykul started a group called Castle D’Arc. It was the “Proboards” forerunner of today’s Darke Garde and came about as a place where any who were being subjected to unusually harsh harassment or derogatory treatment could come and be in a place to share their views and opinions in a supportive, friendly, helpful and threat free environment. The ethic hasn’t changed to this day, we have had members come and go at will as they have needed to, we have had difficulties with some but have zealously protected the environment we originally established and today the people that do come there know that there will be absolutely no trouble whatsoever.

This policy has enabled us to divorce ourselves from the problems that beset other community bodies and though activity waxes and wanes it is important, we feel, to keep this resource available to any who might have need of it. In short we are a “House” but a house for and of Ronin’s. In itself, you might say that is a self-negating concept, a house for those of no house but we see it as a necessary measure especially given some of the goings on in the OVC today.

With compliments,


Title: Re: 05.01.11 - Of Ronin's And Rebels - By Hawkmoor
Post by: darkwitch on April 30, 2011, 03:13:24 pm
I like the last paragraph.  It was well written.  I agreee in some instances some have loose affiliations and yet remain independent but some r destined to be alone in every way that counts.

Title: Re: 05.01.11 - Of Ronin's And Rebels - By Hawkmoor
Post by: Oblivionburns on April 30, 2011, 06:31:50 pm
I can't imagine the benefits of membership to a House.  I've always  been a loner.  That said, it's admirable there's a "safe house" for those who want no part of hierarchial affiliation.  Neutral territory, if you will.  Can I come visit some time?  :-)