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Title: Maenad Discussion
Post by: Maenad on July 13, 2010, 06:01:36 AM
I was wondering if there are anymore Maenads out there. For me if I don't drink wine on a daily basis, I get really sick. Like because of me being tired I skipped a few days, and now my throat is all red and irritated, I'm having asthma attacks (the air by where I live is supposedly low or not there as far as airborne allergies, so I have no real reason to be triggered.) and my body just feels a bit on the warm side and sore. (the sore bit is most likely from over doing it on the treadmill. XD)  I usually always feel very cold, and can tolerate heat a lot better then most people. However I really don't deal with the cold well at all. I use to be sick a lot as a child and up until I started having wine daily, and whenever I stop I go right back to being sick again. I'm hoping there are others like me who understand just how frustrating it is at times. I also have a very good sense of hearing and smell, sometimes I wig my mom out because she thinks I have a nose like a dog. XD (Despite it being stuffed a lot of time from my allergies. >.>)