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Title: Vampire Community History Project Updated - March 15, 2011 - Feedback Requested
Post by: Merticus on March 16, 2011, 05:35:19 PM
Vampire Community History Project
March 15, 2011

I've updated the listings of all known Houses, Groups, Orders, et. al. within the real vampi(y)re community (past & present). I started this list in 2006 with only 189 entries and it has now grown to over 350. If there are any needed corrections, additions, or if you have information to submit regarding any particular House/Group/Order/Court/Org/etc. please use the submission form provided. Please take a moment to review the list - especially if you were/are a member/founder of any of these groups.

The Public Listing:

We're working with various individuals to compile a database of the vampire community with particular focus on the diversity of groups, houses, courts, halos, etc. with the timeframe of operation, who was involved, geographic area, influences, and teachings. This expansive database of information will allow us to see how we have grown, contracted, expanded, and evolved over the years. We need everyone’s help to be able to compile this information absent of community politics, biases, and opinions (strictly looking for the facts).

If you have information on any group from the vampire communities (online or offline), either cut and paste the following form in e-mail or use the submission form below. Complete all possible information per individual group, et. al. and e-mail it to

    * Group Name:
    * Founding Member(s):
    * Date Founded:
    * Date Closed (If Applicable):
    * Group Presence: [ ] Online [ ] Offline [ ] In Print
    * Main Geographical Focus:
    * Group Philosophy Or Goals:
    * Community Contributions (Webpage, IRC Channel, Print Publication, etc.):
    * Community Affiliations:
    * Other Noteworthy Details (ie: the founder of another group originally came from this one, this group     
      eventually turned into a more recognized group, etc.)


This dynamic list represents various houses, orders, clans, covens, and groups of the real vampire community as originally compiled by the Atlanta Vampire Alliance [House AVA] in 2005/6. This is not the same list that appears in the VEWRS, but rather an expanded internal version that includes numerous private, offline, and in many cases non-operational (historical) houses, international groups, and other related vampire organizations.

– Merticus

Version & Update History:

March 2006:  189 Entries
September 2007:  251 Entries
March 2011:  354 Entries
March 15, 2011:  368 Entries

