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Title: Problems Within The Community - Part 1
Post by: Stellar on January 28, 2008, 06:04:41 PM
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Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 

Originally posted by:Merticus

 response to a post from another forum asserting a variety of problems within the vampire community and to the proposal of the formation of a council to review terminology in an effort to "all be on the same page".

If I had a Dollar/Euro for every "Council" that has been formed over the years...

There are current existing entities that favor of such unilateral ideals but in practical application often lack the discipline, stamina, desire, networking ability, non-exclusionary mentality, proper attitudes, clear organized goals, and foresight to see any such project to a viable working order - the passions of the few are often not realized through the labors of the many. As a whole this Community, Subculture, Group, Culture, Nation, or the like must recognize the need for cohesiveness, adherence to basic fundamental ethics, and establish clear understanding of what purpose our Community serves both to the outside or mundane society, ourselves, and us as individuals. If we are not willing to encourage an expansion or betterment of knowledge, self-improvement, understanding of the vampiric condition, and promotion of tolerance both personally or as a collective; then what good is it for us to spend time rambling aimlessly about the hypocrisy of our own people. By our own admission the majority of the Community operates independently of one another without any sincere desire to be aware of what the other is practicing, believing, or advocating. At best we attain only a pseudo understanding of the climate and workings of other Groups, Forums, Houses, Courts, et. al. from the sensational or "public" spectacles that surface with infrequency. The subsequent broad and many times superficial assumptions we then form are often used to level judgement about the validity and worth of an individual, path, or group without regard for an evaluation to determine the quantifiable balance of their constructive versus destructive endeavors.

This Community needs to shift their focus back to curbing negative perception, advocating education in areas of the World where the only support structure is based on sole extremist viewpoints; often with fantastical or religious overtones, and learn to communicate with even the most gauche among us without regard for personal and terminological disagreements over what composes the "true" repertoire of the modern or living vampire. A universal dictionary that is "officially endorsed by the vampire Community" will not be the product of a group of commonly acknowledged and respected individuals sitting down and forming such because we are not yet at the tipping point majority where our populace have learned the necessity for working together to benefit outside of the concept of "self". There is a disturbing lack of respect leveled by the solitary and affiliated communities for one another along with an ever widening gap between sanguine and psi feeders over what should and should not be recognized, sanctioned, or discussed. There are numerous flamboyant lifestylers patronizing clubs and online forums pretending to understand and identify with vampirism who haven't the vaguest conception to what they speak; while many of these same individuals indeed possess a vampiric nature but have fallen victim to poorly chosen or enigmatic terminology and behaviors. This more often than not results of having resigned to the appeal of the stereotype, being embraced by the first "vampire group" that chose to take the time to listen without being quick to reply with a "see this article, take two Tylenol, and don't talk to me again because I'm an elder with loftier duties", and from a feeling of disconnect from the general Community that reject them based subjectively on the face value of their phrasing or lack of tenure; all of which give rise to further enabling of the problem.

The final point I wish to convey concerns otherkin and the influence of other subcultures with our Community in recent years. It should not be our role as vampires or even individuals to openly judge either the conceivable or ostentatious claims made by those who identify in a metaphysical sense with animal, astral, angelic, or otherworldly archetypes or spirits. Such should be left to the individual to discern for themselves and discuss amongst other like-minded individuals on available forums and discussion groups. Vampirism is widely held as a condition of the physical body with overtones of spiritual and sometimes metaphysical influence. Many of us have a hard time grasping at the plausibility of some of these claims much in the same manner as mundane individuals have difficulty understanding vampirism. It's important to admit to ourselves that by not having a strong foundation of cooperation, terminology, and rooted core ideals within our own vampiric community that subjection to widespread outside influence by such said subcultures inherently erodes the underpinnings of our culture and flings open the door for criticism, personal reevaluation of our own condition, and muddles the message we wish to perpetuate to both those awakening and to the public. There are far too many individuals who choose not to identify to the term "vampire" because of the convoluted and often transitory conditions we've imposed on such definition and from our associations. Still others refuse to accept "vampire" as a classification of otherkin and vice versa. Perhaps a clear line of demarcation should be established or carefully advocated by the Community as to what conceptual infusions into vampirism from other subcultures we are willing to entertain. Though the point we must all be cognizant of, is that we deal day in and day out with physical ailments wrapped in ethereal ideas within the context of a Community that lacks any recognized enforcement, discernable leadership, or cohesive belief structure.

Title: Re: Problems Within The Community - Part 1
Post by: DRIST on February 01, 2008, 11:07:16 PM
I somehow seem to find myself biting the hell outta my tongue so as not say what I truly feel in an effort to maintain peace.

Title: Re: Problems Within The Community - Part 1
Post by: Merticus on February 08, 2008, 09:56:35 PM
lol feel free to speak your mind :p

Title: Re: Problems Within The Community - Part 1
Post by: SoulSplat on February 09, 2008, 01:50:15 PM
peace is over-rated.

Title: Re: Problems Within The Community - Part 1
Post by: DRIST on February 09, 2008, 04:40:54 PM
Sometimes words left unsaid are golden as well. I'm serious about this one I'll leave it alone.