Aeterni Order
Akhkaru Society, The
Artemis Mortis Lux
Assembly Of The Knowledge & Wisdom of Solomon
Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA)
Atum Ka-Mon
Australian Vampire Information Association (AVIA)
Black Atlantis
Black Oaks
Black Order Of The Dragon (BOTD)
Black Rose Society, The
Blood Dragons
Bloodlines International
Carcus Covens
Church Of The Vampire
Clan (Children) Of Lilith
Clan Black Mist
Clan Hidden Shadows (House HS)
Clan Lilitu
Clan MavenLore
Clan Of Set
Clan Ravenheart
Clan Sabretooth
Clan Sabretooth Omega (House Omega)
Clan Tremere
Clan Von Draconus
Club des Vampires International
Conventum Tenebrarum
Countess Elizabeth’s Vampire Coven (CEVC)
Court Dragonetti
Court Of Amen-Khepera
Court Of Atlantis
Court Of Gotham
Court Of Lazarus
Court Of Lightning Bay
Court Of Mendes
Court Of Southern Twilight
Court Of The Barrens
Court Of The Black Raven
Court Of The Iron Garden
Court Of Western Twilight
Coven Nachotter
Coven Of Darkness
Coven of the Ebon Wing
Covenant Of The Vampire
Danish Vampire Community (DVC)
Dark Nations
Darke Garde (Originally Castle Darke)
Darker Realms, The
English Vampires Haven
Esoteric Gateway Order
Glacies Aquilus
Hallo Of Antares
Hauz Of The Black Vampyr
Haven Mercury
Haven Of Kindred Spirits
House 3 Skulls
House Aeterno
House Ahku
House Akhkharu
House Amotah
House Angel
House Ankharzon
House Anmazti
House Anubis
House Araneus
House Arcadia Bloodmoon
House Ardathair
House Ariadne
House BatinFlight
House Bennu
House Black Dove
House Black Widow
House Boiga (Formerly House Nahash)
House Breed
House Byron
House Cabal
House Chrysalis
House Clessidra Ligamentum
House Crescent Moon
House Crimson Blade
House Cruentus
House Cruorem
House Cynopolis
House Cyprean
House D'Hainu
House Dakkem
House DaMari
House Dark Communion
House Dark Solace
House DarkHaven
House DarkStar
House Darkwater
House Delimortae
House Della Noir
House Delphi
House DeSalerian
House Diva
House Draconis
House Drakco
House Drasik
House Eclipse
House Ek Tranos Dianoia
House Elanath
House Elysia
House Esmaray
House Esmaray
House Eternal
House Euphonious
House Fermor'e
House Frailtear
House GryffynShadow
House Helvenore
House Kanis
House Khepera
House Kheperu
House Kithal
House Konatus
House Lavrans
House LideIm
House Lilitu
House Lost Haven
House Lykaios
House Maison de la Luna
House Malech
House Manyak
House Mavenlore
House Meiyo Kodai Chi No
House Melanelios
House Miketh
House Morpheus
House Mystere & Brethren Of Nomaj
House Negoth
House Nepenthe
House Nephilim
House Nietzsche
House Night Breed
House Noctem Aeternus
House Noctem Theatrika
House Noctivagus
House Noctura
House Obsidian
House Of Ancients
House Of Annunaki
House Of Anpu (Anubis)
House Of Ariadne
House Of Bathory
House Of Bezalel
House Of BlackRose
House Of Blood
House Of Broken Reflections
House Of Caelen
House Of Candle
House Of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas
House Of Carnicrucis
House Of Cyril
House Of Dark Oasis (Vampiric Order Of Oasis)
House Of Dark Path
House Of Dark Syns
House Of Fallen Timbers
House Of Hadattu
House Of Havoc
House Of Horus
House Of Illusions
House Of Kane
House Of La Bella Oscuridad
House Of Lamia Sectae
House Of Life
House Of Lunazure
House Of Ma'at
House Of Madadh-Alluidh
House Of Mancinni
House Of Melanelios
House Of Morningside
House Of Mystic Echoes
House Of Nephilim
House Of NightRealm
House Of Nocturnal Retribution
House Of Novek
House Of Obscure Divinity
House Of Osiris
House Of Ottawa
House Of Pain
House Of Phoenix Vampires
House Of Quin
House Of Raven (Clan Nightbreed)
House Of Rex
House Of Rosedrop
House Of Sacred Gates
House Of Sacred Night
House Of Shadows
House Of Sheol
House Of Shiva
House Of Silver Twilight
House Of Simion
House Of Spiral Night
House Of Syn
House Of The Ascending Path
House Of The Black Rose
House Of The Black Sun
House Of The Crossroads Angels
House Of The DarkStorm
House Of The Dreaming (HotD)
House Of The Ebon Dragon
House Of The Fallen (Timbers)
House Of The Flaming Falcon
House Of The Frozen Sky
House Of The Hydra
House Of The Imperial Dragon
House Of The Morning Star
House Of The Noctivagus
House Of The Peaceful Anarchs
House Of The Phoenix Vampires
House Of The Raven
House Of The Reapers
House Of The Setting Sun
House Of The Sword And Serpent
House Of The Twilight Shadow
House Of The Unorthodox
House Of Tortured Souls
House Of Trylesta
House Of Umbrae Octo
House Of Vargotah
House Of Yancey
House O'Mallie
House Orion
House Orlocke
House Panthion
House Phoenix Resurrectus
House Prytania
House Quinotaur
House Rakseph
House Ravens Loch
House RavenShadow
House Rendier
House Riju
House Rising Serpent
House Rosa
House Rose
House Rosencroft
House Sable Brahmin
House Sabretooth MacPhee
House Sahjaza
House Saint Eve
House Saint Germain
House Sang Real
House Sanguine Moon
House Scarlet Moon
House Sekhemat
House Serpentine
House Sethari
House Seton
House Solaris
House Storm
House Sutekh
House Synopolis
House Terebus
House Tirgoviste
House Trylesta
House Trylestus
House Twilight Playground
House Valur
House Vengeance
House Veritas
House Verthaine
House Vespertine
House Von Draconus
House Warlocke
House Winter Haven
House Xavier
House Zavahan
House Zvahan
International Society of Vampires (ISV)
International Vampyre Alliance (IVA)
Kalika Noir: The Tantric Vampire Court
Kemetic Order Of Aset Ka (KOAK)
Kunta Ainak Oma Veri
Leviathan Court
Lost Shadows Gang
Loyal Order Of St. Germaine
Maryland By Night Vampire
Nación Vampírica
Newcastle Vampire Society
NOA Zhasal
Nocturné Borealis & Æternox
Order Of Aeterni
Order Of Divinity
Order Of Energia
Order Of Enlightenment
Order Of Kharrus
Order Of Maidenfear (Cascabel House)
Order Of Maidenfear (Saturn House)
Order Of Nekhbet (Quinotaur)
Order Of Nevar
Order Of Nyx
Order Of Sabbatica
Order Of Shadows
Order Of The Black Marble
Order Of The Black Sword
Order Of The Blood Moon
Order Of The Burning Sword
Order Of The Crimson Tongues
Order Of The Crystal Phoenix
Order Of The Dragon
Order Of The Iron Vampires
Order Of The Magi
Order Of The Necropolis
Order Of The Praetor
Order Of The Raven
Order Of The Red Dragon
Order Of The Trapezohedron
Order Of The Triple Flame
Order Of The Vampyre
Order Of The Vandair
Order Of The Vein
Ordo Crux Ansata
Ordo Embraced By Twilight
Ordo Kalos Haima
Ordo Sahjaza Ventius
Ordo Sekhemu
Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV)
Ordo Tenebrae
Ordo Veneni Mortiferi & DPVO
Psyvamp Information Exchange
Pumpkin Order, The
Richmond Vampyre Alliance (RVA)
Sagrado VampÃrico
Scarlet Moon Organization
Scarlet Moon, The
Senatorius Sacerdos Harpyiae
Servitude Of Darkness
Shadow Cavern Society
Shadow Clan, The
Society Nocturnus Of Gotham (SNOG)
Society Of The Dark Sun
Somnium Homunculi
St. Louis After Dark (SLAD)
Synod, The
Temple Crimson Shadow
Temple Damaak (House Damaak)
Temple Of Eternal Night
Temple Of Nyx
Temple Of Lost Souls
Temple Of The Vampire (TOV)
Templum De Sanguis Phasmatis
Tiboto Organization, The
United Vampyre Unitarian Pagan (UVUP)
Vampire Church, The
Vampire House Of Ireland
Vampire Nation
Vampire Nation Concord (VNC)
Vampiric Council Of New England
Vampiric Research Council (VRC)
Vampiric Studies
Vampr Club
Vampyrbibliothek (Vampire Library)
Vampyres Against Media Publicity (VAMP)
Vampyrian Temple UVUP
Voices Of The Vampire Community (VVC)
Vox Vampyrica
Watchers Guild, The
XY Society
Z/n Society, The